SUKKOT (the Holiday of Sukkot)

After bringing ourselves back into G-d’s domain with the month of Elul and recognizing He is King with Rosh Hashanah and repenting the 10 days till the spiritually cleansing service of Yom Kippur we have perfected ourselves just like the other 4 species we drive ourselves nuts over, searching for the perfect ones: the verse from Leviticus says: “Take yourselves, the fruit, the palm, etc.” Not for yourselves which is the pshot. Take YOU yourselves! We are species #1!!!… Speaking of the perfect minim, the laws of the etrog can be ignorantly summed up as, it has to be Shalaym- whole. All marks and specks and blemishes are a question of what happened to the etrog when and does that render it not whole. Etrog is spelled Aleph, Tav, Reish, Gimmel. Not only does the Etrog have to be Shalaym but the Aleph stands for Emunah Shalayma, the Tav, Tshuva Shalayma, the Reish, Refua Shalayma, and the Gimmel, Geula Shalayma. All the things we pray and wish should be in their entirety are reflected in the Etrog:

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  1. Rav Kook on Sukkot

    The Sabbath evening prayers use a peculiar metaphor for peace:
    “May You spread over us a sukkah of Your peace.”
    Why pray for a sukkah, a makeshift booth, of peace? Would it not be better to have a ‘fortress of peace’ — strong, secure, and lasting?:

  2. Rav Simon Jacobson on Sukkot

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  3. During the holiday of Succot we “shake” four species, as prescribed in the Torah and explained by the Sages – one palm, two willows, three myrtle and one citron. There are untold meanings – from the simple to the mystical – regarding the types of species, their number, various correspondences to other sets of four in Jewish tradition, how we hold them, to which directions we shake them etc… The underlying theme of shaking the four species is that by bringing them together we create unity:

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