In the Shaddow of the Ladder

I have been asked many times about authentic literature in English. Unfortunately besides BB & KC books, one without Hebrew will be lost.

Here is one book that I would like to recommend that comes from reliable source:

What is my essence? Do I have a soul? If I do, why can’t I experience it? Why do I feel alienated? It is with these deeply personal questions that Rabbi Ashlag opens his Introductions. Moving easily from the experience of the individual to the role of humankind in Creation and back again, he teaches the interplay of light with its vessel. It is this dynamic that makes up the drama of the Creator in relationship to the creation. Evil, suffering, compassion and joy, are shown to each have their place as the path unfolds from concealment of the Source to the full experience of Divine love. Rabbi Ashlag teaches Kabbalah, not as an esoteric study limited to the mystically inclined, but as a universal pathway of the spirit. There are many books available now about Kabbalah. This book is Kabbalah itself. Its uniqueness lies in that it contains authentic texts of Kabbalah, yet it is accessible to the general reader as a result of the clarity of the translations and the easy style of the explanations.


You can acquire the book here with free International shipping:

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  1. Hi Felix, Thank you very much for recommending “In the Shadow of the Ladder” so warmly. my husband Mark z’l and myself really struggled to get it as accurate as we could.
    In our search for authenticity I came up with a new idea: One of the major issues is that Rabbi Ashlag ztz’l, being a Tzaddik, has a perspective of the spiritual realities that an ordinary person cannot attain. Therefore, although his works need help to understand them, any intermediate must inevitably distort his teaching to a lesser or greater extent.
    Since Rabbi Ashlag himself was a profound teacher I conceived the idea, with the help of HaShem, of collating excerpts from his many writings and placing them appropriately to accompany his great work the Introduction to the Zohar, such that Rabbi Ashlag explains himself.
    This book came out in Hebrew and is entitled Maarag leNeshamah ( It is just now available in the US) and even better news for those very many readers who don’t have Hebrew I have just brought out its translation into English. It is entitled “A Tapestry for the Soul: Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag.
    It has just gone on sale a few days ago on Amazon so its taking a while to mail, but it is already available through our website. Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottleib and other prominent Rabbis have seen it (in the Hebrew) and Chief Rabbi Jonathon Sacks has seen it and endorsed it in the English.
    It has been a major work which started in 2003 and has just completed Pesach 2010. I truly hope that it will help bring authentic writings of Rabbi Ashlag closer to all our brethren.
    Inside the book are excerpts collated and translated from the Persuh Hasulam, the Talmud Eser HaSephiort, , Matan Torh, the Mavo le Zohar, the Peticha Le Chochmah HaKabbalah and also essays by Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag on how to apply these concepts in our lives. I did all the translations myself, and the editing. So it took its time but has been worth it!
    People here in Israel have already started to use it and the response so far has been very positive.
    I saw your post today by chance, and I felt it was miShomayim
    Many blessings to you and your community
    Bvracha Yedidah Cohen

  2. Jim P. says:

    In the Shadow of the Ladder

    It sounds like a great book. The post is right though, there aren’t many books in Hebrew.

  3. yehudith says:

    For those looking for the additional sites to study kosher Kabbalah there is the adress of Yedidah Cohen

    It may be found through internet, though google by nehora press|kabbalah|Ashlag

    Hope this site may be a help for those who still studing Hebrew and need some material in English.
    I haven’t read any of the books by Yedidah Cohen and had no chance to listen to her lectures, but the fact her work is recomended by Rav Gottlib and Rav Sacks speaks for itself.
    Good luck.

  4. yehudith says:

    Some very good books to read and to understand the idea of Judaism and the Kabbalah in english are without any doubt the books of Rav Jonathan Sacks.

    I’ve personaly have only two of them: to Heal a fractured World, and

    A Letter in the Scroll

    It is a real delight to read such books, they are a good help for the beginners and advinced studesnts, because they are speaking first of all to your heart and soul and let you understand a proper way of things in this world.

  5. yehudith says:

    There is an introduction and the first chapter of the Baal HaSulam biography, written by rav Gottlieb and translated into English by Yedidah Cohen avalible on the

  6. yehudith says:

    There are also the audio lessons on Introduction on the book of Zohar on, they are conducted with the certain methodology of three guestions in mind as Yedidah Cohen puts it: 1.What is Baal haSulam saying, 2. What is it saying to me, and 3. What am I to do with it in my life

    Very useful concept of studing Kabbalah and in addition she often asks the questions of the influence of the learned material on your relationships with others, those we love and those you have problems with, she also extend the aplication of the knowledge to the analysing the level of jewish nation and the spirituality as the main course of the reality.

    Besides she gives good parallels between different works of Baal haSulam and Rabash, Torah and other Sages and her lessons may surely help those who needs to learn to study, it is very important, because together with the lessons a person who wishes to study kabbalah should know how to learn and how to find the answers on his/her questions, using the authentic sources and avoding the possible set ups of his/her own imagination.

  7. yehudith says:

    On “nehora-opening to the wisdom of the kabbalah”, two first chapters of Pticha leChochmat hakabbalah with rav Gottlieb’s comments are avalible in English( these are 15 letters translated and commented, absolutly worth reading and studing).

  8. yehudith says:

    I would also recomend for those who still in the process of studing Hebrew to read meantime:

    nehora-Zohar commentary and

    nehora- Right and Left and the Bride in the Center ( a translated into english article by Baruch Ashlag)

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