Haftarah for Ha’azinu-Tehillim(Psalms) Chapter 18

Since we worship a God Who is One in the sense of being absolutely unified (as Rambam stresses), our goal is to forge a unity as close to that as we can from the disparate components of our lives. …In moments of our greatest salvation, we achieve a glimpse of that grand Unity, and our leaders are able to record songs of praise that merge separate elements into a single unit:

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4 Responses to Haftarah for Ha’azinu-Tehillim(Psalms) Chapter 18

  1. Each of us has a prayer that is our own, a shtikele tefilla that sends messages to our inner being with laser-beam accuracy. Obviously, every prayer in the siddur is holy, but for each person there is, or should be, a tefilla that talks to his individual core:


  2. “Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!” (Deut. 32:1):


  3. When Israel is unified and there is peace among them, God is their King–but not when there is strife among them:


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