New Age Teachings :Bnei Baruch and Kabbalah Center analysis

Very good lecture. In Russian

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  1. Iliya says:

    How true!!!!

  2. Chad says:

    How I wish I understood Russian. Might I inquire as to the gist of this?

  3. sasha says:

    very nice lection but it is so clear that the lector shows how less he understand from his opponents methodology. it is especially clear from the part that start at about 100:00. till that every word is may have sense but its like a trying to catch opponent. after 100:00 lector just says exactely what his opponent used to say but just treat it opposite. how i can understanв all the buzz is around doing mitzvot by hands and legs. OK. but Laitman just says that the intentions are main and the rest is dead without them. that’s all.

  4. sasha says:

    hey! just a little addition! about 131:00 just outrageous jugglings by rav kushner. its so far from reality that its clear now who is light-fingered here. everyone who has just little knowledge of what is learning by bnei baruch please fast forward to 130:00 of this lection and you’ll get the point for sure. no need to listen the whole thing! eh… i’ve lost lika 2 hours for this rubbish. thanks a lot… hope others would be more lucky!

  5. Felix says:

    Some people hear only what they want to hear :)
    Rav Kushnir used very mild terms in my opinion, especially knowing his level of knowledge of Kabbalistic works.

  6. sasha says:

    Oh please! When it comes to talk about betrayals and divorces because of bnei baruch and laitman im just laughing. it realy means that they just have nothing to say. Or you want us to talk about orthodox grandson of Yehuda Ashlag who was catched with a presentable amount of drugs for sale?
    Most of ppl in bnei baruch far more ethical (in a normal secular meaning) then average. And im realy not sure that orthodox jews can brag smth alike. All this things is just to scare everybody in a cheap way. Lets go its not interesting for me anymore.

  7. Elisheva says:

    Thank you for your blog and information on bb.
    I had in my life a strong need to study the Kabbalah was because I reached a point where I see the evil around me and the only way to survive was for me to request assistance from the Creator. So I got closer to bb. But the people around me were people naive and incapable of understanding. There was an excessive contempt for other sources … One day I saw in the eyes of Laitman something disparaging when he pronounced the word “goym. I left. Fortunately I have the ability to understand. but people who do not understand … I’m sorry for them. I pray daily for the souls trapped in bb. You can not study the kabbalah when other desires are too present in us and our development is not ready. It is cruel.
    Sorry for my English

  8. annonymous says:

    I was a student of BB for 8 years, and this lecture by Rav Kushnir opened my eyes to the truth. I am so happy I found it. And yes, it is true about the divorces etc. A lot of families have been ruined due to the fact that BB do no give families any kind of importance.

  9. I’d like to share my understanding about BB and how they’ve come to be what they are nowdays.
    Today this organization claim to be theAcademy for studing Kabbalah as pure science,which has nothing to do with religion and Jewish nation.They insist that Kabbalah is of Babylonian origin and is a kind of spiritual knowledge with its own laws which they try to express through the endless graphs and drawings.
    The scientific method of studing spiritual worlds they call Mahasser, scientific researcher is the one who pays it accuratly(10% from income before taxes) the field of constanat research is called Makhsom. The research can be done only in groups(the bigger the group the better).The leading researchers are those who succeed in dissemination “Laitman’s” books ( intresting to notice that in their book shop in Petach Tikva laitman’s books are everywhere on the sheleves one meter and more above the floor,while Arizal’s, Baal HaSulam’s and Rabash’s books are on the sheleves one meter and lower till the floor).
    But let’s go back to Academy. Besides the endless graphs and drawings ,Zohar is translated into Hebrew and that’s all for today, concerning its research and understanding.And because Zohar speaks about Shabbes,Jewish holidays, sacrifices which were done in Jewish Temples( and somehow not in Babylonian ones) Laitman has to remind to his audience that all these are names of spiritul processes and have nothing to do with Judaism and of course needn’t to say with religious rituals(meaning Mitzvot and Hallakhot) of Jewish religious people.Though he doesn’t care to explain how exactly this spiritual notions are done in one’s soul by scientifical method- having Shabbes in the soul while using computer, telephone, smoking, cooking, washing and so on on Saturday.And why out of all Mitzvot which are all done in one’s soul only the one-Mahasser is done in material world. Needless to say that things like renting,publishing, going abroad, advertising cost money, and that is why this Mitzvah should be material one.
    So by paying Mahasser the members of Laitman’s academy make all the necessary corrections in their souls.Now here is the place to remember another so called jew, which 2000 years ago found his own method of correcting Humanity by substitution 613 Mitzvot by only one-“eternal love” for neighbour which “succeessfully” came to its culmination in 20th century in killing 50 million people. Comparing these two innovators we should mention the research made on the brain of Chimpanzee. The research found out that DNA of frontal lobe brain cell of Chimpanzee is identical to human in 98% !But they still haven’t succeded in teaching Chimpanzee much. So as we see 2% make very big difference.
    So if those who has this 2% that differs us from Chimpanzee would make some calculation they would come to the very simple conclusion -it is very easy to promise the people Gan Eden, it is very difficult to explain how the promised Gan Eden turned into the Burning Hell. But let’s leave the 2000 year old jew to those who still worship him, and take a look at the leading researcher from BB research center-“Rav”( I don’t know the meaning of this word in acient Babylon) Laitman.
    It is very difficult for the beginner to see what is so wrong with BB and Laitman, because during their lessons they read from TES,Zohar,Rabbash’s and Baal Sulam’s articles.They come to learn their kabbalah at 3a.m. which is not so easy to do.Some students wear kippot and their”rav” looks quite “Harridy”- with white shirt, black vest, black kipper, white beard and so on. And under these 98% it is very difficult to see the missing 2%.
    The problem with this “rav” is that he hasn’t minimum knowledge in TaNaKh, Talmud B. and Y. or understanding in TES and Zohar, and that is why it’s better for him to say that Kabbalah is of Babylonian origin and has nothing to do with Judaism, but the mistakes he makes in his books concerning the text of TaNaKh account for less than 98% resemblence with human DNA of the frountal lobe cells.
    And now to his claim on being “the best” Rabbash’s student. We never heard it from Rabbash and it isn’t mentioned in any of his letters or articles.What we do know about this “best” student, that while Rabbash was still alive, Laitman cut his Pehyot and started wearing sandals instead of shoes.This “small” details shows that after all the years spent with Rabbash he actually didn’t understand anything, because if he had, he would have known by that time what is the meaning of Pehyot and especially shoes vs. sandals.
    Rabbash loved his students and he tried his best to help each of them to become independent on their spiritual way, he took very hard to heart all the cases of the failures, but he knew that he was just a teacher and he couldn’t do anything if a person didn’t want to learn. And we see this inability to learn in Laitman very clearly.Instead of going to learn Judaism he chose to make Ph D, because it sounds “intellegent” but where did he do that?- in Moscow. I’d like to remind you that there is an international list of the leading Universities, and you can check for yourselves which place Moscow University( russian best one) holds.But to get PhD in Philosophy!? Time and Again Baal HaSulam and Rabbash explained philosophy’s 98% resemblence to kabbalah and “the best” Laitman succeeded in missing this 2%.No wonder he was a very “successful” businessman before he came to Kabbalah.
    But another aspect of this “Ph D” besides that if you want to mention Kabbalah in your work it should be adressed to those who have any idea of Kabbalah, is that after so many years in Israel to go abroad, and to Moscow?, while it is worldly known that for money you can by in Moscow not only Ph D, but also the certificate for having those missing 2%.
    But as they say- You can fool all the people for some time, and some people for all the time, but you can’t fool all the people for all the time. And that is what exactly today’s BB is. Those who ask questions and don’t get answers and keep silence get the promotion in that organization.But those who ask questions and don’t get answers and ask their questions again find their way out of BB very quickly under all kind of pretence. The rest “rest” of BB’s members is explained that it is what happens to those who instead of dissiminating laitman’s”kabbalah” tries to understand anything in it, or doesn’t spend enough time in the group of “havverim” and dare to spend time with their families, children, parents and spouses.
    So if you still want to be the member of that BB “rest” here are some tips:
    1. Get rid of at least 2% of your frontal lobe cells DNA to get “Hishtavvut haTzurrah” with the “rav” and his disciples.
    2.Find a good job to pay fatty Mahasser, because in BB like in Moscow, money gives you the best “spiritual” raise.
    3. Buy a very good helmet and wear it constantly, in case your Mahasser would lift you above Makhsom and while soaring in spiritual worlds you won’t get a knock on Babylonian Tower and dissiminate your DNA.

  10. Felix says:

    for a few hundred dollars you can get any diploma you want in Moscow. As for RABASH he only allowed Laimtan to stay in the group on condition that he will commit to study Talmud and Tanach. But once the teacher was gone we see what became of Laitman. When I first met Laitman he was running around in a black suit and praying with minyan. But he quickly realized that it won’t attract audience and his books that at that time were still closely matching RABASH didn’t sell well as they were too difficult to understand. Then the black outfit was changed, he started to address anyone who can pay maaser and I don’t think I ever saw him with minayn anymore. It just became very efficient business. I don’t think he is stupid, on the contrary – he managed to establish very successful Enterprise. And this is very unfortunate as now sacred knowledge is associated with such nonsense. Thus many people decide to stay away from it to ensure that they won’t be associated with any of these schools G-d forbid.

  11. I want to add that the first Laitman’s books were not his at all, they were written by him, but dictated by Rabash. And they were dictated to him, not because he was the best student, but because he was russian speaking and it was understood by Rabbash,that the russian speaking audience needs some information in their language to catch the Idea. he never wrote anything of any worth in Kabbalah because he himself missed the Idea ,that the Wisdom opens through “Hishtavvut HaTzurrah” and last one comes through performimg Mitzvvot first on the very simple matirial level and then we add Kavvanah ( volume 2,article 25) and that is way for me Laitman is stupid in spiritual sphire.As for him being successful busineesman before he came to Kaballah ,it is also a myth, because there is a lot of people who can open their own business, there just a few who can make it work, and he couldn’t. As for his Petach Tikva Enterprise it will fall ( with G-d’s Help) the moment he is gone ( and G-d Forgive me) for good, because it stands on his empty promise of passing “machsom” when he himself is the “machsom” for those traped in BB. I hope for their best they wuold understand soner or later that free cheese is only in the mousetrap. So maximum I can see in his is a sart manipulater, but one need’t more then 98% of human DNA.

  12. prema says:

    i have been a virtual student of bb for about 2 years. i question many of their teachings also, that is why i am on this website. i keep reading and learning as much as i can so i can learn authentic kabbalah which laitman claimes that his teachings are.

    i must say that in my opinion some of the statement s above are just not true.

    i have not been asked and have to this point given a penny for 2 years worth of online classes 2x a week and laitmans 3 hr classes daily. i have never been asked for 1 penny.

    laitman has stated on numerous occasions that corporeal responsibilities must be met and that families are very important. kabbalah should not come between a
    couple in their marriage.

    like i said i do have many many question but these 2 subjects sit very well with me for the reasons i stated above.

    thank you. i hope you will be able to clarify other questions for me as need be.


