Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag RABASH video

Chanuka 1989

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3 Responses to Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag RABASH video

  1. Simon says:

    Look closely at this video – do you see anyone who is not Jewish ULTRA Orthodox including the Rebbe? Bnei Baruch as well as Kabbalah Center try to capitalize on pure memory of these Kabbalah giants. Look again at the video and ask yourself, are you in their midst to be able to follow their path?

    I left BB after I realized that Laitman invented his own path, and who is he to contradict the sages of Kaballah that taught the wisdom of Kabbalah in absolute same manner for thousands of years? The “last generation” and “new times” is a lame excuse – nothing has changed!

    My advice – look for authentic places and be careful last you fall prey into forces of klipot. Once there it’s hard to come up. You’ll have many illusions of spirituality, yet you’ll be far away from Divine presence of G-d.

  2. Eric says:

    Who could have known that Kabbalist were talking about the Meaning of Life and the direct middle path back to Spirituality this whole time??

    Only those who seek it, who sleep with their eyes “open”… who feel that without this ‘something’ they are looking for they have nothing in life… and for some, are forced from behind through suffering to ask questions about what is the meaning of life.
    Then it doesn’t matter what religion you come from and you talk to, what actions you perform in this world. How you treat each other nicely.. what you follow.. how good you look to society.. etc

    In Spirituality you can keep your religion, Kabbalah neither speaks against religion or contradicts it, because the two [Spirituality & Religion] are totally opposite. In fact the all-round purpose of religion was to reveal to humanity that man’s nature is totally evil and that there is nothing we can do on this level to fix it, in fact the more we try to fix it or “balance” it on this level we only create more mess, and receive larger blows…

    Jew or Non-Jew no-one cares in the end. Or at least I don’t 😉
    As a sage said and said he did “Ask yourself What the Meaning of Life is and all your doubts as to whether you should study Kabbalah will disappear”.



  3. Eric says:

    But I must remind you. The method we are talking about is Baal HaSulams method. Which he taught his son The Rabash who taught many but only very few if not one understood. How could you possibly know who is a Kabbalist and who is not?
    When one crosses the ‘Machsom’ (Spiritual barrier between this world and the upper worlds) its as if he raises his head above the water and sees those who have also raised above. So don’t believe anyone, full stop…. Kabbalah does not require you to believe in anything its not religion where you press stop to your mind and sit there like some sheep baa-ing words and songs.. Anyone can cross the Machsom right now. The Method of Baal HaSulam provides a Kabbalisitic environment where one can enrich his desire for spirituality, beginning with the Point in the Heart ‘Is-rael’, ‘Yasher Kel’, a spiritual embryo (a very small one too).

    Id recommend looking at the introductory to authentic kabbalah lessons at the Bnei Baruch Learning Centre page. Its for free including ALL material, lessons, live lectures, songs are free and available for you to download at will, if you want to watch later or whatever…

    Thankyou for your website, its interesting for knowledge wise, like ‘Chassidism’ but I feel it doesn’t really talk about HOW one can achieve Spiritual attainment at all.


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