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Song-of-Songs2Some time ago Yehudith had a post on Shir HaShirim. Can’t find it now, but wanted to add a few items from Zohar.

The book of Zohar consists from categories. Each category has multiple articles to it that were combined by our sages and together relate to the given category. One of the categories combines commentaries on Shir HaShirim – the most mystical work ever written – one easiest to be read and one easiest to completely misunderstand.

A few items to give you some taste.

“Shir HaShirim Asher Le-Shlomo”. Literally means Song of the Songs for Shlomo. Zohar comments that these four words describe four Divine names/emanations that were not given to Angels but were given to Israel:

  1. Shir – ADONAI
  2. HaShimirm – ZEVAOT
  3. Asher – YHVH
  4. Le-Shlomo – AHEYE

Zohar points out that the whole book of Shir HaShirim describes Maase Merkavah – the most sacred part of Kabbalah that was and is only transmitted orally and never recorded in writing. Allusion to it is the first letter of the text SHIN. In fact Zohar points out that by understanding the meaning of this letter one will understand the whole book. Hint to it is in the shape of the letter – three lines connecting at the bottom. They allude to Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov that together were the Merkavah (Kli) to bring down to our world the Ohr of Shechina.

The letter also hints at three lines that HaShem uses to control our world – Avraham – Chesed, Yitzhak – Gevurah, Yaakov – Tiferet that brings Chesed and Gevurah Together.

“NeShikot PiHu”.  Kisses from his mouth. Kiss – when woman and man kiss the Ruach of their breath unties. Zohar actually states that each has two Ruchot combined there are four that produce the child that has roots of both souls, both Ruchot. It also alludes to connection between Olamot – spiritual worlds. Zohar asks why written PiHu – HIS moth – extra Heh. The allusion here is unification of letter Yod and Heh and thus PiHu and not Piv.

It is custom to recite Shir HaShirim before Shabbos Mincha. Even if you don’t understand its meaning, the sacred formulas that Salomon used to compose this mystical work will bring down major Orot that will fill with Shefa all the Olamot. Try it – it won’t take more than 20 min.

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  1. Thank you , Felix, for sharing very powerful insights from Zohar on Shir haShirim.
    The tradition says that Ari Kaddosh was ending the Tikkun Le’il Shavu’ot with reading of Shir HaShirrim and so the version( Nossakh) of Tikkun Le’il Shavuot composed by Holy Shl’a ( 17th century Kabbalist) does so till our days.

    Here is the link to other posts on Shir HaShirim:

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