  13. To Prema, Hi. The things which are discussed above are clear for those, who’ ve been to BB and KC, and I have to explain to you some details for you to understand it.
    As for money, you do understand that everything costs money, now the question is how I get them.So KC makes it easier for people to understand what is going on. They organise courses and take money for them. if you can pay, you take the course, if not you don’t, you look for another place to study. And here comes Laitman, which built another way of milking people. It works like this: All the authentic Kabbalah textsBB translates into all possible languages and let them free for people. The translations are done by members of BB free of charge, but one can’t understand anything in them, and poeple begin to look for explanations, and here comes Laitman with “his” books, and poeple buy one and one more, and one more till they get the Idea of Kabbalah being something beiond they capability to understand, but they still want to know how it works, and they think that if they study Kabbalah on free online, they will understand anything, but nothing happens, BUT the more energy you put into something, the more you want to get the results , it is like the lottery, the person spends his money and time, but though he doesn’t see any real results, he continues to spend his time and money, because he doesn’t want to admit that he made a mistake, or that he is a looser, and he DOESN’T stop.The same with laitman, the person gets some things free and he expects the results, the time passes and nothing really happens, but you are already trapped by your wish to KNOW= TO GET the sicrets of the Creation, and people begin to ask questions, when they are going to pass Makhsom and get into spiritual, then they are told, that one can’t get there without the group, because the wishes should be united, and only then it will happen, which is true. The person begins to come to the Congresses to feel “spiritual Kli” and he begins to pay money, meantime for the flights, for the houseing, for the food, So you ask what BB gains from it?, they charge minimum for everything!?- they get attention of those who are not in they trap yet, because the common people’s psycology works rather simple- Oh , if they can orginase Congresses, and they have their own newspaper, and they have their TV channel, they must KNOW something that attracts people to them,they let online lessons free and, authentic kabbalah books free and so on. Now it is fun to the new- comers, but for those who studies with Laitman for several year in his Petakh Tikkva group and in another groups is already clear that nothing happens even if you come to the Congresses.Meantime there is another play with our ego, if our ego doesn’t get any satisfaction, it may stop doing anything at all, so – nobody makes you pay Ma’asser, but if you don’t pay it, you don’t get any position in BB, and your ego wants some satisfaction so much that together with your false pride they trick you into another way to get to spiritualty, becuase deep inside you soul knows that there is a way to spiritual. So what do I need that position for if they don’t pay any money for it?- I get the feeling of being a part of something outstanding, called dissimination of Kabbalah and my EGO flarish, but if one dare to ask guestions, he is given something like that:” why don’t I feel Zohar entering my soul? the answer:” You should open the door!?” and the repesentative of Laitman’s inner group, who pay Ma’asser( you belong to external group which is needed for quantaty only) says to you on TV that ,this answer is a preciuos pearl!, and such an insight!, and you begin to feel yourself missing the point all together, and decides to pay ma’asser too to get to spiritual and to understand that pearl, the way he does.There are many psycological tricks, which are played by BB, and everything looks as if nobody makes anybody do anything against their will, but acctually you are the puppet in laitman’s hand, which makes what ever he wants with you because you let him do it, including excluding some members of BB who stands in his way of manipulating people.
    In my previous answer to you I told you that first of all you have to find the place to learn Hebrew, then you have to decide if you are jewish – to take on yourself learning Torah and observing Mitzvot, and if you are not jewish, if you want to do all is nessacery to be the part of Israel by the LAW of Moshe and not any other way.But all that you ask and say that you want to study Kabbalah and asking for the place.You soul feels that you are cheatted, by BB, but your Ego doesn’t want to take any obligations, but just to get what it wants, and you tell me about free online lessons as if you haven’t read the message, that free cheese is only in mousetrap.If you are looking for something like BB, but with the different name? or you are Looking for authentic Kabbalah? Nothing will be understood by you till you don’t get the simple thing that spirituality opens only to those who looks for personal correction, and the personal correction is got by performing Mitzvot according to all the orthodox Hallakhot, in the name of getting that correctoion. It is that simple.
    As for divources, and the importance of the family, you should know that today there is nearly and no couple that don’t think about divource, some do, and some don’t, dependce of their ability to servive. And it is no use to talk about importance of the family, if you don’t have a solution.And laitman doesn’t have it, and by not being able to help people to understand, how we stay together, not becuase of intersts, but becuase of love, he takes a part in the distroying the institute of family, because, if one claim to now the purpose, one should know that the way to it is only through learning Torah and Performimg Mitzvot in the name of being able to bestow another one. The only right way to pay Ma’asser is to put it into the cgarity box, when nobody knows who put the money and even why. The only way to save the marriage is to teach poeple every day, what is the meaning of marriage according to Torat Moshe and how to make it work. I hope that I was clearer this time ,and I wish you Shabbat shalom and Hodesh TOV.

  14. To “Sasha” in particular and to all of us in general.
    We may not compare the behaviour of Baal HaSulam’s grandson to the behaviour of Laitman’s students.What we can compare is the behaviour of Baal HaSulam’s grandson to the behavior of laitman’s daughters, or the behaviour of Baal HaSulam’s students to the behaviour of Laitman’s students, but we won’t do that because both of them-Baal HaSulam’s grandson’s behaviour and Laitman’s daughters’ behaviour can be defenetly called as disgrace of sons and daughters of Israel.We won’t discuss our own actions, or the behaviour of some orthodox jews, or non-relegious jews. All we may state is that we are far from being called Mamlekhet Kohanim, or Go’i Kadosh.

    What we are going to discuss is the responsibility of parents for their children, and responsibility of the children for their parents, because we have the expretions : Zkhut Avvot( merits of Fathers ), and there is Zkhut Yeladim( merits of children) studing Torah.

    We’ll start our discussion from the statement, that it doesn’t matter whose sons or daughters we are in material world, because each of us is the son or the daughter of the Creator, and we came to this world to correct a certain amount of Ratzon Lekabbel and to give it the form of al manat Lehashpia.

    We won’t discuss the moment when it became clear to any of us, that whoever our perants were, they can’t do our work for us. We’ll start our discussion from the moment, when this “point” is awoken in our heart, and what we have to do. And then we’ll expand to the relations parents-children, children- parents, theachers-students, students-teachers.
    The person goes through many states during his life till he comes to the conclusion, that he! himself! can’t explain to himself what’s going on, why things are the way they are, and little by little he comes to Kabbalah, which states, that Light and the First Kli- the wish to get the light ,come from Creator, but the first form of Kli gives the feeling of shame, because ” I was made, and I am given, so what am I?” And the Creation takes on Itself the part of giving another form to the Wish to Get, the form without feeling the shame. In simple terms, we take the abilities that we are born with, and we make the best out of them. We give the pleasure to the Creator, that His gifts to us are not left unnoticed, we are thankful to Him for giving us all the abilities and more then that, we do our best to use them for the most noble purpose- to influence the Creation for its best ways of development. And it is the meaning that “Malkhut wanted Lehitkashet”. Malkhut is the ideal vessel for getting Creator’s Light, but Malkhut is Neffisha= there is no Its part in this ideal vessel, so what Malkhut can do is to activate all the potential it has in her vessel, and to find out that the wish of getting consists of two parts. One part, which is the external one is the wish to get to itself, the second part and more inner one is to get the qualities of the Creator. While the first external part gives us the feeling of shame and nothingness, the second inner part gives us the joy of being like the Creator Himself.So the external part goes under Tzimtzum and should be now exchanged the place with the internal part.the process known us structuring of Ratzon Lekkabel from its NATURAL FORM al manat lekkabel to the SUPERNATURAL FORM al manat lehashpia. How to make it is the learning of all our life, but what we should know from the very begining, that we start with ourselves, and not with our, or somebody else children, spouses, parents, co-workers, students, theachers and so on.First of all we learn and correct OURSELVES. And if we do it successfully, all the rest of the people around us will want it too. It takes time, but the results are worth working for.

    Spiritual work changes everything and forever for us, and though it is difficult to correct so many broken spheres of our life, sometimes we manage to brake everything in our life and we stand on our “HURBAN HABAIT”( destruction of the Temple), and it isn’t, that the distroied place is empty, we already built all kind of another wrong structures on its place, and the one thing is to rebuild the Temple, another thing is to brake what is built on its ruins, and then we may begin to build what we want.

    And with all the complexity of the situations we are in,the only feeling that pushes us forward is that NEVER EVER MORE we want the life we had before. When we understand what enormous damage our incorrected wish to get may make to us, our children, families, and so on, we are ready to learn Torah all the day and night, and to do what so ever we have to do to stop the process of distruction of what the Creator gave us, and to begin the process of reconstruction of our life according to the Creator’s instructions.

    So before we make any other damage to ourselves, or to our surrounding we have to stop to try to influence anybody in anyway, and to begin learning Torah=Kabbalah, and with the help of this Knowledge ,we activate our most inner wish for life without shame, pain, and regret.

    The process of ACTIVATION is done by performing Mitzvot according to Hallakhot in everyday life, because their performance activate in us, what should be activated, and stops( not supresses!) what should be stopped at this moment.Mitzvot make a stone distractors, which we are in our natural form, into co- Creators, which get the IDEA of Mamlekhet Kohanim and Go’i Kadosh and put it into LIFE.

    So the responsibility of the parents is to show their children this way of Life, to teach them the ART of LIFE, and to pray that with the help of this Knowledge and their personal life example, their children will be able to make their part of structuring their amounts of Ratzon Lekkabel.

    Maximum, we may help our children is, to leave them without our parts of Ratzon Lekkable left incorrected, and to ensure that they understood the importance of the Knowledge (Torah=Kabbalah) of getting to the purpose of the Creation through performimg Mitzvot in the form of observing Sages’ Hallakhot.

    Children on their part should do, all what they have to do, to correct their parents’ debts, because there is a commandment to Respect their Parents, and the meaning of this commandment is that we shouldn’t say that because our parents behaved themselves so and so, we have to pay for their sins. What ever debts are left to us by our parents, we have to correct them as if they were our own.

    Rabash took Laitman as his student and married Feiga Ashlag after his first wife’s death. The guestion is if he knew exactly what would come out of it?- The answer is Yes, he knew exactly what part of Ratzon Lekkabel is presented in Laitman and in Feiga Ashlag, and it was his part of getting to know the next generation’s level of Ratzon Lekkabel, to be able to leave us his articles and explanations to inner work in the form of 4voliums of articles and his commentaries for TES- Ore Shalom and Ore Barukh( available on Rav Gottlieb’s website for sale), and in this way he made his correction and did all the possible for the next generation to be able to make theirs.

    But Rabash isn’t responsible for his children’s, Michael Laitman’s and Feiga Ashlag’s activity, because they have to correct their parts of Ratzon Lekkabel, and the quicker they do it the better, but if they don’t, this work will be left to the next generation, meaning their children and the generation in general.Their damage, made to understanding of Kabbalah and the dissiminating the false ways of getting the spiritual correction, will have to be distroyed by the next generation, and the true understanding of kabbalah will spring!, and we can see that “distruction” is also for good, because if we had no ability to destroy and demolish the Tummah= wrong structures, understandings, believes and so on, there would be no place for us to discouver the Kdushah= spiritual, eternal growth.

    Many poeple were attracted to Laitman’s BB and to Feiga Ashlag, and most of them were clever enough to tell genuine Kabbalah from forgery and fake.The amount of poeple which left BB and Feiga Ashlag excels any reasonable statistics!, but Laitman and Feiga Ashlag existence has positive side too, because they are the gate for many people to the world of Kabbalah, but if the person prefers to stay ” innocent sheep” instead of activeting his personal ability, common sense, his mind abilities and learning experience to tell true from false, it is his own personal TRAGEDY, and neither Michael Laitman nor Feiga Ashlag may be blame for their passivity and inability to want independence grantied to us by Creator!

