Beginning Kabbalah

Wondering where to begin learning the complex and mysterious inner dimensions of Torah, known as Kabbala? Our Introductory folder is a great place to start. It has three sections: The articles in “What is Kabbala?” folder explain just that, and also why we need to study Kabbala and who can do so.The “History” section presents a number of timelines, articles on the development of Kabbala and others that answer several common misconceptions.In the “First Steps” section, many basic mystical concepts and terms are defined and explained, from a few different perspectives:

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  1. Dr Yedidah Cohen first studied the wisdom of the great Kabbalist R Yehuda Lev Ashlag with a pupil of his firstborn son Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag z”l . She and her late husband Mark together translated into English Rabbi Ashlag’s Introduction to the Zohar and the Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sephirot:

  2. Tzfat and the surrounding communities are home to many teachers and guides specializing in Kabbalah related topics. Some teach regularly at the International Center for Kabbalah in Tzfat, while others deliver home lessons, work in several spiritual centers and also ‘by appointment only’, for “One on One” learning:

  3. Kabbala is the Torah’s expression of the way the world works. Removed from its source, it’s a lot of rubbish:

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