The Holy ARI on SUKKOT

Of the many mitzvot connected to the holiday of Sukkot, perhaps the most conspicuous is the actual structure of the sukkah (booth) in which we dwell for the entire holiday – and for which the festival itself is named. While the explicit reason for constructing the sukkah is to recall the miraculous exodus from Egypt and G-d’s shelter as we traveled through the Sinai Desert, the Ari explains that, when properly constructed, the sukkah serves as a model of the spiritual worlds and conduit for expanded consciousness, channeling divine benevolence into the Lower Realms:

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  1. Souls in the spiritual realms are described as “standing”, for they are rooted to a single level. Although they ascend, they are considered as being on one plane because these ascents are measured. By descending to the plane of the physical and devoting itself to the observance of the Torah and its mitzvot, a soul attains the potential for progress, and indeed, in an unlimited manner. This potential is demonstrated in a Jew’s shaking back and forth during prayer and Torah study.
    In fact, the Zohar states that a Jew shakes during prayer because “the soul of man is the candle of G-d”. Just as a candle flickers back and forth because it is drawn to its source, so too the soul shakes during Torah study, for Torah study inspires a soul and connects it to its spiritual source:

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