Contemporary Kabbalists on Parshat Va’Yechi

All of Jacob’s joy, all the goodness of his final 17 years, was from the proliferation of his offspring. In fact, the sages explain that Jacob did not die, because as long as his seed, his offspring is alive, he is alive! The very joy, the very life of Jacob was from all of his offspring living together in peace between them, even if it is in Egypt. Beautifully, when we add the numerical values of ויגש   Vayigash and ויחי   Vayechi, we get 353, the gematria of שמחה   “joy” and the gematria of גשן   “Goshen,” the land where Jacob dwelt in his final 17 good (טוב  ) years and where his offspring were fruitful and multiplied, elevating more and more of the sparks of holiness from the land:

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  1. The Shema

    “And then Jacob called to his sons and said: Gather together and I will tell you what will happen to you in the End of Days” (Genesis 49:1). Rashi, as mentioned in the previous section, quotes the Talmud and the Midrash to explain why this portion is a closed portion:

    The End of Days

    Although God did not allow Jacob to openly reveal the End of Days, he was permitted to embed different parts of his overall vision in the blessings. Rashi points out many of these prophetic allusions in his commentary. Judah’s blessing, for instance, contains some quite explicit and other more subtle references to the future:

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