    If somebody makes “stature or picture” of the fact that M. laitman was Rabash’s student and F. Ashlag was his second wife and thinks that this only fact make them corrected, he may sooner or later to find himself in the place of Baal HaSulam’ gradson or Laitman’s daughters, and even worse.

    The same with divourses. We may marry and divourse as many times as we like and we even may look for the “other” part of our soul all our life, but if we think that any marridge will be based on something else but personnal correction, we will always look for somebody to blame! There is a joke about two insane men- one of them got crazy, because he was left by Tzilla on the day of their marriage, and the other was one that married her. So there are a lot of ways to get insane, but only one way to stay alive- the way of Torah and Mitzvot observed in the name of personal correction.

    As for student- teacher, teacher- student relations. A real teacher provokes and activates his students’ development and growth, they say that the teacher is bad, if his students haven’t exceeded him, and such teaching comes from the teacher who theaches his student LeShma.

    The theachers that satisfy their EGO, that supress, repress, restrain, stifle,depress, crush, neutralise and finally castrate their students mentally, emotionally and physiologically-YES!, because the center of pleasure from learning and having sex is the same center in our brain, and if it is always supressed, it influences both spheres of activity. Such kind of a teacher is always the ” only one”, there is nobody who can even be compared to him, in short he is the only one who has passed the Makhsom, and knows what spiritual worlds are. But if somebody wants to be his eunuch, it is his, or her own choice, though in this case it is better to be in the place of Baal haSulam’s grandson, because no matter how low we can fall, the Creator leaves us possibility to rise, but if we consciously agree to be taken away our part of Ratzon Lekkabel=our Yetzer haRar= our engine to progress too, by somebody else and as “Sasha” puts it prefered ” to look more ethical in a normal secular meaning, then average”, and in my words to be humanlike puppets in the hands of a teacher- dictator, nobody, including Laitman, can’t be blame for our impotancy to use the will of freedom, given to us by Creator!

    As you know there is a big difference between undergoing castration and becomimg eunuch of Melekh Ksill, and undergoing circumcision and becoming the co-worker of the Creator. the circumcision is a Mitzvah,while castration is completely prohibited even for the animals!

    When I see Laitman’s “good boys”friends’ meetings, I wonder if there is anybody there, that isn’t”homo”, G-d forgives me such a comparision, because they are so good to each other, and so sweet and loving to each other, and so happy about each other, that it isn’t difficult to make them divoice their wives, and marry each other.

    In short Laitman is Laitman, a piece of Ratzon Lekkabel, that should be corrected, whether he understands it or not, and there is no sense in agueing about it, as there is no sense to blame him for somebody’s passivity and a wish to make an Illil of him.Who ever wants to be his eunuch will be, who ever wants to be homo will be. But who ever wants to correct his or her part of Ratzon Lekkabel will do it with the help of the strong wish to serve the Creator and not somebody’s else ambitions. There is no compulsion in spiritual, and who comes to correct oneself is helped, and who comes for any other purpose is granted his wish too, but you can’t blame the Creator, what form such a wish may take. In short if we want something very much we will be granted it, the question is if we won’t regret it.

    And the one thing we will never regret is if we ask the help of the Creator in personal correction through Torah and Mitzvot and not through endless suffering. We have the life we want,whether we are conscious of it or not, depends on our wish to be active participaters of the process of our own correction.

  15. To “Sasha” and all the others who is interested in


    The methodology of learning Kabbalah is very simple and genius.As we know the order of Killim goes from Ketter to Malkhut, it means that after ” the point in the heart” of a person is awoken by Hittareruta deLeyilla- the wish to understand Who we are, What we are doing in this world, and so on, and after several years spent on finding the answers in all kind of esoteric, Far East, or theosophical organizations, the person is brought to kabbalah and is given the wish to know what kabbalah is. So he buys books such as TES, Zohar and begins to read them, and is stunted by the fact that though he understands each word seperatly, he doesn’t understand anything they mean in the way of Kabbalah books are written.

    And so he begins to look for the place and teachers to help him understand it. And here is Bnei Baruch and Michael laitman’s books for their survice with internet sites and telephone numbers. While real editions of TES, and editions of Zohar with Baal HaSulam’s explanations, and Tree of Life based on the material left by Arizal are not available in each and every, even religious bookshops.

    So we come to laitman’s external groups and are introduced straight to Ptikha leHokhmat haKabbalah and Baal HaSulam’s! “Pri Hakham”, because the words Torah and Mitzvot, which are on every page of Rabash’s articles are nearly and not mentioned in Baal HaSulam’s Pri Hakaham, because to every one of Baal HaSulam’s and Rabash’s students exept “the Rabash’s best one” it was clear that Torah and Mitzvot, including their physical performance, are obligatory and are the part of studing Kabbalah, and it goes without saying that there is no other way to reach any level of spirituality without them. But in BB’s groups nobody says you even a word about it, and nothing makes you suspisious, that Kabbalah may be connected with Torah and Mitzvot, especially if you come from Russia, or you are not jewish at all, or you are from Europe or America, where people make out of orthodox judaism what ever suits them best (I mean conservatives, reformists,and traditionalits ).And the study begins. not by reading authentic Ptikha, but by explanations of the Ptikha by Laitman’s students.

    Most of the students are new- comers and don’t know hebrew well, and they listen to what Laitman’s ” boys” have to say.Even in the center of bnei baruch, the lessons are built on reading “Kitvey Baal HaSulam” and you’ll nearly and never hear Rabash’s articles read and explained in details. Zohar is translated into Hebrew, and Baal HaSulam’s explanations are not read, TES is read and endless graphes are drawn, but they are useless as they are endless.

    So what we have in this METHODOLOGY is the influence on the readers by the most powerful kabbalaistic sources, but on the level of NEFFISHA only. It means that the Light which is bound in the texts of TES, Zohar, and Pri Hakham is poured on the readers and awakes Kli Ketter in them, but as we know the correletion is opposite between kellim and Orot. So by influencing Kli deKetter with most powerful means, we get the following RESULT: Kli de Ketter gets ore Neffesh, but it knows that it isn’t the Light which should feel It, Ore Neffesh belongs to Kli Malkhut, but it enters kli Malkhut, only when Ore Yekhidda enters kli Ketter.

    Now the arousel of Kli Ketter is so strong, that it is difficult for a person to deal with it, that is why it is written in Song of Solomon( shir hashirrim)”I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love till he please.” Because it is the level of arousal we are not used to.

    This arousal is given to the person to use it for building next Kli- Kli Hokhma and most of us vigorously start learning Hebrew and reading authentic books. We get the Idea, but we don’t know how it works, and how on earth these Kabbalaists write about it, when we even don’t understand what it is all about, but here comes “SUPRISE !”- you can’t move forward, because spiritual is discloused only according to the equility of qualities, and they come to us through performing and observing Mitzvot LeShma- in the name of the correction of ourselves only.

    I want to tell here, that though Feiga Ashlag lost her way since 2005, but before that she explained to each and every of her students whether jewish, or catholics, or what so ever, that without performing and observing Mitzvot by all the orthodox hallakhot, one has nothing to do in Kabbalah. That is why, while M.Laitman had thousands of students already at that time, Feiga Ashlag, which knew and knows Kabbalah much better then he ever did, had hardly 40-50 of the students. but we are not discussing here what went wrong with F.Ashlag and how she came to the “dust and dunghill” from the highest position of being Rabash’s wife( psalm 113-He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill: that he may set him with princes…) And whose who accepted the obligation of Mitzvot passed the most big-iron MAKHSOM.And Ma’asser Mirkavah is launched within them And one have take on himself all the Torah and Mitzvot at once, as Rabash explains in his article( vol.B, art.28, of course rav Gottlieb’s edition), because things begin to happen very quickly” I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled; for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night” and there is no time for “I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on? I have washed mt feet; how shall I defile them?” otherwise when”…I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone: my soul failed…”

    In short when the Kli Ketter is awoken you have to have superreactions, because the process of activation is so sudden and discouraging that you have to go Emmuna mia’al haDaat, not to go astrey. And here COMES LAITMAN with his methodology: Let’s keep people on this steam barrel, on the hand to stimulate them with most powerful Kabbalaistic texts, on the other hand instead of letting them build next spiritual Kli, we’ll say that there is Makhsom between them, and it is true, and instead of risking loosing those who won’t want to take on themselves Torah and Mitzvot LeShma(remember F.Ashlag’s results?) He accumulates the energy of the people and direct it to dissiminating his books, making congresses of kabbalah where there is nobody but him is presented as Mekkubal of Israel!,writting his books, newspapers, producing his channel and so on, for people to be busy,and feel that the most inportant ” event of the century” is on.

    What Rabash actually saw in laitman was his ability to manipulate people and that is why he told him to dissiminate Kabbalah, but he NEVER told him to TEACH it, because laitman doesn’t know anything, exept some Kabbalaistic formulas, which he repeats all the time, and when asked to explain them gives the oddest answers, which are called then “pearls” by his “boy”, and bring a lot of dissapoinment to those who still honestly try to understand anything, and a lot of fun to those who escaped his trap with the G-d’s help.

    So LAITMAN’S METHODOLOGY works this simple way, because Tummah is also simple and genius, because is made by Creator too:

    1. You attract people by something supernatural= and Kabbalah is the work in bestowing others , which is very supernatural for our natural first kli= our nature to wish to get to ourselves.

    2.You activate people by something very strong( all kind of Gurru and false Prophits and so on, use this principal- nothing is knew under the sun)

    3.You put these people into trance, in laitman’s case -alcohole and russian girls brought to Bnei Baruch to be inseminated by laitman’s “boy” for the following dissimination of his kabbalah books and external quantity groups.

    4. you build these people a whole new imagenary world, where they have their newspaper, TV channel, and can be operators, screen-play writters, translaters, what ever they want to be, and can’t be in reality of the Creator built for us to hold our correction in, so their EGO feels good, and protected, and garanties you they stay with you as long as you need them.

    5.You don’t pay them anything, on the contrary, the genius of Tummah is that they pay you money that they earn in the world you tell them doesn’t exist, and you call it by most noble word ma’asser which asosiated in our Archymemory with the TEMPLE!

    6. if somebody has resistence to hypnosis, you just call them the “eneimes” of Kaabalah dissimination, and you get rid of them any possible way, including collective psycosis of the BB memders,and collective ban on being in touch with the enemies of organization.

    7. then you depersonalize all the rest, by constantly humilating them or bestowing some of them without any reason, and rule the way you want.

    8.The tragidy of laitman is that he himself doesn’t understand that he is in its turn the puppet in the Hands of the Creator. But he could connect his efforts with the abilities of others, because the days of single person’s discoveries are over both in spiritual and material worlds long ago,today is the ERA of COnnection and COoperation and COrespect and so on,we are not Abrahams, Moshes,Baal HaSulams, we are small pieces of ability to overcome, and only by uniting together we may overcome the strenght og our nature and enter spiritual= above the nature, not as seperate supermen or superwomen, but as supercreation which is worth Its Creator!
    But to do this one should have COURAGE and extrim boldness to say to his EGO, that I’m good, but only at dissimination, but the problem is that I have nothing to teach, because I don’t know anything. but there are OTHERS! that have a lot of Wisdom, but they are not so good at dissinimation, but in this way, I’ll be only a part, a screw in this breathtaking ascend, but if you have a screw loose somewhere,and this lost screw is you and this empty place think of itself the only creation, you can’t understand such simple and grnius things, as the need of KNESSET ISRAEL, and not one leader , because 72 Sages can’t make a mistake, while one person’s mistake is preditermined in our generation.

