Kabbalah lessons

Good archive of Kabbalah lessons: http://www.kesertorah.org/audio_shiurim.html#kabbalah

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  1. I would like to pay our attention to the fact , that there is a big difference between lessons and lectures.Most of the recorded matireal on the websites, including the one we are talking about,aren’t lessons.We may listen to them when ever we have time and get many interesting information in them, but we can’t learn much in this way, and espessially when it comes to study Kabbalah.
    So let’s discuss the main differences between lectures and lessons for us to be clear where we stand and not to expect something from lectures, which they have no potential to give, instead of having real Kabbalah Lessons.
    For the kind of study to be called lesson, you have to decide what exact days you study ,for how long and what matirial should be studied. You have to have constant partner or partners and the presence should be obligatory, while at the lecture is not. You may download it and listen whenever you have time. The lesson should be built in a very proper way for all the participents to have posibility to participate in studing.We have to read a piece, then we have to discuss each and every word and line, to ask questins, to try to find answers, in short the lesson needs your active participation, while at the lecture you may dream, sleep what so ever.After the lesson you continue to study the chosen piece by checking your answers with the original texts, and learning yourself as much as your free time permites you.Need’t to say that you have to study only according to original Kabbalah books, and even if it take much more time to read and translate it, we should’t give up and substitute it with other form of material.And of course the main question is where do we get a real teacher? There are some tips for us not to make a mistake. The teacher can be only the Talmid Hakham, and how do we know that he is the one? Talmid Hakahm will never take money for teacing in any form including Mahasser! Because he knows( He is Talmid Hakham!) that the payment for teaching others Kabbalah comes in the form of our students Hissaron, and there is no bigger price then Sakhar Mitzvah- Mitzvah.But one can get any sum of money for the lecture, because he doesn’t use necesserilly his listeners’ Hisarron for the lecture.But the lecturer has no right to choose his audiences, he is paid, and he has to do his job.Kabbalah lessons are very much dependent on interaction between the students and the teacher, and active participation in demanded, so if somebody isn’t fit for such kind of work, and his presence make debilitating influence on all the rest of the class, he may be asked to leave.The lecturer has no responsibility for the level of progress of each and every student, while the teacher has.The lecturer doesn’t check the understanding of the matiriel by his student before teaching new matiriel, but the teacher has to. At the leacture the questions are answered by lecturer only ,while in the class the teacher may chalenge one of his students to answer another student question.
    The Kabbalist may not take money for teaching Torah ,but he may take as much as he thinks is proper to charge for teaching the art of reading Torah.We may read and listern to as many lectures as we wish, but TaNaKh, TES, Zohar,TalmudB. and Y. should be studed by each of us in the form of Lessons ,if we are interested in Kabbalah and not in what others have to say about it.So I don’t mean to say that lectures are of no use, on the contrary, they may be very useful and very helping in your studing Kabbalah and Jewish tradition, but they may not and must not come instead of Kabbalah Lessons, which demand your active participation, as if there is nobody ,but you and Creator for you to stady from.

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