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Vilna Gaon (GRA) writes that in Mishna Shabbos hidden many mystical meanings, it even alludes to the wings of Cheruvim and G-ds throne.

There is one example that I specifically liked. The mishna states:


For three sins women die of childbirth:
for negligence (of the laws) during their
menstruation, neglect of separating the first
dough, and for neglecting to light the
(Sabbath) lamp.

Why is that that these specific three mitzvot are so important for a woman to observe?

GRA explains that woman is associated with Sefira Malchut. This sefira receives from three Sefirot – Netzach, Hod Yesod.

Yesod is associated with Yosef – sexual purity = negligence (of the laws) during their

Hod is associated with Aharon (priest) to whom belongs the first dough = neglect of separating the first
doughNetzach is associated with Moshe who gave us everlasting Torah which is also compared to light = for neglecting to light the (Sabbath) lamp

More interesting insights can be found from Rabbi Sunitzky in Russian: http://www.torahone.com/russianMP3lessons.htm

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