SHAVU’OT: Revelation of Divine Energy

When the Jewish people in its entirety stood beneath Mt.Sinai to receive the Torah, they experienced a miracle greater than the exodus from Egypt and the Ten Plagues and more wondrous than the splitting of the Red Sea. The miracle that happened at Mt. Sinai was the revelation of God’s light to the world. …A miracle is a revelation of Divine energy, which is liable to merely disperse ineffectively if it is not contained. The vessels that can contain the Divine energy revealed through a miracle are God’s commandments, the mitzvot of the Torah. …The forty-nine gates that reveal God’s control over the world manifest in our knowledge of God through our human intellect. However, intellectual knowledge of God is referred to as knowing God from His “back,” as Moses was told, “You shall see My back.” But, the fiftieth gate of understanding, knowing God from His “face,” of which it says, “My face will not be seen,” is above all the powers of our intellect. Knowing God’s “face” is an innermost knowledge that derives from one’s vital essence:

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    Rabbi Shimon said: “Woe to the person who says that the Torah comes to give instructions and tell descriptive stories and simple tales. If this were true, even in our own time we would be able to make “Torah” out of simple stories and praise and embellish them even better than all stories in the Torah:

  5. Ari haKaddosh on Shavu’ot:

    The Torah refers to the [additional] sacrifices of Shabbat, the first day of the month, and the festival of matzot [Pesach] as being “beyond [literally “above”] the daily Elevation-offering,” implying that [these sacrifices reach] “the highest of the highest [levels of spirituality],” as mentioned in the Zohar. (III:79b)The daily offering is already called an “elevation” offering, so something “above” an “elevation” offering is called “above the above.” But with regard to Shavuot, [the Torah] refers [to the additional offerings as being] simply “beside the daily Elevation-offering”:

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