ROSH haSHANNA (the Head of the Year)

We are told many meanings of the shofar-blowing. In fact, the leading Jewish sage in the tenth century C.E., Saddia Gaon, listed ten major ones, each with a scriptural basis. Rabbi Sa’adia explained that the sound of the shofar should call to mind:
1) the creation of the world
2) the beginning of the new year
3) the Mt. Sinai experience
4) the inspiring words of the prophets
5) the destruction of the Holy Temple, and
6) the Binding of Isaac.
It should also arouse and increase in us:
7) fear and awe of G-d Al-mighty
8) fear and awe for the Day of Judgment
9) belief in the future ingathering of the exiles and ultimate redemption of Mashiach, and inspire our yearning for it, and
10) belief in the future Resurrection of the Dead;

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