    When Moshe was told by Creator that He wants to distroy all the Israelites in desert, and build a new nation from Moshe, Moshe prayed for Him not to do it, because it would doubt Creator’s ability to make what ever He wants with what ever He wants, in the eyes of the rest of Go’im(peoples).

    laitman tries to make a new nation called Bnei Baruch which turns to be Bnei Eunuch( Melekh Ksill histarres veloh Yavvi Pri!). We have Purrim only one day meantime and we have Mitzva to drink on that day till we can’t tell Baruch(blessed) from Harrur( cursed), but there is no Mitzva not to tell Baruch from Eunuch. When potency is lost in spiritual, and alcohol and sexual arousal is used in matireal for the wrong purposes, it terns into impotncy anyway, especially when it comes to use it against Israel( as in case with Billam). May be the audience of Rav Gottlieb, rav Uri Zohar, Rav Zamir Kohen, Rav Fanger, Rav Kavas and many other Israeli Ravs isn’t so trimmed like laitman’s “boy” , but THEY ARE ISRAEL! and G-d fobbid anybody to even think to exchange them for anybody else!!! Rasha(wicked) makes ready, Tzadik will wear. and Who is Tzadik- KADOSH Barrush Huh, Torah and people of ISRAEL is the ONE!

    We have to remember that when Lenin said,that religion was the opium for people , he ment blind belief. Judaism teaches us Emmunah mia’al HaDaat( to start with the belief and then get to,know), which is the opposite of Blind belief of any kind.

    kabbalah is the LEGECY of ISRAELI PEOPLE, who ever wants is welcome to join us, but there are the Creatoe’s Laws to be learned and observed first , because nothing genuine comes without efforts.

  16. prema says:

    i am not sure if you are a rabbi a student or someone like myself who is on this site for answers.

    i am apalled at the derogortory statement you made about homosexuals!!!!!! how can you speak so unloving about a group of people? what happened to love they neighbor as thyself? wow this has shocked me . i dont understand.

  17. Felix says:

    “i am apalled at the derogortory statement you made about homosexuals!!!!!!”


    Kabbalists teach us that spiritual laws are constant and not subject to change. Just because the society we live in endorses many deviations from the norm doesn’t mean that that’s the right thing to do. Our Creator gave us rules to which we have to adhere. Homosexuality is against these rules. While you might not see anything wrong with this, the spiritual harm those people do [not only to themselves but to all of us] is beyond description.

  18. prema says:

    it is the intention behind your statement. again love thy neighbor as thyself. that is the bottom line for all of humanity . your statement are coming from a place of being condescending and hateful.

    this attitude is the same as the christian funtamentalists who preach love but come from a place of predjudice and hatred . the jews ,for some are perceived as a group of who should be annililated and hated for who they are. it is how it is perceived whether the perceiver is coming from a place of pure giving or tainted because the whole picture is not revealed to the perceiver. when we reach correction this will be illiminated the whole picture will be observed from a place of pure love and bestowing. my prayer is that our souls become one again {corrected} so hate and unloving thoughts will be illiminated when the veil is lifted.
    peace and love

  19. To Prema, first of all ” love thy neighbour as thyself” is the bottom line of CORRECTED humanity. before it happens we have to learn to perform all the previous Mitzvot,and get corrected, for the Creator to show me the meaning of real love, BaalHaSulam says that when I say “I love Fish” it means that I love to eat it, and I don’t care if it wants to be eaten or not. I would love the person, who has homosexual inclanations and does all to overcome its spreding in him.If I have a negative side, and everybody,who came to this world has there portion of negativity to correct, I pray and do all that our Sages teach us to do to overcome my negative side not to damige this world.If you spend some time on studing the problem of homosexuality, you will see that with all complexity of the problem, there are the ways to overcome it, there are people who PRAYED for FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! years, and overcame it. You also should know that everything come from the Creator, including homosexuality, creminal, pedaphilic and the rest of inclanations, and the Creator never gives us anything what we are unable to correct. we may not speak about LOVE, because we have no Idea what the true Love is. Our Sages say that we have to learn each and every situation and know to react on them the way the Creator wants me to react and not the way I would like to.And as some people have to correct their Gvurra, no less of people have to correct their Hessed, in short they say ,that one Who was merciful, where he had to be unmerciful, at the end will be unmerciful where he really must be merciful.
    I spoke about spiritual homosexuality and conscious castration( not the one that was done to a person against his will) which is even more devastating, then their matirial forms, and somebody has to speak about it and remind the people about it, Because it is Mitzva, and whether you or somebody else like it or not, doesn’t matter, because the road to hell is decorated with our good intentions, meaning that we wanted to be so good, but didn’t care to study what is GOOD and what is EVIL.

    This website is the site for people, that before they speak, they learn the discussed problem, and not for anybody who wants to tell his thoughts about discussed problems , we have our Sages Wisdom to learn what is good,and what is bad. As for the christians who hate the jews, We strongly believe,that it is the Creator that makes them feel what they feel, as for the jews, they should know that till they want to be so nice to everybody,and to be like everybody,and make themselves as if they just came to this world to live the life they want including homosexuality, they make the biggest mistake of there life, and even if all the christians would make themselves love jews, the Creator has a lot of other meanes to make us remember, who we are and what we are supposed to do in this world.So I see there hate to us as the Creator’s hand making me to perform, what I have to perform and not what somebody would aprove or disaprove.
    All the rest of the poeple have 7 Mitzvot, we have 620 of them and the prohibition of homosexuality and castration are the Mitzvot of Torah.
    I hope by now you learned that Torah speaks about spiritual laws, which have their matirial roots in this world, and each and every word in Torah is the spiritual Kli, by understanding which you may perform the way Creator wants you to behave and not the way you think is right to behave. I think that it is very loving to tell a person that he is seak and needs medical help though it isn’t so easy to bring the person unpleasant news,and speak about it NOW, when he can be helped, then to know how dangerously the person is sick, but prefer to behave as if nothing happens. what is love for one is the hate for the other, and instead of agueing and blaming each other we should do what the Creator expect from us. And as a loving Father he wants us to grow and develop all the potential He gave to us as a creadit,and not to repeat the phrases, the meaning of which we don’t no exactly.

    As for being one soul again, it isn’t true at all, we all be different individual souls, BUT we will be AS ONE because each of as will be corrected, and Hishtavut HaTzurra makes the spirituals AS ONE. All the spiritual development began from the state HE and HIS NAME are ONE, and the result of this development will be HE is ONE and HIS NAME is ONE. So the bottom line question is if will get these forms through observing Torah and Mitzvot, or through the bitter suffering, and the choice MEANTIME is given to us. Wish you all the best.And again if you want to understand what authentic Kabbalah is learn Hebrew and read original texts for youself, may be you just imagening what Kabbalah is instead of learning what it is really.

  20. Felix says:

    to Prema:

    We’re commanded to love – of course. That being said when it comes to criminals there is justice that must be done. You wouldn’t want a killer walking freely near youe kids and loved ones – would you? The only difference between someone who kills is that you can clearly see the results of his acts, while someone who sins isn’t apparent to you.

    That being said, the damage that this person made is real and just because you’re incapable of seeing it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist just .

    Kabbalists teach us that with each sin a person creates angels of destruction. The graver the sin, the stronger the angel. Then this angel is sent on a mission – be it an accident or sickness or tsunami. Homosexuality is one of the gravest sins a man can commit and just because our society endorses it doesn’t mean that the same happens in spiritual worlds. Remember the story of Amora – it wasn’t just a small town – it was a region / state. It was compleatly wiped out because of homosexuality.

  21. SearchNoDestroy says:

    To Felix

    Yes, I do agree about Your lines about being hmsxl. And when I am saying that I have a strong background not to be acused as being hmsxlfobical.
    But, my question is very simple and same as one I put in BB forum years ago and get “funny” answer – one day You will understand it.
    Well, how can one know do he really wants to follow something before he knows results :)
    My question is simply,
    if we condemn something than we must give also ans solution for overcoming it, in contraru we becoming no better than .
    Actually I didnt hear from any of religion solution for overcoming such a sin as thay all clamed hmsxl is.
    What is Kabbala solution, method, medicine…or whatever ?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, it isnt my domestic language

  22. About “funny” answers of “Bnei Baruch”, and the first of all, their leader in making fun of himself and others- M. Laitman, you were lucky you’ve got a kind of answer, usually if they don’t like the question they or delete it, and they do it very often, or they leave it unanswered.
    The answers in kabbalah come with your progress In inner work, and the inner work is the work with your portion of Bkhina D.
    So if you want to help yourself with whatever problems you have: and homosexuality isn’t something better or worse than all the rest, I mean – Lesbian, bestiality, incest, all kind of psychiatric problems, such as pshyconeurosis, psychopathy, obsessive- compulsive, bulimic, anurecsia, schizotypal and its malignant form- schizophrenia to mention just a few out of many our problems, we have to understand that we HAVE A PROBLEM.
    You can’t help anybody if they don’t see their negative sides as their problems, and the Creator has His ways for keeping them in their states.
    Kabbalah begins when the person was awoken and shown his negative side as a problem, which should be resolved. If a person comes to Kabbalah because he understands that he has a problem, then he will succeed in its management.
    Now you may see the results only after you’ve taken the medicine. We know from others that aspirin lowers the temperature, but there is other drugs that low the temperature too.
    Anyway you have to believe not only in Kabbalah, but in everything you take as granted, actually nobody can assure you of the result for 100%. Now why it is so difficult to believe in what Kabbalah teaches you, and so easy to believe in antibiotics?
    Because all the rest medicine don’t cure the disease, but just its symptoms. Kabbalah takes care of the disease itself and that is why it is rejected by our inner unwillingness to be cured, because we don’t remember what it means to be healthy.
    I know what it is to be ill, and I just don’t want to die. But I don’t know what it is being healthy and it threatens me like death itself.
    Now right to kabbalistic medicine and the recipe is very exact and should be followed as prescribed. Nobody would argue that any person is a black box, and not only to others,but for himself as well. So there are two choices: 1. To stay in this condition and to help that no devils would jump out of it, or, 2. To try to understand what kabbalists explain about this black box.
    If you have chosen the first way, we will see you later, because sooner or later you will come back.because there is no other way out, but meantime you think there is. But if you are ready to HEAR what kabbalists say than I’ll try to tell it in the simplest way possible.
    They say that we have soul and it is connected to our psyche and body through, let say so, strings.
    We don’t see them but we have keys and “music” notes, and by playing these kind of music on keys , the hammers which are connected to keys will beat and strengthen the necessary strings in my soul.
    So what we have here is a possibility to turn our black box into the piano. And it is called TZIMTZUM B, because to play piano you don’t need to have an ear for music like in case with violin (playing which is TZIMTZUM A).
    So let’s say so, I don’t know which strings in my soul need correction, but I know from kabbalists that each of us need to correct something. Now piano is an instrument=RATZON LEKABEL. Which is neither good nor bad, helpful or destructive. If I don’t learn playing it, and don’t develop my ear for music, I’ll make a lot of noise by touching the keys and in this way people will turn away, or run away from me, and I’ll end alone blaming the Creator, of what kind of life= piano he invented and gave it to ME!
    Now, if I start learning the way Kabbalaists teach us, and it is already clear for you that playing piano consists of two parts:technic which is acquired by making musical exercises in our case- PHYSICAL observance of Mitzvot according to hallakhot, and performing itself which is Kavvanah or intention in our case. We get the following picture: by physical and constant performing of Mitzvot, praying three times a day, and one more before we go to sleep, by learning Torah in a way of FREEDOM UNIVERSITY, when you choose what and where to learn, but you have to learn constantly, as much as possible, in groups, alone. everywhere, all the time.

