Another book on Kabbalah in Russian

Introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalh

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  1. I would like to say ,that we should be very careful about the books on Kabbalah, because there are a lot of them and we can easyly follow them ,while most of them are not recommended to read before we don’t have good understsnding of what is Kabbalah and what are the spiritual worlds.We have to differ between books on Kabbalah and textbooks of Kabbalah.
    Many books on Kabbalah may be very interesting and even useful, but we can’t learn anything there if we haven’t studied textbooks first, because as it was stated once and again-the auther of the Kabbalah book may speak from the point of view of Light or Kellim, or he may use both point of view in one and the same book.More then that, it depends very much on what spiritual level has the author himself.Kabbalah told from the Z”A deAssiya differs very much from Kabbalah told from the Binah de Atzilut, and the later will fidder from the Kabbalah which is given to us by Kabbalaists, who were let into Tzimtzum A to bring us nearly and complete understanding of the structure and functioning of the spiritual worlds. So if we are the beginners, one very important thing we have to decide is whether we are going to be dependent on somebodies’ translations or interpritations, or we take very important step from the very beginning to our independence and study Hebrow and only in Hebrow.We don’t have to wait for a long time to get the results. We have to find simple hebrow grammer book, original Kabbalah Textbooks and the person who will be willing to teache us and help us to learn together, without any demands of money or any other ways of using the students such as recording his lectures, building him the website or any other forms of Lehashpia al manat Lakkabel, which is more dangarous form of Ratzon Lekabbal then simply Lekkabel al minat Lekkabel.
    We have to read part by part in Hebrew and translate the passages into our native languages by ORALLY, one may write down new words in order to work with them at home with the help of the dictionary. So little by little we build our Kabbalistic-Hebrew vocabulary, if we study for half a year in this way, we’ll see that Kabbalah has its terminology and we know it already more or less well.
    I strongly recommened to start studing by Ptikha leHokhmat HaKabbalah by Baal Hasulam, BUT with explanations given by Rabash in the form of Ore Barukh and Ore Shalom, and Hahkdammot( introductions) leHokhmat HaEmet also with Ore Barukh and Ore Shalom, both are available on this site for sale. It is of prime inportance for the Kabbalah to be studied with Rabash’s commentaries, becuase they are absolutly essential for our understanding of the matirial. While mastering our Hebrew on the basis of simple grammer book and these two Hakdammot in Hebrew with the help of a right teacher, which is studing Kabbalah from a relaible Rav, and I hope that it is clear, that both Rav and the student we are taught by, should be orthodox observing Jews, who perform all the Mitzvot according to Orthodox Jewish traditions and laws , but I would also strongly recommend that this person would be from Rav Gottlieb’ s students, because today he is the most relible sourse for studing Kabbalah.He is the student of Rabash, he is observant jew, and though Faiga Ashlag, the second wife of Rabash wrote the letter” I believe in rav Laitman”, bringing disgreice not only to herself ,and showing unthankfulness to the high possition she was given to be called the wife of Rabbash,and becoming the permonent grieve for Rabash’s followers, but also to the efforts of Rabash to believe in portantial and sincierety of “russian” jews to study kabbalah Leshma,but before she was blinded by so called Laitman’s succsess, she was the one who gave all 6000 cassettes of recorded Rabash’s lessons and written matirials to Rav Gottlieb.and she herself studed only according to Rav Gottlieb Kabbalah Editions of TES and Articles . We pray for her sense of judgment come back to her again. But I have to mention it , because these 6000 cassettes and the written matirial lef from Rabash’s lessons are very helpful and absolutly necessary study matirial. Baal haSulam students were Raves, they had different level of basic knowledge, when they came to study Kabbalah. Our generation has no basic knowledge at all and Barukh Ashlag took Laitman and Feiga( Inna Luntz) exactly for the purpose of understanding how to explain Kabbalah to those illiteret in spirituality but arrogant with their” high education intellegence” docters , engeneers, teachers, researchers and so on.As we see Rabash knew exactly what “Hommer” he dealt with, but for the sake of coming generations he took on himself the task to make kabbalah be possible to study for those who really what it , because he knew that the ways of Creator are straight and those who go straight(to Leshaspia) will sucseed in this way and those who zigzags ( making fortune or becomimg famous and so on) will finally fail.So it is O.K. to dare to claim the wish to study Kabbalah, though that you don’t know what the word “Torah” is, but it is not recommended to do it for anything, but your personal correction.
