The Contemporary Kabbalists on Parshat VeZot HaBrachah

The final eight verses of the Torah describe the death of Moses. Our sages have two opinions as to who wrote these verses. The first opinion is that God dictated these last eight verses to Moses’ successor, Joshua. The second opinion is that just as the rest of the Torah was written by Moses, so, too, were these verses that describe his death. God dictated the verses to Moses, and Moses wrote them with tears in his eyes. Just as the exact authorship of the verses about Moses’ death remains unclear, so the exact location of his gravesite is also unclear:

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  1. After the yearly Torah reading cycle is completed on the morning of Simchat Torah, we immediately begin the cycle again by reading the beginning of Bereishit, recounting the creation of the world. This practice connects the end of the Torah with its beginning, as discussed in the previous section:

  2. Sometime after the war and after the creation of the State of Israel, a Gerrer chasid, a survivor of the Holocaust, arrived in Israel. He had lost all of his family and was embittered and disillusioned. He ceased the observance of mitzvot, shaved his beard, gave up his chasidic garb, and conducted himself as a secular Israeli:

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