RABASH. Articles: Volum 1(Article 6)

In the article Vav( Rav Gottlieb’s edition art.6) Rabash again explains us the correlation between the Mitzva” Love your neughbour as yourself” and says that Rabbi Akkiva called this Mitzva a very important general principle and Rabash says that it sounds as if all the rest of the Mitzvot are more privite, specific ones. Rabash says that it sounds that those more privite Mitzvot are included in this most important one, and if you perform the Mitzva “Love your neughbour as yourself”, then you needn’t bother yourself to perform those more specific ones. But, says Rabash, we read in Torah that it is written “What do I ask from My people?-just to Awe Me”. And Rabash concludes that the main demand towards a person is to feel the Awe towards the Creator, and all the Torah and the rest of the Mitzvot are included in it, and even the mitzva” Love your neughbour as yourself” is included in Mitzva of Awe.

to be cont.

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  1. In the article Vav( Rav Gottlieb’s edition art.6, p.6) Rabash again explains us the correlation between the Mitzva” Love your neughbour as yourself” and sais that Rabbi Akkiva called this Mitzva a very important general principle and Rabash sais that it sounds as if all the rest of the Mitzvot are more privite, specific ones. And Rabash sais that it sounds that those more privite Mitzvot are included in this most important one, and if you perform the Mitzva “Love your neughbour as yourself”, then you needn’t bother yourself to perform those more specific ones.

    But, sais Rabash, we read in Torah that it is written “What does I ask from My poeple?-just to Awe Me”. And Rabash concludes that the main demand towards a person is to feel the awe towards the Creator, and all the Torah and the rest of the Mitzvot are included in it, and even the mitzva” Love your neughbour as yourself” is invluded in Mitzva of Awe.

    Rabash gives some more cites from Gmarra and Sages, where they do mention the prime importance of Awe Mitzva and sais, that there is a difference in oppinion between Rabbi Akiva and those Sages.

    Rabash then brings another cites where some other Sages say that the main Mitzva is the Mitzva of Believe in the Creator, and sais that according to this group, it sounds that both Mitzvot”Love your neughbour as yourself” and the Mitzva of Awe are included in the Mitzva of Faith.

    Rabash explains that to undestand these points of view, we should explore more thouroughly the meaning of 1.Love
    Rabash teaches us that if we want to answer any question, or understand any principle of Torah, we should always remember the Purpose of Creation,and he adds that if the Creator wanted to bestow Its creation, then Why should He gives us any of the Mitzvot, be it Love, Awe or Faith, or all the rest 610 ones. And Rabash shows us a very important principle of Kabbalists which sais that if the Creator gives something it is for the creation’s best, and has nothing to do with the wish to get, but it is always a bestowing act on the part of the Creator, the thing that we , at our present state of mind and consciousness do not see as a gift or don’t know the use of the given gift, but it doesn’t mean that it is useless and why to bother?, we should do everything to find our the need for this gift and to come to its spiritual value!

    The same with the undestanding of the nessecerty to perform Mitzvot, Rabash sais, that there must be something in these Mitzvot which is in the intrest of the creation to perform, and states that these three Mitzvot mentioned in this article make us more suitable for receiving the Creator’s Light.

    Immuna(Faith) he sais makes us to fele sure in the existence of the Purpose of the Creation, and that this Purpose is to bestow the Creation for CREATION Own Good, and that each of us is capable to get to this Purpose,and it doesn’t depend on his/her starting on this Earth basic situation and position . We have to believe that everything what happens with us, be it percepted by us as good or bad( the bad attitude to the happening with us comes from our ego perception position, because it doesn’t want to agree with the nessecity of the correction, and wants to have everything here, now and perfect, without any work to do).

    Rabash assures that the Purpose of the creation is reachable for each of us without any attitude to our personal data: strength of will, intelegence and so on, that Torah studing and performing Mitzvot for the sake of the correction give us the equal possibilities to make our way to getting the Purpose of Creation. Rabash cites the Sages that repeated once and again that if you follow the given by the Creator instructions-Mitzvot and Hallakhot, the Wisdom of Torah and Kabbalah will open for everybody, and that finaly, each of us will see that it is simple enough to perform the Mitzvot, and there is no any complecated, supernatural demands towards any of us, and all the difficulty is drawn by our ego only!, because it is unwilling to follow the instructions, and demands to get for the sake of getting, and as a little child knowing nothing about the contruction of the car, tries to switch it on and is not ready to listen and to learn his parents explanation.

