The Song of Devorah (Shirat Devorah)

The Zohar says that the upcoming, final war of Gog and Magog will be similar to the war with Sisera in that it will also have tremendous miracles. These miracles will be due to the merit of Devorah. And a Torah Code analysis of the Song of Devorah, confirms this. The words, Mashiach, Gog and Magog, are all secretly coded in the song, overlapping each other, each coded with an interval of 102 spaces. 102 is the gematria of emunah (true faith). And it’s interesting that the codes appear in the verses where Devorah admonishes the tribes that didn’t participate in the war, and praises the ones that did. This is a hint that we all must be willing to fight for Jewish survival. When Hashem sees our emunah and effort, He then takes over:

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  1. Deborah used to sit under a palm tree and speak to the people who flocked to hear her words of wisdom and encouragement, which lifted them out of their despair:

  2. Devorah as Prophetess, Judge and Mother:
    A Woman’s Innate Ability to Inspire:

  3. The Biblical narrative presents Deborah as a strong woman who gives orders to Barak. She also comes to the battlefield, where she chants her victory song:

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