Some explanations on Rabash Lessons

Rabash Lessons

The lessons above are the recorded explanations of Rav Barukh Ashlag=Rabash to his students. They are in Idish( europien and americain jews’ language),because it was the language of Rabash.They are available in Hebrew in the form of Rav Gottlieb’s edition of Talmud Esser HaSphirot. We have to understand that the language of authentic Kabbalah is Hebrew and it is always be Hebrew, so if we want to study authentic Kabbalah first of all we should find the way to study Hebrew. The textbooks are available on this site and you may buy them, but without Hebrew and the place where they study it, they are of no use for any of us:

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  1. Wnat we have on this site isn’t “somebody’s” teaching .Kabbalah is the Wisdom given to Jweish people in the form of several sourses. And it is independent of somebody’s understanding it this or that way. But before we may be inderpendent in our studing Kabbalah we have to rely upon somebody, who can help us in the study of Kabbalah. We study it according to Rav Gottlieb, as well as many other sourses presented on this site in the form of articles and links.

    As for Rav Gotlieb, he was Rabash’s student from the age of 13. He is an observant jew, and his explanations are based on the recorded lessons of Rabash himself, besides we have many Raves in Israel who give the lectures in Hebrew and I can check my study with there explanations.

    As for Laitman- he is a person that studed Kabbalah in Rabash’s class, but he never was accepted as Rav in Israel by the Board that officially gives the certificates of that qualification. Berg never was even a student of Rabash. If there’s a person which states he’s a doctor, but has no certificate to show, would we go or take our child to such an impostor? I think, no.

    Laitman and Berg have a lot of matirial on the websites and Laitman even has TV channel, but have you ever saw Medicine being taught on TV? There are interesting popular shows ABOUT medicine, but never lessons on medicine on TV, the same is right about activity of Laitman and Berg, they speak ABOUT Kabbalah, but teaching Kabbalah is completely different.

    Yes, we may have the programms on medical problems, but would we consider following their pieces of advice without consulting our doctors? Would we see a person ,who wachtes this programm a doctor?

    Laitman’s PhD is in philosophy, which has nothing to do with Judaism or Kabbalah, which is the inner essense of jewish world seeing.
    Besides Laitman himself calles his activity Kabbalah for People, there are a lot of People in this world, But not all of them are able to know what real doctors know and if yes, they need certain preparation and education to begin with.

    The same is with Kabbalah, Laitman caught the general Idea of Kabbalah and he tries to advertise his understanding of this Idea in all possible ways, in different languages, on internet and TV. It is good for the beginners, but if you want to learn Authentic Kabbalah, you should know 1. Hebrew and 2. to be observant( performing all the Mitzvot) jew, as were all the Kabbalaist from the time of Creation and till our days.

    It should be clear that Kabbalah can’t be christian or any other one’s.Christians may support its learning, but neither they nor anybody else, but jews can learn and practice Kabbalah, because we study Kabbalah not only to understand it, but to implement it as well.

    Kabbalah learning demands special level of the soul, which can be given or by being born a jew, or by convertion to Judaism according to Orthodox rules. If we want to study Law in Harword university, it isn’t enough to just want it, we should correspond to the Universtity’s demands for the students. And it isn’t my or somebody else rule ,but the rule of any organization,which deliver any kind of knowledge, and take responcibility for what they are teaching and whom they are teaching.

    Authentic Kabbalah is based on formation of one’s personality and personal responcibility for correction of the creation by learning Torah and observing Mitzvot.

  2. To begin studing Kabbalah, we first of all have to get the form suitable for learning Kabbalah- observing all the Mitzvot, if we are jewish or converts into Judaism=those who wish to be the part of Children of Israel to make Creator’s Idea to come true.

    Jewish women can and must study kabbalah, because they rase next generation, and need correction as well as men, but the ways are a little bit different. Women may study in groups or in pairs, and even alone, all depends on free time they have, they can’t do it on the expense of the family, children, but if they want to study Kabbalah instead of talking an Hour on the phone it is very recommended. What is very important is that it should be constant day and constant hour and constant amout of time that are decided.

    The authentic Kabbalah is Torah, Talmud, Zohar, TES and some other wisdom texts, which may be understood after we study the mentioned ones. What we should do is to stop “wishing” to study Kabbalah ,and start learning to read and understand Ptikha and Rabash’s articles in Hebrew, because Baal haSulam writes, if after 3-5 years we don’t understand the laws of creation we must be to the wrong place or to the wrong teacher. We have to keep praying and believe our souls’ wisdom and study Hebrew, and when we’ll be able to read what Baal Hasulam says, we won’t need to belive others but we’ll go by Faith above the Knowledge principle(Emmuna mi’al haDa’at).

    We do not teach anything on this site, but we learn Torah, Talmud, Zohar, TES of Rav Gotlieb’s edition of course, and the articles of Rabash and Baal HaSulam, Rav Kook, Haim Lutzutto, Rambam and listen to the lectures of modern Israel Raves, as they say, there is the point of the beginning, but there is no end of it and share their articles and links with our readers.

    There is only one way to study kabbalah, and it is according to the authentic complete textbooks, with the explanation of Ohr Shalom and Ohr Barukh under the edition of Rav Gottlieb, and praying and performing all we can to get correction through 620 Mitzvot of the Torah and not through the suffering.

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