    You play the same music day by day, PHYSICALLY touching the keys, which move the hammers, which beat the strings, and strengthen the necessary ones, and those that are very strong in you, but are not any more in use will become weaker and weaker.
    If you take all these complex on yourself in a year you will learn to pray, to perform all the necessary mitzvoth and read all most necessary kabbalistic text in Hebrew and you will feel first results, in a year people will start telling you that you are different than you were. In three years you will be praying in Minyan (it means that your first Shakharit- morning prayer, may take you up to four hours, while Minyan manages it in 45-60 minutes). You will read most of TES TaNaKh , Talmud, Zohar, and the people around you will tell that you have changed and changed for the best. In seven years you will build your FREEDOM UNIVERSITY the way it most suits your soul. In ten years you will be the master of your life no genetic or acquired negative strings will be heard in you, and you will start to compose your music on the basis of the acquired technique.
    But remember, all the time you perform Miztvot physically this recipe works. The moment you stop any of these exercises you will very soon find yourself in the worst reality you ever dreamt about.
    And that is why our ego is ready to take antibiotics and all the rest of pills, which don’t help, but neither involve and touch my ego, then to take on itself the necessity to live according spiritual laws, which is the basis for the real freedom, because I’m free when I’m free first of all from the influence of my ego.
    To be in “form” I have to make physical exercises all the time, be it physical form, musical technique, art, spirituality. Without physical exercises there are only “Bnei Baruch’s” answers- “you will see, “open the door” “pay masser” which is Christian mid evil practice of indulgations, and so on.
    Practical ly they can’t give you anything: “nothing to teach, nothing to help with”
    As I said already Feiga Ashlag was saying to her students that the way to correction is through Torah and physical performancies of mitzvoth. She was taking her students in to Baruch Ashlag’s study room and make them pray (for many of them it was the first time of their life). The problem with Feiga Ashlag is that she doesn’t believe in FREEDOM UNIVERSITY and looks for “RAV” while living in Baruch Ashalg house, and learning by her notes ,which she has after studing with Rabash himself!
    So we have to remem, and not all the time to play somebody’s music, but to be able to play our own tune, melody, a song and maybe even more…
    The black box maybe turned into piano and the piano into devine music of our soul. No matter what the natural context it had, because piano isn’t a street- organ, and we are free to change its melodies.

  23. Felix says:

    To SearchAndDestory:

    First of all I want to emphasize that your question is absolutely normal – we live in society were many things became acceptable and slowly became a norm, which clouds our judgement. That being said I want to stress one more time that spiritual laws are constant and not subject to change, thus even though our society became corrupt in various aspects, it didn’t make prohibited things acceptable just because our generation “advanced” in this path. What I’m writing here is not my opinion – I’m merely citing the known spiritual laws.

    As Yehudith pointed out, our sages teach us that Creator gives a certain test only to a person that can overcome it. Let’s take the story with Abraham and Itzhak. Why did Creator ask to bring Itzhak as offering – didn’t He know that Abraham would accept the mission? Of course He did – but until the actual action by Abraham, his ability to raise to such elevated level was only in potential – with his action he transformed himself from potential to actual. BTW Itzhack is Gevura (Judgement) and Abraham is Chasadim (Mercy) – Kabbalists teach us that we recite this portion before morning prayers to bind forces of Judgment and let forces of Mercy to prevail. But back to our topic…

    Homosexuality is just another kind of challenge that Creator gives us so we could overcome our natural desires and convert from vessel that only wants to receive to vessel that wants to bestow. Heterosexual people facing similar challenges – be it to desire other women to spilling semen in vain – none of these are any better than homosexuality from the spiritual perspective – the only difference is that our society already accepted masturbation as norm, while homosexuality is on its way.

    Thus just like any chalenge we have only one way to get help – and this is what Baruch Ashlag recorded in Shamati in the “Ein od Milvado” section. When a person falls so low there is only one thing he can do – cry to his Creator. This is exactly what is wanted from us – to realize that even with everything we achieved, the great careers we have, the technology we control, the big houses we posses, we are powerless when it comes to basic things.

    And that’s the method – as simple as it may seem – to cry out and to ask Creator to change ourselves. There is nothing He can’t do – everything is in His power – He wants His Creations to realize this and reach to Him. The force of prayer is what brings Light from upper worlds down and eradicates the Klipot.

  24. prema says:

    where in the zohar is anything stated about homosexuality?

    in 1993 the royal college said american psychiatric assoc. had concluded there was no scientific evidence that homosexuality was a disorder and removed in from the glossary of mental disorder.

    is the 10% masser a bb teaching or is it from the zohar. according to bb it is a requirement to spirituality but does not have to be to bb.

    i feel i need to clarify many teaching of bb as to whether they are bb teachings or zohar teachings.

    can female rabbis teach kabbalah?

    can women study in the same classroom and the men?

  25. To Prema,

    The Zohar states that the spilling of semen in vain is even worse than murder, for a murderer kills another person, but this person kills his own children and spills much blood( Zohar, Bereshit, 219b)

    Royal college may be good for everybody except Kabbalaists, becuase our “Royal college” is TORAH and ITS conclusion is prohibition of homosexuality.

    From Laitman’s blog. Q.:Whose money supports the existence of the Internetional Kabbalah Academy? A.: It ‘s supported only by the maaser contributed by the students….But as long as there is no Temple, we give it to the dissemination of the method of correction around the world….( you may continiue reading all the rest on his blog)

    There is no female rabbis in orthodox jewdaism.

    Women and men may not study together.

    I wish you all the best on the way of clarifing your understanding of Kabbalah.

  26. prema says:

    is the phrase THE POINT IN THE HEART only from bb or is it in the zohar.

    i am trying to differentiate between what is only bb teaching and the true zohar teaching

    thanks again
    your time is much appreciated.
    as you can tell i am a true seeker


  27. prema says:

    bb teachs that we cannot due ANYTHING in the corporeal world to get to the spiritual worlds. anything that is done for the poor helping people good deeds etc will not get us to spirituality

    again i ask is this the authentic teaching or just bb teaching

  28. To Prema, it is the wrong way to study anything, and espescially Kabbalah by looking for wrongs with somebody’s teaching. I already made it clear to you several times, that nothing can be studed from Laitman, and I prefer not to hear this name from you anymore. Because if you still haven’t understood that EVERYTHING is wrong with BB, I can’t help you with it.You may loose your time on finding what is written in Zohar and what isn’t out of what you’ve heard fromBB, instead of following the explanations I gave on this site, but I’ll repeat it once again for you, that if you are really “a true seeker” as you prefer to call yourself you would already listened to the lectures in English of the Rabbis I mentioned-Zamir Cohen and Itzhak Fanger through the google system, and would for yourself know to tell what is true and what is wrong.BUT as I told several times before, you may not study from lectures, becuase you have to have basic knowledge in kabbalah. And it can be aquired only through studing : first all the Introductions to Kabbalah and Ptikha leHokhmat HaKabbalah by RAV GOTTLIEB and ONLY his edition, because they have Ohr Shalom and Ohr Barrukh explanations, and you have to listen to rav Gottlieb’s explanation online, but it is impossible without Hebrew!. So while you are learning Hebrew study what is available in English: TaNaKh, but not in christian version, becuase it can’t be relied upon as well as translations of BB which makes alterations whereever they like.

    You may find Shulkhan Harrukh- hallakot of jewish people to be observed in everyday life. There is Adin Steinzaltz translation of Talmud Bavvely and Yerushalmi and general information about Judaism on the internet.

    For the general understanding you may listen to Z.Cohen, and I. Fanger lectures in English, so by the time you learn Hebrew, you will have general Idea of what Kabbalah is about, and then you will be able to study the main textbooks online with Rav Gotlieb, if you want another way of starting studing authentic kabbalah you are welcome to look for those ways, but do your self a favour, remember, that you may speak about studing Zohar, only after you study what I mentioned, plus Talmud Essr HaSfirrot , and you have to find your non-jewish way of correction, but remember, correction is spirituality only if your make your efforts to get connection with the Creator’s Will, and not for any othe reasons such as respect of the community, or getting wellbeing for your efforts. So you have to find activities which are not connected very much with the social involment: studing in you free time, supporting any place with amount of money, but for the place to have no idea whom this money comes from, helping people to know what is right and what is wrong in spirituality, but through the internet, where nobody knows you, or even your original name, and so on.

    Take the prossess in your hands, believe in G-d, and pray, and speak to Him all the time, and ask Him what you are supposed to do and what way to go. Remember that if you ask people, this will be people who answer you, and all the people have there level of incorrectness, now if you ask the Creator, you will get geniun answers, and then when you listen to Rabbis you will see that they speak and explain exactly the thing you were given by the Creator to understand, may be the Rabbis will tell it in more full way and more intersting way, but your soul will get the joy of being told what it believes, because it was taught this wisdom in the very uniquer way by the Creator Himself.Your trying to find somebody to answer your questions show the lack of real belief in G-d, becuase there is nobody, but Him in all the world, and nothing is done without His permision. There is a lot of jewish orriginal sites in internet, with lots of Rabbis’ explanations, but somehow you are still messing with laitman, becuase he promises you free cheese, and you find it difficult to part with this Idea.The geniune knowledge comes with geniune effort, and not through asking one and the same question in different forms.

    I don’t mean to lecture you, but if you ask somebody for advice, get it from the first time and don’t try to ask several times in hope to get the answer that suites your ratzon LeKabbal, you have to understand that your interst to Zohar in egoistic in its origin, and it can’t be satisfied in this way. start correcting yourself, by the pure thought what can you do for israel, for your people to get out of Klippot which is both Christianity and musulman’s beliefs, and make them understand that the Creator is One, and there is only one plan of creation which is Torah HaKduusha,whether anybody likes it or not.

    Studing Torah (original one, ofcourse) with the Kavvanah to get help in the process of correction, gives you Avi’ut Shoresh, and it is of greatest importance, becuase you get the feeling what real spirituality is, and then you may decide ,if that is what you are looking for, but even this knowledge should be earned, by geniune effort on you part.

    Wish you all the best, and be bold to connect the Creator, through your earnest belief.

  29. PREMA says:

    i will take your advice and i thank you very much for the thoughtful time you have spent with me, and pointing me in the direction of authentic kabbalah.

    peace and love to you

  30. TuBi Av Same’akh to all of us, Let us know and understand the Love of the Creator and to be loving the way He is, let all the differences between us be overcome, because the Creator Loves His children Loving each other.Let us be thankful for all we are given.

    Thank you to all who takes part on this site and especsially to Felix for conducting discussions and providing new material for thoughts.

    Again, Happy day of Creator’s Love to His Creation, may we live in peace and love and see the Third Temple built, and the days of mutual Love and understanding come and bestow us, and our children ,all the Israel and all the Creation.

    with best regards and love to you and your families, children and parents, Yehudith.

  31. The systems of Tumma(BB) and Kdusha( Kabbalah based on performing Mitzvot) are based on one and the same matter( the same books, the same terminology, the same purposes), the only difference is that in Kdushah system this “matter”=terminology, notions, the way of reaching purposes is systemaized and percieved by each paticipent according to his level, but as baal HaSulam says there is no doubt for each participent what we talk about and that we ARE in “London”( and not another place).Because all the particepents learn the laws and learn to use these laws to get to “London” whether they are “big” or “little”ones.

