The Holy ZOHAR on Parshat V’Zot HaBracha(Deut. 33-34)

The first verses of the blessing Moses gave to the people of Israel don’t seem connected to the blessing as they recount the historic event of the receiving of the law on Mount Sinai. Nonetheless, the experience of Mount Sinai was the high point of the spiritual life of the people of Israel and Moses and therefore the closest to the source of their blessing:

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  1. Our physical conquest of the seven nations who occupied the Land of Israel alludes to the spiritual conquest of the seven emotions of the human-animal soul. The two major obstacles to this conquest are the “arm” and the “head.”:

  2. Chasidic Masters on Parshat V’Zot HaBracha(Deut. 33-34)

    The emotions (the seven “lower” sefirot) are ones, whereas the attributes of the intellect (chochma and bina) are tens. Our Sages say of Adam that he was one hundred cubits tall. This alludes to the idea that he was on the level of “one hundred”, i.e. beyond intellect. The source of Torah is the level of ten thousands, as in this verse which describes the giving of the Torah as G-d approaching “from the holy ten thousands.”
    Jewish mysticism teaches that the Torah was originally created only as a mass of letters:

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