    So while we study Hebrew and Ptikha and Introductions , we have to learn a lot in our own language too. First of all Shulkhan Harrukh ( minimum Hallahkot, that we have to know by heart ) and of course to observe them by Emmunah mihal ha daat. And again we have to repeat that there is no use to learn Kabbalah if we don’t observe Mitzvot, because the understanding comes along with personal correcting, and personal correcting is based on performing and observing Mitzvot LeShma- for the purpose of doing His will instead of mine!All the matirial, exept TaNaKh,TES,Zohar,and most advisedTalmud B. abd Y. may be learned in our native language, we may start praying and reading Torah in our language, but with then intention to swicth to Hebrew as quicly qs possible.
    So studing should be devided into two parts.One part that is learned at the lessons with somebody who has knowledge in subject of Kabbalah, and the other part is self- education in Jewish tradition and Law. After first year of intencive study we can progress to study TES and Barukh Ashlag’s Articles.Again it is very important to have TES just and only with Ore Barukh and Ore Shalom, I have to admit Rav’s Gotlieb’s Modesty, though he has been Rabash;s student from the age of 13 years old, he puts his own comments and explanations at the end of the voliums, but it is strongly recommended to read and study them too.We find very good explanations and insights in his comments.
    Keep good pace, don’t try to understand everuthing at the beginning, but write down your questions. We will discover that most of the questions concerning LetterA of the TES will be answered in LetterB or C. And if we not only wrote the questions down ,but try to give or find the answers, we will have a chance to see if we answered them more or less right, comparing them with those given by Baal HaSulam or Rabash.
    Again! WE have to have a reliable person to help us study , and be able to discuss our understanding of topics. If we study for three more years TES abd Articles, we may start learning Zohar abd Torah in Hebrew, befire that it is recommended to study TaNaKh in Pshat, the editions are available in engligh and russian, only we have to be sure it isn’t any other but translations made by orthodox observing jews, it matters a lot.
    In four, five years we’ll be able to read and understand most important part of Kabbalah in Hebrew- TaNaKh, Talmud B. and Y.,TES, ZOhar abd Articles written by Haim Vittal(according to the Arizal teachings), Rav Kuuk, BaalHasulam, Rabash. And only when we will have got the basic knowledge of Kabbalah textbooks, we can read, as Felix puts it< "another" book on Kabbalah in russian, or in engligh, or in Hebrew, or in any other languages, because we won't waste our time on trying to understand it, but we'll be able to find interesting information or insights( if there are any) and to continue our main course of studing TES,TaNaKH, Zohar and Talmud.
    It diesn't matter how long it takes us to study all the above mentioned Kabbalaistic textbooks in Hebrew, what matter is that this study has the beginning, but it has no end. Each time when we study the same Parrashat HaShavvua, or the part from TES, or Massekhet from Talmud, or article from Zohar, the wonder of "how can it be that I've read it for so many times,and I still find it as disclosing its secrets and giving as- if- there- is- no- end- for- them feeling of amaizment" for the true students.
    Along with our progress in spiritual development, our understanding of learned material will get new "flavours" and new "colours", and it will feel us with constant joy of learning something that speaks directly to our souls in its own language. We'll discover the wonder of Hebrew words' roots, the root- branch correlation and we'll be able to help others to go this difficult, long, but most rewarding path in our life.
    So I want to repeat: as much as it can be tempting to learn Kabbalah in any other language, but Hebrew, in the long run, we'll see that we made a big mistake, and if these textbooks are not those published with Ore Barukh and Ore Shalom with rav Gotlieb's supervision and comments, because non-kosher groups( most BB and KS) can't be rely upon their editions of TES and Zohar, articles and the rest of heredity left to us by true Kabbalists.
    And in general: we may trust to our soul in learning Kabbalah only if we perform and observe all the Mitzvot, because only then our soul gets rid og Klippot and can help us to tell genuine knoelrdge from speculating about Kabbalah.And finally I'd like to repeat Baal HaSulam explanation, which stays, that if in three or five years we haven't made the progress and still" sitting under Makhsom and trying to get the answer whether we have to observe Mitzvot or not" -of course it is may way of putting BaalHaSulam's message to those who relies upon Home- made experts, instead of following Rabash's inner work instractions written in his articles, we are in a wrong place, with the wrong teacher.
    So I wish all of us good luck and G-d's Mercy to help us to find right place to studyKabbalah and to be granteed the Honeur to perform His Wish in the form of Mitzvot LeShma, Because if we fulfil Our Creator's Wish ,He will Fulfil the true Wish of Our Soul- To Get to Know Its Creator.

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