The Holy ZOHAR on Parshat Chayei Sarah

The Zohar explains that each digit of the number 127 refers to Sarah’s unique spiritual status. One hundred years refers to the sefira of keter, the most concealed and sublime of the sefirot. “Twenty year” is comprised of ten sefirot of chochma and the ten sefirot of bina in which the supernal is most hidden. Seven years alludes to the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin together with the sefira of malchut, the “seven days of Creation”.

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  1. When a person is in This World, he doesn’t monitor and meditate on the reason for his being alive and his purpose in This World. Instead he thinks that all his days go by in a meaningless fashion, without any other reality involved as part of them, which is definitely not the case, as each and every day stands for eternity:

  2. Our Sages write, “The Creation was for the sake of Israel and the Torah.” [Midrash Tanchuma on Proverbs 8:22, and Jeremiah 2:3] The intention of “for the sake of Israel” is for the sake of the Jew’s divine service. Through their divine service, Israel causes the Creation to reach perfection:

  3. A sensitive appraisal of Sarah reveals a strong, self-confident woman, spiritual teacher and leader:

    Parents live on in the merit of their children:

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