    Very often the understanding of the spiritual prosesses may become easier if you pay attention on their roots in this world.

    If we want to understand why the Creator made the world to conseal His light from us, study a very simple case in this world. Any parents are ready to give and support their children with money, time and effrots of any field, but the only thing parents want is to be sure that the children will use these money etc.,for their benefitial development and will not use them for self distractive activities such as alkhohol, drugs and so on.

    The same the Creator’s consealing of the Light, but the moment He sees that we are spiritualy growing, and begin to understand how the things work in the REAL WORLD=spiritual one, of course, He opens us the Wisdom of Torah and Kabbalah as Torah’s most inner and deeper understanding, and the most effective way of correction for the HUMANITY ,and bestow us with the Killim( Vessels) to get his Light for the sake of bestowing.

    Let’s remember again that both- Kli and Lights come from the Creator! Torah is written , Kabbalah is Written there are endless number of the book of Sages on any Topic your soul wishes, the only thing which we have to do is to earn to understand the LAWS of the spiritual worlds, to get in touch with the Creator. We needn’t invent the wheel, it was invented many years ago, we must only learn to use it for the most benefit of OUR OWN!

    We must use the Faith, sais Rabash to withstand all the prosesses of correction and not to run away in the middle of the work and not to abandened the Kdusha System, because Torah and Mitzvot is the complex system and should be used in its complete form( ex, if a doctor gives you a complex treatment, and you decide that you take only one of his advices or medicines, or don’t take it at all, you are the one to be blamed.) Now if you ask why the Creator invented the sickness in the first place, and then gave the treatment for it in the form which may be not suitable to me( more exact which is percived as not suitable by my ego), the Sages say that the Creator invented Ratzon Lekabbel in the most perfect form, as may be compared with the birth of a sweat, lovely child, so tender and wonderful, but ask yourself if you want this baby to stay in this state all the time, the answer is that you want to see it growing and sucseeding, if you ask yourself whether you want your baby to be born a grown up man or woman, the answer will be -not, and if you want to know more than that, if you want to participate in the process of the development of your creation-the child, you will sure want it to acquer a different form each time and turning from the unconscious device of getting for the sake of getting into a MAN or WOMAN, conscious of the world they live in, you want to see them people who get the perfect propotion of getting for the sake of bestowing.

    The roots of all deseases are the uncontroled and damidging use of Ratzon Lekabbel for the sake of getting and unwillingness to change your world view, to grow up and learn new ways of behaviour and new kind of relationship.So the problem isn’t in Ratzon Lekkabel, but in its form. And we work on enlarging the ratzon lekkabel, but giving it the spiritual form- to get for the sake of bestowing.

    So we have to believe that the Creator made us in the form of uncomscious device of recieving and left us the work of formulating our conscious attitude to the realityfor our best, and that each of us is capable of participating in this process and is abale to reach the Purpose of Creation, and we have to believe that whenever we need the Creator, He is ready to help us, the problem is that we don’t want to do much to get in contact with the Creator, or we try to do it our way without basic knowledge how the “electricity” works.

    Rabash sais that for the purpose of getting the Faith strong enough to make our way from unconscious form to the consious spiritual state we need the feeling of Awe, because, he sais, the Awe Mitzva include in itself the performence of all the rest Torah Mitzvot, he sais that the feeling of respect and importance of the Givver will be the best garantee for us to be careful about following His instractions, and the Awe will sustain a nessecary level of Faith in a person into the Purpose of Creation and the way of reaching It, and will give the strength to the prayer to the Creator to help us to make everything possible for Him to feel the pleasure and satisfaction with the form the creation gets. It isn’t that we give something to Creator by becoming spiritualy developed people, but it is a pleasure to see your children growing happy,bestowing individuals( if you want to check it, come to the hospital and ask to speak to the teenager who tried to commit suicait, and them ask to speak to his/her parents, and you will see that the pain and disapoinment, suffering and disbelief in what ‘s happening in their parents are uncomparebly more devastating for parents than in the teenagers themselves.G-d forbid anybody to experience it.)

