Passover plate according to ARIZAL & Kabbalah

seder-plate-40005The night of Pesach (passover) is very special night. This is the night when there is hitorerut de-leila (ohr coming down) without the need of hitorerut de-litata (request from below). Thus the question of the wise son “What is the avodah that our G-d requested from you?”. In essence the wise son asks why do we need to do anything today at all if the light of higher worlds will shine on us at any rate.

Thus, when on Pesach there is connection amongst all worlds, we can draw light and make many corrections on all of them. And this is the answer to the wise son – yes, there is light without effort, but you must have a kli to receive it.

Just like in electronics everything has to have its place to work right, so is on Pesach night. Therefore we follow carefully each instruction to execute it to perfection on draw the upper light into our kelim.

A lot can be said about Pesach night, but here is one insight from ARIZAL about the Pesach plate.

  • Three Matzot – top one – Keter, Middle – chohma, bottom bina
  • Zroah (wing) – Chesed
  • Egg – Gvurah
  • Marror – Tiferet (connects chesed and gevurah)
  • Charoset – Netzah
  • Karpas – Hod
  • Chazeret – Yasod
  • The plate itself – Malchut

Hag Kasher ve Samecah. May we all be in Jerusalem next year

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  1. Wonderful explanation, thank you, Felix.

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