Parshat Ha’azinu(Deuteronomy 32)

It is known that there are 600,000 letters in the Torah corresponding to the 600,000 souls of B’Y. Chazal have even expounded for us the word YiSROeL to be the acronym for YaishShishi Ribui Osios L’Torah meaning `there are 600,000 letters in the Torah.’ The other name for B’Y is YiShuRuN which stands forYaish SHishi Ribui Neshamos. `There are 600,000 souls.’ Every soul of B’Y is rooted in one of the letters in a parsha, verse and letter that is relevant to the individual. It is also known that Ha’azinu is a microcosm of all mitsvot and aspects of the world. It’s basically a microcosm of the Torah. Therefore, all of B”Y is alluded to in Ha’azinu:’azinu.htm

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