    Rabash calls the Awe the gate of the Faith, and he explains that the more we experience the Awe, the stronger is our faith in the Creator and His plan and ways( and here we have to say that if we don’t study regularly the works and explanations of our Sages, we may not exparience the nessecary level of Awe, and thus we loose our faith).

    The Awe is for our best, because it should help us to be afraid not to follow the Mitzvor and Hallakhot in their exact form, it should make us study Gmmara and the explanations of the Sages, because the performence of Hallakhot cleans my ego from liking doing what it wants and teaches it to do what is the best in the intrest of the others and general ways of spiritual development, and this process is called the construction of the Kli, where you take the Hallakhot on the level of Neffesh( they are written in the book, but aren’t capable of doing anything good to you, if you don’t start perfroming them) Performing the Mitzvot is called that you give the Ruch to them and the Creator gives you the Rich-Lights, and if you begin to perform them for the sake of correcting yourself, the Creator gives you the Neshama Light and the process continues.

    When we learned that the Mitzvot should be performed according the Hallakhot, than we get the understanding that if we are thirsty we don’t want to get some petrol into our glass, and if we do understand that for each light there is its kli, that we will follow the hallakhot not to get a train, when there is no railway nearby.

    We will do all our best to get a propper Kli for the coresponding to it Light, because this light is nessasery for us to get to the next step of our spiritual development.

    to be continued…

  2. Rabash continues to exlpain( art 6, cont.) that the Awe experiences by a person shouldn’t be of egoistic nature, that if I don’t do the Mitzvot, the Creator may punish me, we should always remember that the Creator doesn’t punish anybody, the punishment comes from my lack of equility of the spiritual form, if I can’t open the bottle of water would I think that it is the water that punishes me, I will look for the device to open it, or to better the form of the bottle, for the next time when I want to drink it would open easily.

    The Awe of the spiritual nature, in its form of bestowing teaches us to fear that I do something which may displease or upset another person, regardless of the punishment( I want my loved ones to like the prepaerd by me dinner, not because they may punish me, but because I want them to enjoy it. if I want them to be happy and healthy and to eat properly, and be in a good shape, I will do everything to cook the best and healthier food I am capable of, and will try to master my skills more and more, because I understand that if my children don’t learn to eat properly, it will effect their health, and the way of their life in general.)

    So we can also see that the Faith depends of Awe, and we should look for the ways to sustain the feeling of Awe within ourselves. Rabash sais that to feel the Awe I should want first of all to bestow the Creator in return, if I don’t want to bestow. then I don’t care what you think of my dinner, or how it can effect your health, I feel that I did you a favour that cooked it and you should thank me very much, but if I prepared everything for the others to enjoy, then I do everything to know what kind of food they like, what kind of music they prefer, what is the time suitable for them to have dinner, in short if I don’t want to bestow I will show and cook want I like and I don’t care if others like it or not.

    But if I get the wish to bestow, then I will Awe not to take into consideration somebody’s comfort and preference. Usually sais Rabash,we are care about our satisfaction, and don’t think about the pleasure of the others, and nearly and never think about the Creator to get pleasure from our form of existence and spiritual development( when you want to know what Creator wants from you, think about what you want from your children, or what you would like, if you had one. and understanding of things will be much simplier, if you wonder why Creator wants us to develop and sucseed, think of why you want your children to be successful, if you ask why the Creator hadn’t created us on the maximum developed and concious level as Himself, ask yourself why you don’t want your child to be born exactly like you, or to be born a perfect robot, and not to take part in his/her process of unfoldment of the potential.( we remember that everything we have in this world has its roots in spiritual ones).

    The question is, sais Rabash,that if I’m made out of Ratzon Lekabbel, how can I start wishing something different to my nature, and even if I do agree with the Sages, and would want to perform the Mitzvot and to take their good advices, we do understand that this kind of wish has a very fible and weak chance to survive in the ocean of my desires, underwater currects, and ego storms, the power of which smashes everything on their way.