    In Tumma system all these laws and notions are mixed up according to the state of the ego of the participent,and understending of his mind, and each of them look for Makhsom in the suitable for him/her place and nobody knows what they are looking for.

    So out of dispear of the uselessly speant time they try to make connection out of the incorrected broken pieces of hope, and to Love their “Rav” and their “Congresses” because they put so much Ego into them ( Korakh and his party)that if they withdrew themselves now, they would be in the position of neccesity to recognize the leading role of Moshe and Aharon, and after such a great ego expantion to leave the ego without nothing?, and so they prefer to be swallowed by Aretzt(egoistic wish) instead of Levatel(cansel) it and to get to Eretz Israel( spiritual worlds).

    The systems are very alike, and here is the problem of those who think that Kdusha and Tumma look different, speak different, behave different- NO, this is the trick!, that they are so alike that only the one who tried both may tell the difference and to become inderpendent from “experts” oppinion, and make his/her choice by overcoming his/her ego for the first time in there life and doing something what Sages tuaght and not what suits their ego- to do what they think is right to do.

    and remember, that many broken pieces together is called gabbige. So why to look for a piece of bread at such a Tumma place, to pay money and time, while there are so many clean places to get repaerment and to eat bread with butter and even honey!

  32. anmc says:

    Related to the BB method, a comment ringed a bell:

    “Now the arousel of Kli Ketter is so strong, that it is difficult for a person to deal (…).”

    Even though it’s hard to admit, I think I understand what you are speaking of. Probably that’s why I’ve googled “bnei baruch kusher?” in the first place, eventually landing here.

    But how can I escape the “whirlwind”. Right now, I am facing a point of no return. I cannot go back, it’s obvious why, but I cannot continue in stillness, by going nowhere.

    The problem is getting even more complicated, as I am non-Jewish and I don’t have anywhere to go to.

    I know remember one of article of Rabash where he speaks about building the right foundation first … well to be sincere, I believe I’ve kinda messed up this step. Any suggestions or advice are kindly welcome ?

  33. To anmc, Hello. I hope you’ve read some other articles publish on this site, and I think that it is clear to you, that Kabbalah is the most wondeful teaching ever got by humanity, but its realization demands a person to be an observing jew.

    Non-jewish nations have there 7 Mitzvot, and you have to learn them and implement them, but of course if you want to get to the position, when you have all NaRaNHa’Y of your soul which is the level of Ketter of the lights on the level of a soul, you have to add to 7 Mitzvot of Bnei Noah 606 more Mitzvot from Tora and 7 more of Jewish Sages and you will have total 620 Mitzvot for a jew, which is jewish letters expressed as TaRaH Mitzvot( Tav+400, Reish+200 Haf=20 togethre it is 620) Now these letters are the same letters of the word Ketter only in a different order(Haf=20, Tav=400, Reish=200).And it is the condition which may be not discussed or chanched, you want Ketter you work for it and work very hard, in all 620 Mitzvot!

    There is the only way to get it both for jew and non-jew.
    1.the jew has to observe Torah and Mitzvot with the intention LeShma= for the sake of a personal correction

    2.Non-jew should convert into judaism, but by the rules of ORTHODOX! judaism( there are all other kinds of reformist trends, which are no good for jews or non-jews at the same level.), and then he/she may learn amd implement the way of personal inlightment=Kabbalah.
    There are a lot of places in Israel where they teach Kabbalah.

    The Lurianic Kabbalah-Ari HaKadosh, Baal HaSulam and Rabash’s line is taught also by several places, but the most reliable is Rav Gottlieb’s Beit HaMidrash.

    You need to be connected with the special level of souls, which are the sourse of jewish souls for you to be able to study, understand and implement Kabbalah.

    All you know or hear up to now is ABOUT Kabbalah, but not Kabbalah itself.

    The fact that BB read and translate Baal Hasulam’s work doesn’t mean that they understand anything of what is written there or know how to use it.

    They’ve just learned terminology and repeat it without any use for themselves or others.
    M.Laitman’s endless drawings for the Talmud Esser HaSeffirot didn’t help any of his students to understand anything, they ask him all the time all the same questions,for which he has no answers, because he betraid his Teacher and jewish people in general by not observing Mitzvot and having no knowledge in Torah and Talmud, and all the resourses of spiritual knoweldge are closed for him and for his students till they do real Tshuvva, and correct the damidge they made to themselves and others.

    They just translated Zohar, and read it and reread it, but don’t understand anything, because it gets sealed for any person who isn’t orthodox observing jew, and it isn’t given for discution, because only the person who takes on himself observing the Torah and Mitzvot begins to understand how it works, and that there isn’t any Kabbalah without performing Mitzvot.

    Pray a lot and ask the Creator to show you the way to join jewish peopel and their noble work in this world, and if given a chance don’t miss it, because it won’t be given lots of times.

    But first you should decide if you want to join jewish people or not, and then to look for the ways to do it and pray.

  34. Felix says:

    To add to what Yehudith said – there are no free lunches in this world. You won’t get far by watching Laitman on TV a few times a week and distributing his useless newspapers around the neighborhood. If you indeed want to attain what is being described by RABASH, Sulam and ARIZAL you’ll have to work hard – and that’s what BB isn’t telling you. If they did no one would have left there. I knew Laitman in 1990 – he was very different then, but it became clear to him that he won’t be able to attract followers thus he changed the authentic Kabbalistic teachings to suit his needs. People get attracted to his promises to study for three years and then hover in spiritual worlds, but as I mentioned earlier – there are no free lunches in this world, everything needs to be earned.

  35. Bnei Baruch have a new policy, M.Laitman teaches them to pull the people into their organization under the title of “Arvut”( responsibility for each other), he sais to them not to tell that they reprsent BB and kabbalah,and that the topic “Arvut” has nothing to do with kabbalah, because he admitted that people don’t want to hear anymore about Kabbalah, needless to say that it is because of their purposeless activity, and damiging for the undestanding of the people the real essence of kabbalah.

    Anyway he understood, that the moment people hear kabbalah, they are reminded of the sad stories of one of their friends, or members of the family, who was unlucky enough to come to Kabblah and meet M.Laitman and BB, and to be afraid to think that these people have nothing to do with Kabbalah, and are able to use the names of Baal HaSulam, Rav Kuuk, Ar’i haKaddosh, Shimpn bar Yoknai and other Ravs for their mercantile purposes, and to be so cinical as to say that kabbalah has nothing to do with Judaism.

    Another Innovation of BB is that they read Baruch Ashlag’s articles, but then they listen to the “speach” of Laitman, which is about what he would wanted to be written in Baruch Ashlag’s articles, and nobody even try any more to say or ask anything about the article, all the guestions are about the speach of the Laitman.

    Needless to say that such “deep” study of the authentic books of Kabbalaists, made Laitman to teach them to pretend, that “Arvut” has nothing to do with kabbalah, and laitman’s instruction to the people who deseminate it is to tell the people that they personnaly also have nothing to do with kabbalah or BB organization, that they are paied money, for distributing the matiriel, anf if somebody is intrested, he should call the phone on the booklet.

    But it isn’t the end, when you call the tel. number, and try to ask any questions, such as who is the people that teach their, and who gave laitman the title of rav, they don’t tell you anything, except, that if you want to know anything you have to come and to register for the lessons, and if you try to find out anyway who they are, they tell you that you are confuised and you don’t know what you want, and you need your thoughts to be organized, and it is especially good for you to come and to study for a while.

    So be careful, the trap is getting bigger, and hidden under a “more natural” desire of a people to find a safer place, and to unite for the better world.

    Most of the people who falls into the BB “hands” are people with some social, psycological, or emotional problems. most of them are lonely, and unhappy people, and their level of agression is very high, if they join BB and take part in the activity of this organization, they may be very dangerious, in the point of supression of others, because it is Laitman’s policy to suprress critical thinking of the students, and then to make them do what he wishes.

    Please take care of your families and children, for them not to look for love and emotional stability in the places such as BB and not to fall into the manipulations of the laitman like “kabbalaists”.

  36. Very exact explaination is given in the course of Rav Shimon Leiberman “What is Kabbalah”, so if one is really intrested who is Kabblaist and who is not, one may read at least the first two chapters of the course and we are nearly and sure there will be no questions about the place or person to study kabbalah with.

    the course “What is Kabbalah” by Shimon Leiberman is avalible on free of charge amd may be sent all-24 charpters to your e/gmail.

  37. yehudith says:

    What is the Right Way to Make a Cake?

    Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is often sought out for his views on numerous subjects and we [at Parabola] found ourselves wondering what he’d have to say on each of our themes. Generous and gracious, he clears time from his demanding schedule not to answer but to challenge and to question editors and readers alike.

    Having an attachment to material reality is to me a very high achievement. You see, dealing with spiritual things, I am in danger of fooling myself. It’s a big danger and it is very common. There is something one of our sages said: “Who can you fool? God can’t be fooled. Other people don’t allow themselves to be fooled. So the only person you can fool is yourself. But it is not a great achievement to fool a fool.” I may think that I am in a spiritual realm, and I may be, or I may not be. But it’s a very easy place in which to fool myself.

    One of the big dangers to pilots is that they can’t really sense direction. They can’t sense whether they are upside down or right-side up. They don’t really know what is heaven and what is the sea. And it’s a real danger. One of the Kennedys was killed just in that way. He thought that he was rising, and in fact, he was just dumping himself into the sea. He just didn’t know. In spirituality it is even easier to do the same thing. You think that you are soaring, and in fact you are going to drown yourself very deeply. Faster and faster. You do all the maneuvers, and everything shows that you are doing the right thing, except that you go very deeply into the sea.

    Combining the spiritual and the material is an important achievement. And it’s not that easy. This attachment to all the senses is one of the things that I feel is lacking with many people who have tendencies toward spirituality. And this tendency for spirituality makes them apt to wander in a limitless and possibly directionless void.

    So, the ability to stay attached is important. There are spiritual people to whom you can’t talk at all. Let’s say I am meeting a spiritual person, and I ask him, what was the taste of your last meal? What was the taste of watermelon? I know it’s not spiritual, not at all, but it’s a different way of being connected to an important mode of existence. Our mystical literature says that a spirit is evolved from spiritual entities. So there are spiritual entities, higher and higher and higher, up to the point where even talking about them doesn’t make any kind of sense whatsoever. Spirit can be made by other spirits, but matter is bound with divinity itself.

    Matter is not more real than the spirit. I am among those who believe that humans are basically superior to angels. And our superiority lies in the fact that we have a dual existence: we are amphibian creatures. We move between matter and spirit while most of the creatures of the world are either/or. We live in two worlds, and it is just this double ability of ours that gives us superiority over angels. We have a dual attachment, so when we lose one of them, we lost our superiority.

    There is a measuring tool called a vernier scale that uses two measuring rods and can achieve a far more accurate reading than either rod on its own. We also have two measuring rods, and because of that we can achieve more than each of them separately.

    To speak about it as a Jew, the creation of man is the creation of a lump of clay in which the living spirit is given. But both of them are important. The clay and the spirit. If I try to deny one of them, I am destroying what I call the divine structure, and, the divine structure tells me its peak is humanity. That is what He says is His image: the creature that is at least in some way resembling Him is a creature that is both spirit and matter. The other creatures are either/or, they are what I call partial creations. There are spiritual creations and material creations. Humanity, which is the combination, has this distinctiveness so if you lose one part you lose the special quality of the human being.

