The sanctuary on earth is opposite G‑d’s sanctuary in Heaven

The three-week long mourning period from the 17th of the month of Tammuz through the 9th of Av is primarily to commemorate the events surrounding the destruction of both the First and Second Temples. While it is difficult for many in this modern age to relate, the Alshich helps us understand our great loss.”They will make a sanctuary for me.” (Ex. 25:8)The message is mind boggling! Who can imagine that G‑d’s Presence can be contained on earth, much less in a man-made structure! When Solomon beheld that the presence of G‑d filled the Temple he had built, he was awed. He realized that this was only possible because the site of Mount Moriah had been the gateway to Heaven since Creation:

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  1. Therefore there was mourning Above and below, for sovereignty was given to the end of the Left [Side]. Thus, because the kingdom of holiness, the kingdom of heaven, was subjugated and the kingdom of evil prevailed, it behooves any man to mourn with Her and be abased with Her:

  2. The sanctity and unity of the Jewish Nation affected rectification for lost holiness:

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