    Rabash sais that there is only one advice to follow in this situation, you have to look for people who wants to overcome their strength of the wish to get and to live according the wish to bestow, then such a group of people, which tries and learn to controle their wishes to get, and unite the wishes to bestow, get one big, whole wish to bestow, get anormous desire to correct their nature, and each of them get this grand wish to bestow, while your wish to get is controled and trained to behave”nice” by each of you through performing Mitzvot for the sake of the correction and your progress is mirrowed on your relationship in the group. Very important to remember!- Kabbalah use the work in group not as a purpose, but as a means for letting you behave properly in the life. Kabbalaists are not monks, they don’t separate themselves form this world, they are the best husbands a woman may dream about, and the best fathers for children to wish!

    We use the group for the strengthrning the wish to bestow and not for the run away form the home, duties and life. You have to work, to marry, to get as many children as you are able to teach Torah and Its Wisdom-Kabbalah, to take part in the life of the whole society, and to be its active and the best members ( there are hidden kabbalaists, but they are no more than ten in number, and thanks to them this world exists, but don’t think of yourself as a one, because if you were you wouldn’t read this article, don’t take anything personal).

    Kabbalah teaches us to be conscious, active Co-Creators of the spiritual reality, and not a selfish beings closed in their one intrests, and calling them kabbalah groups, they are just another kind of clubs, for you not to be where the Creator wants you to be.

    The quality of your study is examed in everydsy life, in your work, family, and group, and even in your attitude to your people, your country and all the world.

    It is very important, sais Rabash to understand how the group works, how it unites the force, and the mutual motivation to get to the Purpose and make each of its member strong and determined.

    And it is seen in each and every side of reality, be it good or bad, if a person smokes it is difficult for him to stop smoking, but if he smokes and all around him smoke too, it is much more difficult for him to stop, because the pressure of the group( society) makes it nearly and impossible to withstand the desire to take a ciggaret, and this very strength of the group influence may be used for good, when all of the members of the group support the Idea of bestowing, and do everything possible to correct their wish to get, where everybody tries to overcome the wish to influence the others his own way and tries to understand what is the wish and need of others and act accordingly, such strength of the united motivation to “Love your neughbour as yourself” expresses itself on practice and not in theory, helps people finally to Love the Creator too.

    Rabash finishes the article with the “intervention plan” towards the wish to get. He sais that first of all we should start from “Love your neughbour as yourself” and when we see how difficult it is to think in favour of others, and to be able to overcome your wish to act in their favour first, then we will see the astonishment of the Purpose of the creation and will begin to feel the Awe, we will take all the Mitzvot and even look for more, but the Sages said that we may make the amount of Mitzvot neither more nor less, but we may always exseed in the quality of their performance.

    We will undestand that neglecting of the performence of the Mitzvot or the work on our qualities( Middot) let down both-myself and all the rest of the creation, including our children, loved ones, friends, my people and the world.

    So we start with Rabbi Akkiva advice of “Love your neughbour as yourself”, and this is the beggining of everything and when we exepted this principle as a bases for our life= we see and undersrand the agliness of our egoistic way of life,we proceed to the next stage- the Awe, we already know well enough what our incorrected nature my do with our life and the life of others, and we try to do our best not to fall under its rule and to feel the Awe, because we know the strength of the ego, and that if the Creator won’t help us we would be lost in the ego jungle, and then we come to the 3rd stage- The Faith, when we belive with all our hearts and souls that the Creator and the ways of bestowing the creation are good, and in all its expressions are the best for us and our development and we know from our own experience that the Creator is a pure Good towards each part of the creation, and we call the Purpose of the Creatopn to bestow the Creation( exactly the same words we began from as an explanation of the Sages), but now we understand them by our heart too.

    In Short:
    1. Love your neughbour as yourself is the basis for our wish to bestow, to thrive and to get stronger on this way.
    2.Awe is the result of our understanding of the damaging effect of our egoistic way of dealling with each other, and the Creator.
    3. the Faith is the power which holds us on the way to act against our egoistic nature, no matter what we feel towards the Creator’s influence on us( weither this influence percieved by our ego as good or bad right now) we continue our spiritual development and remember that the oppinion of others in the group, our loved ones, children and parents are the mark on the exam given to us by the Creator.

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