Education Prioritization

Man’s essential character is rational. This is the key distinction between humans and animals, and it is what makes man superior. All of man’s deeds, speech and thoughts are in accordance with his understanding. His emotions are, as well: to love and to hate; to extol, to give thanks and to vanquish; to choose the good and the beautiful, and to despise the bad and the repugnant – are all dictated by his rational judgment. Nevertheless, [the power of intellect notwithstanding,] the strength, the power and the force of man’s will control everything within man:

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  1. There is entirely too much literature out there under the name “Kabbalah” that has little or nothing to do with the true Jewish teachings on this subject:

  2. Each individual, as he or she travels along life’s path, encounters those persons, events and things that contain sparks that he or she is uniquely suited to redeem:

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