Rav Kook on Parshat KiTavo

There is an unusual mitzvah performed twice every seven years. It is called Viduy Ma’aser — literally, ‘Tithing Confession.’ But this is not a confession in the usual sense. The individual goes to Jerusalem and publicly declares that he has fulfilled all his obligations regarding terumot and ma’aserot, the various tithes of agreicultural produce distributed to the kohanim, the Levites, and the poor. We do not find a viduy of this nature for any other mitzvah. What is the purpose of this unusual declaration? And why is it performed so infrequently?:


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  1. Rav Kook on Ki Tavo

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  3. The most distressing and demanding challenge to religious faith is constantly nurtured by a seemingly endless progression of individual suffering and horrendous historical upheavals. It is the subject of an entire book of scripture, Job; more recently, it has been assigned its own special title, “theodicy,” reflecting its pivotal status in modern religious philosophy.For most of us, however, this classic quandary usually assumes a somewhat more prosaic form. Why do bad things happen to good people? Where was G‑d during the Crusades, the Holocaust, the Hebron pogrom, etc.? How could G‑d allow the Black Plague to happen? How can G‑d tolerate, much less sustain, the likes of Hitler or Stalin?:


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