Kavana #1 – Payot – Sidelocks

peosI would like to take the opportunity and share some of the Kabbalistic explanations on commandments that were given to us – we will start this as series of posts to give some glimpse into the internal meaning of the commandments we observe . These explanations are taken from the writings of ARIZAL, and I’ll try to put them as time permits in easy to read and comprehend format. Of course I cannot claim to understand these deep secrets, so I’ll only relate the simplified meaning of them based on description from ARI.

If you look closely to photographs of Baal-HaSulam [a.k.a Sulam] and his son RABASH [Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag] you’ll notice that they have very short hair, yet long sidelocks. The same you’ll see in religious Jews that follow Chassidic traditions which are based on teachings of Baal Shem Tov, that were derived from ARI and ZOHAR. What’s the meaning?









The ARI explains that the hair on the head [for this post we’re talking about men only, we will cover women in future posts B”H/B”N] attracts the force of Gevurah – strong judgement. We don’t want it of course, and therefore by cutting the hair as short as possible we minimize this influence. Yet, there is one piece of hair that is connected to Chassadim [Divine Mercy] and these are the sidelocks. And therefore ARIZAL was cutting his hair short leaving the sidelocks only as depicted on this picture. The people who follow the teachings of ARIZAL therefore do the same.

And now you know

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  1. Very good explanation, hope you write more. Thank you.
    No matter how many good articles there may be, the individual insights of a person who studies himself and shares his knowledge and understandings with others are priceless, because they are the new sparkles taken out of the Unknown and brought to the Light of Comprehension.

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