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books_sulam.jpgI have received many inquiries about the best place to purchase books of Sulam that are properly printed – i.e. the original manuscript isn’t altered as it’s the case with some organizations.

I therefore would like to point anyone who is interested to obtain proper copies of Kabbalah books along with authentic and unaltered commentaries of Baal-HaSulam and his son Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag to the Kabbalah Source bookstore. The books are printed by reliable group of Kabbalists that study in Israel under gudance of Rabbi Gotlib – student of Rabbi Barush Shalom Ashlag (aka RABASH) and the author of the comprehensive work on Ashlag called “HaSulam”.

The books are printed in Israel and shipped internationally (they have free shipping promotion right now).

When you purchase a book, you’re  assured to receive authentic material along with many commentaries of Sulam; in addition you’ll support the Kabbalistic group that continues the path of Baal HaSulam – as it was originally taught, without any modifications and modernization.

Books:   http://kabbalah-source.com/

Group: http://www.obshalom.org/

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  1. Guest says:

    Can I download free books, in english, from your site?

  2. “download free books”- it is not recommended to downloan any books on kabbalah, especially if you really interested in studing it. The problem is that for the book to be textbook you need some important Rabbis to be sighed on them. if you take Zohar of talmud Esser haSfirrot with Baal haSulam comments published by rav Miller, or edited by rav Gottlib you will see these sighnetures before the main text begins, it is not just the oppinions, they prouve that the books are Kosher, and you may rely on the text being printed the way it was left to us by the Sages, because every word has its importance and sorry to say today there are some “kabbalaists” that think the texts can be simplefied or even rewritten in there “modern” words. Now we have to understood that the complexity and difficulty of understanding of the original texts are not because their authers including the Creator Himself as the “Auther” of Torah had no possibilities to write, if nessecary, these book in a different ways, there is a purpose for everything in these books and the original texts should be learned, we may read the comments of the other Sages, but we have to remember that they are only the comments and sometimes the comments are good enought for some period, or some way of thinking and next generation should study them but we may question all of them altogether, or on there basis to expand into new levels of understandings. But if we question the Ability of the Auther to express his thoughts clearly we are not going to learn anything.

    Today with so many books on Kabbalah you may go easily astray and to waste your time on the litereture that has nothing to do with Kabbalah, though claims to teach it. You have to find a person that really may be relied on, and to ask him to recommend you what book to BUY, you don’t need hundreds of them if you have a real Kabbalaistic book it will take you time to study it. Real kabbalaistic book may be studied hundreds of times and every time you find something new you haven’t noticed before it is because you are on a different level and you understand things that were canseled before you on the previous levels, actially if you have Ptikah and Introductions to Hokhmat kabbalah you have what to study at least for two years, and if you want to study TES and Zohar,and TORAH, which is the most facinating endless textbook for the Kabbalist, you have to know Hebrew,and TES and Zohar and RAbash and Baal haSulams articles will be enought for you for the next 10-20 years at least, so theck yourself where your wish to downloan free book in English comes from, because you may not understand that it comes from your Ratzon Lekabbel that wants to move your attention to the things that leads nowhere.

    You may read a lot of other information on universial knowledge, and it helps to learn how the things work, but you may rely only on the printed book if you want to be sure that nobody put in them their own corrections.

    Besides many sites that give you possibility to downloan books actually don’t have the right to these books and have no right to publish them on their sites. So you become a part of illigal circle of people that use the books and publish them and let other people download them and in this way make you a thief, whether you know it or not.The situation may be rediculous- you want to learn Kabbalah to correct yourself and you invole yourself into illigal way of getting the books that teach not to steal.

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