Rav Kook on Parshat RE’EH

Surprisingly, but the Torah never spells out exactly where the Temple is to be built. Rather we are instructed to build the Beit HaMikdash ‘in the place that God will choose: “But only to the place that the Eternal your God will choose from all your tribes to set His Name there — you shall seek His dwelling place and go there.” (Deut. 12:5) Where is ‘the place that God will choose’ for His Divine Presence? And what does it mean that we should “seek out His dwelling place”?…the Torah is commanding us to discover where to build the Beit HaMikdash, using the guidance of a prophet. The spiritual search for this holy site was a mission that King David undertook, with the help of the prophet Samuel:


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  1. Re’eh:

    Private and Public Redemption
    “The Word of Shemitah”
    Uprooting Idolatry in the Land of Israel
    Open Your Hand Generously


  2. The blessing and the curse: all phenomena, and all human activity, seem subject to categorization by these two most basic definers of reality. A development is either positive or negative, an occurrence either fortunate or tragic, an act either virtuous or iniquitous.Indeed, the principle of “free choice”—that man has been granted the absolute autonomy to choose between good and evil—lies at the heart of the Torah’s most basic premise:


  3. “G-d’s way is not like the way of flesh and blood,” the Midrash assures us. “The way of flesh and blood is that he instructs others to do, but does not do so himself; G-d, however, what He Himself does, that is what He tells Israel to do and observe”. The laws which He decreed to govern our lives also delineate His own “conduct” in relating to His creation:


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