Talmud Eser HaSephirot

I only recently bought the Talmud Eser HaSefirot set published by Rabbi Gotlib and can’t hold my excitement. Besides the original text of Baal HaSulam, the book includes key comments of RABASH that were translated from his lessons + many charts that make the learning much easier. I highly recommend the set for anyone who wants to study the material in depth – they have free International shipping and the books arrive from Israel within only few days.


Here is one shot that I made from the book – has bunch of my handwriting. I picked this specific chart as it summarizes the key aspects of Kabbalah that was taught by Baal-HaSulam. Click on the image to enlarge

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  1. I would like to say that it is very important to have all the original books, and to study them according to your own plan. When we say that we need a real kabbalaist to study from we have to explain here very important point of learning and teaching Kabbalah.

    Real Kabbalaist doens’t teach his students Kabbalah, what he does, he let his students to be present while he studies and learnhow to study kabbalaistic books, how to work with them , how to put the questions and to look for the answers. And that is why without your own books and your own plan you are not going to learn anything from Kabbalaist.

    We know a lot of examples of the people who were students or wives or sons or daughters of the greatest Kabbalaists ever, but most of them has nothing to do with kabbalah or even are a shame of it. Why? Because it is no good enough to be a student of some kabbalaist and to be present at his lessons and even to spend all your free time near him, what really counts is your personal reaponsibility for your prossess of studing Kabbalah, and that is why it doesn’t matter, which place the group is in, when you join it, because as I said all you can learn from Kabbalaist is how to study, and not matirialize the studing matirial, all the rest is your homework, without intensive studing of your own, and understanding that only your own effort will be answered by the Creator, and that no Secrets will be revealed to you by any kabbalaist, but by Creator himself, may be straight to you, may be through the Kabbalaist, but it will be heard and understood by you only if the Creator finds you ready for it.

    So TES with Rabbsh and Rav Gottlieb comments may teach us endless depth of the ways of studing Kabbalaistic books and that is way anybody who thinks of being even on the first stage of the spirituality should have and regularly study Kabbalistic books by himself, and make constant efforts to understand the matirial, and to come to the lessons with the Rav to check his own understanding not being deviated from the Way, and to get more and more new( for him) ways and aspects of studing ,learning more and more detailed understanding of the prossess discribed, but personal effort and responcibility and readiness to study constantly, whether you do understand something or not at all will garanty you the level in spiritual.

    So what you really need is to beging , and then according to your personal progress you will be given the Kabbalaists to learn to study from, and even the levels which today may be only dreamd by us, the levels of Ylliyhu HaNavvi being ready to teach us ,because it is only a question if we’ve learned everything, one should learn, before we get the level to be allowed to study from him.

    They tell the Baal Shem Tov let study Kabbalah only to a student that could tell Torah letter after letter from the end to the begining by heart, Baal HaSulam recommended his students to learn by heart Ari Z’L, and then to read his explanations.

    Our generation is given everything in a way of published book, and possibility to study through the internet, but we are expected at least to have those books and join these lessons, if we want to participate in the realisation of the plan of the Creation.

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