    There is a Chasidic story about one of the great Chassidic masters, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. He was himself a mystic and also wrote very interesting, very touching music. The story is that he is walking in the street, and he hears a little baby crying bitterly. So he looks around and sees that the crying is coming from his son’s home. So he enters the house and sees his grandson shouting and screaming, and his son sitting near the crib in meditation, neither hearing nor seeing anything. In deep meditation, he is oblivious. The grandfather soothes the little boy and then pushes his son and says to him something very important. He says, “I didn’t know that you have such a little mind. When I am in the deepest meditation, I still can hear a fly crawling on the wall.” This is, again, about connecting.

    What is the smell of a rose? I know it is not a mystical experience, but the mystic that cannot be sensitive to the smell of a rose is nothing. This is something very deep: the smell of a rose; the taste of a fish; the feeling of skin. Those people who cannot sense these things are handicapped. If I am an amphibian but can live only in one world it is a handicap. So to get reattached is the need. Not to be free of attachment, to get attached. To be in a relationship with all the senses. The Middle Ages denigrated the body and considered the body a corruption: the more you get rid of it, the higher you are. There are statements in many religious literatures that the sense of touch is a shame for humanity. No sense is a shame for humanity. Losing a sense means being maimed. Being deaf and blind is being maimed. Losing any other sense is being maimed. That I am swimming or floating in some spiritual realm doesn’t retrieve the lack that I have in another realm. So, being attached is a great thing because it points to the completeness of humanity.

    Perhaps many Parabola readers feel that without meditation you are not really a human being. It may be true. But it is also true the other way. If you don’t know how to draw a circle, if you don’t know how to plant a tree, if you don’t know how to bite a nut, if you don’t know how to smell a flower, you are not a complete human being. You are only half a creature. The spiritual person and the material person are both deformed people – not in the same way, one is blind and one is deaf – but it is still a deformation.

    If I think the way to God goes through the spiritual, my prayer becomes more and more spiritual. There is a version of a Jewish story by Anatole France. The story is that one of the great saints had a revelation that a disaster is coming but he himself won’t be able to stop it. He has to get the help of someone, and he was given the name of so-and-so, the shepherd. He searched for him and found him. He was indeed a shepherd, a professional shepherd, but he was a completely ignorant person who didn’t even know the alphabet. So the saint thought he didn’t know anything. But he watched him, and he saw that in the field there was something like a hole. And this man would stand on one side of the hole, and say, “Now I will jump to the other side for the glory of God.” So he was jumping from one side to the other. This man didn’t know how to pray. He just jumped. And he’s a great saint. So there is a saint that doesn’t know how to pray. He just jumps. A jumping saint.

    It’s just as efficacious as the one that is sitting and is immersed in meditation. See, it’s basically the same thing. Because I think, God looks down, and He sees the world, and it has all kinds of creatures in it. What matters is that they should work well and that requires the right combination. Now, the right combination is different from one person to another. What is the right combination? What is the right way of making a cake? The question is, what kind of a cake? What kind of a cake? For one you put in more cream, or more sugar. Or you don’t put in any cream or any sugar. There is no rule that every cake has to be made of the same ingredients, but the ingredients should work together in order to produce something.

    I had a friend who was quite a good sculptor. And I once scolded him, being slightly older, I told him, look, so-and-so, you are doing a very bad thing when you use your brain too much. You don’t have a good brain. But you can do much better with your hands. So instead of relying on your brain, which is a middling to low brain, you should work with your hands.

    I am afraid of the word spiritual. I am, now, almost allergic to it. If I want to go to God, the spiritual is not closer to Him than the material. For example, Aldous Huxley wrote very well but he made a mistake. He thought that mescaline, or LSD, opens doors to another world. It open doors – but into oneself. There are also all kinds of yoga and in many, they are just achievements. And how is nirvana different from being hit over the head with a stick? Some people can break a strong piece of metal between two fingers. I am not against it. It is something but does it have any kind of intrinsic value? The same thing is true about all kinds of spiritual abilities, whether meditation or concentration. I’m all for concentration but it is a tool. What are you doing with it?

    I like bridges because bridges are almost always beautiful. And they are beautiful because they have to be functional and the function itself creates a sense of beauty. So I am saying about tools, and other things. It’s a beautiful bridge, very nice. Now, the second question is, where does it lead? And if it doesn’t lead anywhere, then there is a question about the bridge.

    What good is it?

  38. yehudith says:

    A note from Arthur Kurzweil: I have had the extraordinary privilege of knowing Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz for more than 20 years. During this time, I have served as his publisher and his driver, but most importantly as one of his countless devoted students. The following conversation took place in November 2003 in Los Angeles during a 10-city lecture tour of the United States on the occasion of the publication of his translation and commentary on the classic Chasidic text, the Tanya.

    The interview below has been edited from the original conversation.

    ARTHUR KURZWEIL: In my conversations with many Reform, Conservative and Orthodox rabbis over the years, it is clear that many of them have an aversion to spirituality, even sometimes claiming that Judaism is not spiritual! What in the world is going on when rabbis represent spirituality as some fringe element in Judaism? And what is Jewish spirituality?

    RABBI ADIN STEINSALTZ: What is the problem? It is really a double or triple problem. One of the big problems is historical. Most of the people you have encountered are relics. They really live in the past when anything about spirituality was some kind of a taboo.

    In a strange way we are still living 19th century Judaism. And 19th century Judaism was in an age that was completely rationalistic. It was a whole rationalistic world in which the highest spiritual move was perhaps some kind of charitable feeling to others, and you didn’t even overdo that.

    So because of this historical burden, some people are, in a certain way, afraid of anything that has to do with spirituality.

    In our times there is a growing and a widespread fake Jewish Spirituality that is perhaps as dangerous as anything that can happen. You have things that seem to be spiritual but are somewhere between confidence games and magic tricks.

    All of these things are making people, and some honest people, turn away from the experience of anything to do with spirituality. That is the reason why when a seeker or searcher somehow finds his way to a Jewish prayer place, he or she usually finds it dry, boring, and unappealing, especially if the seeker has any kind of a spiritual tendency– which in some way most people do have.

    Now, the fact is that there is a very old and very rich Jewish spirituality, as ancient as anything else. I am speaking about very clear-cut and very public forms that appeared not just in the last century, but have been a part of Jewish life for as long as we know about Jewish life. It is not a matter of esoteric corners of Judaism. But, again, there is an attempt by so many people to take out the spiritual part and to leave the sometimes-practical message and sometimes no message whatsoever in order to make it fit within some preconceived notion of what Judaism is.

    KURZWEIL: Can you offer some advice to the spiritual seeker who is searching for an authentic and reliable teacher? In the end, do we have anything to help us other than our intuition?

    RABBI STEINSALTZ: Intuition is a great thing but intuition is also a great misleader. That is, there is always a two-sided element in any kind of intuitive thinking. It is not clearly checkable one way or the other way. Unluckily, often people who thought they had some kind of a deep attachment to something or somebody discover that it was just a matter of being attracted to a show. Intuition can be a great help, but it is not a solution.

    Whenever I see something that is very showy, very flamboyant, very colorful, and impressive, I am always trying to search out what is really lying beneath it. And in so many cases, we find out that beneath those showy garments there is nothing.

    I have had my own experience with zoology and I remember once seeing something that made a big impression on me. It was a plucked peacock. When you see a plucked peacock, which looks like an ugly, emaciated hen, you get so very disappointed because when you see the peacock in all it’s glory it’s clearly a glorious bird. But, if you want to eat it or have more contact with it, then you find out what it is in truth. So when I see peacock feathers, which are wonderful to look at, I’m always beginning to think about that plucked hen beneath those feathers.

    In the same way, when someone comes and makes a big show, a very impressive show, this is the time to make a check to wonder whether you are not taken by external effects. You know this because you are doing these things when you perform as a magician. The secret of magic tricks is that you make people look at the wrong things. So many of these people who are selling spirituality are really doing all kinds of tricks to take your mind off of what is really important. I would suggest trying to look carefully at these people who are claiming or are serving as teachers.

    Many teachers are very reluctant teachers. You have to push them, and you have to pull them, and you have to force them to say something. Not everybody gets a message, “You go and spread My word.” Many people, many worthy people, don’t have it. Sometimes they are shy. Sometimes they are introverted people and you have to dig it out of them. When you find someone who seems to have knowledge, it is important.

    Let me add another quality. Honesty is extremely important. When people are honest, it’s a high quality and not so very common. You have to search for people who are honest. Honest people may be the right teachers because whatever they say in the end will be things they honestly believe. This is someone who should be a teacher.

    KURZWEIL: When a spiritual seeker enters a New Age bookstore or a well-stocked general bookstore, there seem to be so many inspiring books from dozens of religious traditions. On close examination of these volumes, often consisting of translations of texts now available in English, lofty, uplifting books on the spiritual life represent most of these religious traditions. Then, when looking at Jewish texts that have been translated into English, so many seem to be occupied with rules and regulations and cases of law. Can you help me to understand this?

    RABBI STEINSALTZ: [The Jewish] language has a tendency of avoiding abstractions. Most of the abstractions in Hebrew are modern abstractions, modern words. In the old literature, if you read a whole book, such as the Torah, or the whole Bible, you will find, if you really search for it, how very few abstractions there are. Everything is put in a different way, not always a practical way, but a different way.

    It is an entirely different style, unlike, say, Buddhist or Hindu literature that tends to be abstract. The language of thought in the medieval times had a big tendency for abstraction. And that was one of the pitfalls of the science and philosophy of those days. They came to a standstill and to a point to which they can’t go anymore.

    Incidentally, these abstract words and phrases, if you take them in a large amount, have some kind of intoxicating quality. You read them and basically you don’t understand anything. But they are far more powerful then any smoke of grass. They make your mind somehow think that you are into something powerful, wonderful. You don’t really know what you are talking about, but you can repeat it easily. You can read them page after page, and enjoy yourself immensely by being in some kind of world that is almost completely made of thin air. But, it exists. It has clearly an influence and it really is intoxicating. You read a few pages of it and if you are asked to tell anybody, say a little child, what you have read, if you cannot just repeat the words you find you do not have the faintest notion what is written there. And I’m speaking about pages and pages and pages of these things. And after you look at all of these pages, what did they really say?

    Now, [Jewish] literature tried not to develop abstractions and tried to deal with abstractions in a nonabstract format. There are Jewish books that deal with spirituality, quite a number of them, in fact, from ancient times to modern times. Many of them are not translated and many of them, if they were translated, would be perhaps difficult for a reader because they don’t have the same quality as other kinds of spirituality. And sometimes they speak, they try at least to speak, about the most high things in the most level headed and most simple words possible. So it doesn’t sound the same way. As it is with anything of any importance, there is a demand on people-not an easy one-to bend down sometimes and to look at things.

    I used to have lots of free time and I’m wonderfully good at loafing. So, I watched all kinds of plants. Some of these plants have tiny flowers-too tiny to be seen. Now, if you look at some of these tiny flowers that you can find in any field, they are beautiful, as beautiful as the most gorgeous orchids. But they are small and sometimes they don’t have the same colors and they are in clusters so you don’t see them. What you have to do is to bend to them and to watch these things that are not so big and flashy, but they are as beautiful as any others. You have to watch them.

    This demand on people, to be participants, is so important for things Jewish. But in many cultures-especially in America-things are geared to make things easy. In Judaism, things are not made to be difficult on purpose, but surely not made to be easy, which means you have to participate, you have to work at it. Now who wants to work? If you can get well-digested material, why should you chew anything?

    KURZWEIL: Is part of our work to see the concrete and to try to grasp the abstraction that it represents?

