Very interesting article from JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE


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  1. Thank you, Felex, for finding and publitioning detailed infornation about the researches, though we have to believe Immuna mi’al haDaat all the hallakhot,this kind of articles are not needed to prove the Wisdom of our Sages, but are needed for our understanding of complexity and endless overwhelming beauty of human organization of anatomy and physiology.Kabbalists of all the times had to have the most professional knowledge of physics, maths, astronomy, anatomy, physiology, linguestics, music, and other fields of science, becuase when you study the organization of the Creation you may not, but notice the supper interdependence of all its parts, this knowledge feels us with astonishing respect to the amount of knowledge that humanity has up to now, and with even bigger respect to the unknown depth of connections between all the details which are known or unknown to us, to mention just a few of them: when Einshtein’s brain structure was analysed, they found out that it differed from average one, not in the weight or the number of the brain cells, but it differed very much in the number of the connections between the brain cells.

    The organization of brain levels looks very much as organization of connection between spiritual and material worlds:Neurons(grey matter) are excitable cells, that conduct the impluses, that make possible all nervous system function.

    Neuroglia (white matter) don’t conduct information themselves, but support the function of neurons in various ways.Unlike neurons, neuroglia cells retain their capacity for cell division throughout adulthood. Although this characteristic gives them the ability to replace themselves(= to make corrections in spiritual meaning of the terms), it also makes them susceptible to abnormalities ( incorrected forms in kabbalaistic terms) of cell division such as cancer. Most benign and malignant tumors found in the nervous system originate in neuroglia cells ( and as we mentioned above these cells may be replaced).

    The world around us is built according to spiritual laws, and the better we know it, the better we may understand the structure of spiritual worlds. By studing spiritual laws and recogninzing them in every and each particle of the Creation we Mekkadshim Shmo beRabbim, and find a special delight of feeling belonging to the Creation created by the Creator according to the eternal laws, which can be learned,understood and implemented by us, instead of being frightened by unknown.

    We were not ment to blindly believe to everything and to stay constantly in Kattnut, Though Partzuf A”B ends on Tabbur it is the given task we begin our work from.Partzuf A”B ment to be in Gadlut and it is our responcibility to bring it to this state
    when it is extended to this world. But this task may be completed only when we first correct our intention in exploreing the world, and are able to do it for Honor of the Creator and not for pleasing our ego. moden science is impossible without our personal correction, and the most effective way of exploreing the realities around us is by getting corrected through Torah and Mitzvot, many books are written about ” the end of science” but they make one common mistake, it should be written that there is now much use of scince, when we are using it reasults against ourselves, and we’ll be stoped by Higher forces in such exploretions, but qualitativly new science based on the exploration by corrected Humanity may never end, because of its correspondence to Ein Sof Baruch Huh.

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