The Seffirot and Counting of the Omer

The Omer offering is brought from barley (animal food), and the Talmud teaches that a baby does gain the intellectual capacity to speak until he’s tasted cereal, which indicates that the Omer offering is connect to the intellect, the Mochin of the animal soul.After the rectification of the intellect comes the rectification of the [emotional] attributes, both on a daily basis and on a weekly basis. There is a “general” rectification on the level of Makif (surrounding, not penetrating) and a “specific” one that goes into the detail of each of the seven emotional attributes and is properly internalized. The idea of the step-by-step, slow, deeper and detailed rectification is expressed in working on the subdivisions of the emotional attributes, until one’s thoughts, speech, and deeds are as they should be:

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