    RABBI STEINSALTZ: In some way it is an encounter with the abstractions. It may be an encounter with something that I’m not even sure are abstractions. You try to look at something in the real world, say a bird. I’m not speaking about beautiful birds that everyone will look at. Say a sparrow, a very humble creature. Look at a sparrow. And then look at the sparrow without trying to think about “sparrow-ism.” Look at the sparrow as it is. Try looking at it not just as something that you have to poison tomorrow if you don’t want your garden destroyed. But if you look at the sparrow and you just look at it, you admire it, you think about it, then I won’t say that sparrow will grow to the size of an angel, but the sparrow will become something different.

    That is what is called the eye of a poet. In a different way, it is the eye of the scientist and the eye of the lover. Which is an eye that is not searching for abstractions. If I look at somebody that I love, it doesn’t mean that instead of seeing a nose I see something completely different. But somehow I see the nose and it appears to be a very different and very unique nose, not like anything else. So, when looking at these things there is a quality of being able to become transcendental without going to the abstract.

    You go to it in a different way. It’s a different path basically. It’s a path that seems to be so very commonplace. There are people who will always ride on the wings of angels. But there are also those who go up to the same high mountains by just trudging, moving one foot in front of the other, and feeling sometimes sorry for themselves because it’s such a hard way. And, after some time, without noticing that you are in a much higher position than you were before, you go on, and you go on and you climb on and use the same stick and go on.

    If you want to get on within the Jewish life, surely within the spiritual Jewish life, you don’t have any charmed gateways. You are given some kind of a path and you have to work your way up, day after day, without any promise of any kind of harps that sing to you. And if you hear them singing, perhaps something is wrong with you.

    KURZWEIL: With the Jewish way being such hard work, one can understand the temptation to seek a different and easier path.

    RABBI STEINSALTZ: There are lots of easier ways. The problem is: where do they lead? This question has to be asked. Sometimes it’s a tough problem, a tough question to ask: “Ms. So-and-so or Mr. So-and-so, You have been dealing with spirituality for the last 20 years. Did you become a better person after 20 years of spirituality?”

    You possibly became more mushy. You possibly became less realistic. But in many ways, you didn’t become any better.

    After a year of study, I tell some of my pupils, “I don’t know if you really have advanced within this year, and it’s hard for me to be a judge of it. You yourselves truly cannot be judges. Go home to your wives. Ask your wives if you became any better. If your wife says, ‘You definitely became better’ then it means you went in the right way. If she says she doesn’t notice any difference, it was perhaps the wrong thing to do at the beginning, so stop it. Some of them have even taken my advice. They asked a very direct question.

    So of course, people can add all kinds of wings to their personality -from eagle’s wings to bats wings. And the question is not whether I soar into heaven. The question is “Where do I land at the end?”

    Does spirituality have something to do with the spirit? If it has, then the spirit has to do something. It has to grow.

  39. Another way in which love of money can hinder one’s Divine Service is that in areas of potential monetary loss a person may be tempted to ‘bend’ the laws of the Torah. Thus, an otherwise God-fearing person, may be inclined to avoid asking halachic questions to rabbis in areas that pertain to monetary issues.

    We see from the warning to the Kohen Gadol of the powerful effect that desire for money has on even the greatest people. May we all merit to only use money for the good.

  40. The Portion teaches us that a human being should remember the transient nature of the body. This is a very important lesson, but as we have seen, it is not the complete lesson. We must also remember that we, our children, and our students are of incredible spiritual worth. May we all merit to find the right balance.

  41. Daniel says:

    Yehudith Shraga,

    I think you are still not well versed in Baal Hasulam´s teachings.

    “There is no serving the Creator and keeping the Mitzvot (commandments) except in Lishma (for Her Name)—bringing contentment to One’s Maker. Yet, our sages have already introduced the practice of engaging in Torah and Mitzvot even in Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), since “from Lo Lishma he will come to Lishma”… I SAY THAT THE FIRST, AND ONLY MITZVA (commandment) THAT GUARANTEES THE ACHIEVEMENT OF THE ASPIRATION TO ATTAIN LISHMA, is to resolve to not work for oneself, apart for the necessary works—to merely provide for one’s sustenance. In the rest of the time, one will work for the public: save the oppressed, and every creature in the world that is in need of salvation and benefit.” (One Commandment)

    Baal Hasulam didnt say that serving and benefiting others was just one additional Mitzva, he said it was the FIRST AND ONLY MITZVA, what do you expect to be awarded Lishma by doing your tehilin and not wearing sandals, etc. while you still disrespect your fellow man breaking the first, only and most important Mitzva?

  42. mauricio says:

    “becuase you have to have basic knowledge in kabbalah. And it can be aquired only through studing : first all the Introductions to Kabbalah and Ptikha leHokhmat HaKabbalah by RAV GOTTLIEB and ONLY his edition”

    It sounds like someone is building a cult lol. hahahah its funny that people blame Rav Laitman that people claim that he built a cult bc he says only his way is truth and know you are saying that only Rav Gottlieb´s book has the Light, etc. Discern, discern, discern.

  43. Hello, Daniel

    I am sure I have still a lot to learn in all the fields of Judaism and to master my understanding of Baal haSulam’s Teaching, still Baal haSulam’s Teaching on the Mitzva “Love your neighbor as yourself” is based on Rabbi Akiva’s Teaching, who together with many other Jewish Sages, said that the fulfillment of THE Mitzva”veAhavta leRe’ekha kaMokha” leSh’ma is possible only if we FIRST of All learn to fulfill all the rest of the Mitzvot of the Torah LeShma = in the name of Shkhinna=Devine Presence.

    The fulfillment of the Mitzvot is not a time consuming matter at all, there are no Mitzvot which takes hours to perform, and that is why the performing of Mitzvot and working for the benefit of the community and the humankind do not oppose each other, these kinds of activity rather help each other, because through the performing of Mitzvot a person learns to do what he/she has to do (many things in this life are done because they have to be done and not because right now, at this point of time one wishes to do them or not).

    There is a strict prohibition to add or to lessen the amount of Mitzvot, and giving the importance to the Mitzva “Love your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t mean that Rabbi Akiva, Baal haSulam or other our Sages meant to single it out as One and the Only Mitzva, they tried to explain to us how important this Mitzva is in the Eyes of our Creator, and tried to make us understand why on Yom Kippur we are forgiven only the sins which we have done towards the Creator, but the sins we have performed towards other people are not forgiven on Yon Kippur no matter how hard we try to pray, instead, the Creator wishes us to mend our relationship through our corrected actions and not through our prayers to Him.

    I would like to remind us all as well, that the Teaching of Baal haSulam taken out of the context of Judaism, is the way to confusion and bitter mistakes, as well as to Lashon haRah on the Teaching of such a Great Kabbalist as Baal haSulam is.

    G-d Bless us all and May he show us the Way to the Correction through Torah and Mitzvot and not through suffering and pain.

  44. Yehudith_Shraga says:

    Hello, Mauricio

    Before I respond to your comment, I would like to state, that the purpose of this blog is to help the non-Hebrew speaking people to have an alternative and a freedom of choice.

    Now I would like to explain what is the difference between Mr.Laitman and Rav Gottlieb and why the recommendation to use Rav Gottlieb’s edition has nothing to do with building a cult.

    This world have some common for all the people rules, one of them is that if you wish to get a degree in any field of the knowledge, you must be able to withstand the necessary exams by a certain organization, which is recognized at least in the boundaries of a state, if not on the international level.

    The same is true for the degree to be called Rav, only plus to the very high level of knowledge, the person should live a Jewish way of life, where the performance of the Mitzvot is the obligatory part of it.

    Though the straight meaning of the word “Rav” is big, great, nevertheless we do not use it for any person who looks great in our own eyes, we use this title only for the people who passed the Rabbinic exams and are officially given this title, otherwise it may be very problematic, because we come for the very serious consultations to these people and if one lacks the needed amount of knowledge and the Awe towards the Heaven, we are in the big trouble.

    Today, with the development of internet, any person may open a blog or a website and to write there whatever he/she whishes. If we are just looking through them, why to care who is the owner of the blog, BUT if I really need a reliable information, then I look for the websites or TV channels which belong to the certain organizations which take the responsibility for publishing this or that author. It doesn’t mean that I like them all, I just MUST know that they are reliable sources of information, but of course, I will have my preferences and my recommendations of some of them.

    As you may have noticed, on this blog, there are the links to such an organizations (for ex. Chabad, Kabbalah online,, ), as well as the links to the personal blogs, such as the website of the works of Rav Kook, the blog of Rav Simon Jacobson, the blog of Rav Ginsburg and others).

    Whenever I find an interesting blog on the internet, FIRST OF ALL I check the author status from the point of Orthodox Rabbinic Legacy and ONLY THEN, if I like the context, I recommend it to our readers.

    Recently I have found a very interesting translation of Zohar into English, BUT because it isn’t done by an Orthodox Rav, I may not recommend it to our readers, as well as to put a like to that blog.

    The same is true about Rav Gotlieb, he isn’t the only other Rav who teaches Ashlag’s Kabbalah, but he is the only other who publishes Baal haSulam, and Rav Ashlag works. According to the explained above criteria, there is no doubt, that I may recommend only the books of his publication for the readers of our blog. He is an orthodox Rav, while M.Laitman has his PhD from Moskow University, so there is no way I may recommend his publications as a reliable sources for our readers.

    Besides, there are left about 6000 cassettes from the lessons of Rabash, and they are at the ownership of Rav Gottlieb, who writes them down and publishes them as a part of the works of Baal haSulam.

    Besides these 6000 cassettes, there are also the books of Baruch Ashlag which he used while studying with Baal haSulam and his students and where he wrote some of the comments of Baal haSulam made at the lessons, they also were given by the Rabash’s widow, Feiga Ashlag to Rav Gotlieb, and Feiga Ashlag herself uses Rav Gotlieb’s edition of TES, Introducations, Pticha, and Rabash’s articles.

    Rav Gottlieb has his webside, but he is also invited to speak on Kabbalah on the channel called Hidabrut, the leading Israeli Orthodox channel, which never ever invited Laitman to their program, there is no any orthodox website or blog, which would recommend the articles of Laitman or put a link to his site, there is no also any orthodox Rav who would speak on Laitman’s channel or write for his website.

    Anyway, thank you, Mauricio, for your comment, which showed that I have to learn to explain myself better, for people to get a clear understanding of the reasons for my recommendations of this or that Rav’s publications, blogs or websites.

  45. Daniel says:

    Being an orthodox externally doesn’t mean you have fear of the Creator internally. If it were like that, with the amount of orthodox people there are, they would have easily fulfilled their part of correction by now – and most likely that of the collective general as well taking into account the principle of the critical mass.

  46. Dear Danial,

    I do agree with you that external fear is not enough for the correction, as Lo leShmah doesn’t bring a person to the Purpose of the Creation, BUT Rambam says that we all start with Lo leShmah and little by little come to the Bestowing Form of leShmah (of course, if we do everyhthing for this purpose and pray for it, because the form of LeShmah only the Creator can give to a person)

    Very important point is to remember, that there is no ANY OTHER WAY to come LeShmah, explains Rabash in most of his articles, if we do not start studying Torah and performing Mitzvot by Faith above the Knowledge(Immuna mi’al haDa’at) and this and only this way may bring us to studying Torah and performing Mitzvot leShmah=for our correction to reach the equality to Bestowing Form with the Creator.

    Hope we won’t miss this very important explanation of Rabash
    With the respect

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