Shavuot based on Baal HaSulam

Very good article written by Rabbi Fievel Okowita based on Baal HaSulam teachings


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  1. First of all I would like to stress again,that the proper way of saying”whatever special spiritual “ore” “light” shined on that day,shines every year on that day” is whatever possibility of revealing of light was given at the first Shavuot is given each year on this day and it is a spesial day of Hittareruta de leyilla and Our Hakhammim told us “to look for the G-d when He is Near” and Shavuot IS one of those days and if we are able to give the correspondent Hittareruta de lettatta, then we’ll be able to get the light of “mattan Torah”( and there are really some good articles on this topic in Shammati and it is better to read them again and again then to try to retell them).Second-as we know giving Torah and receiving Torah is a prossess of entering the lights in to the vesseles ,so I wouldn’t speak about “its PEAK of Holiness” though there was certainly a high level of spirituality of jewih people at the time of “mattanTorah” but it wasn’t “its peak” because middrash says that but for Moshe “Jewish Nation” would overslept the whole prossess of “Mattan Torah” and if we take and see the difference between “He and His name is One” and ” He is One andHis name is One” we can understand that the status of “like one man with one heart” correspnds to “HE and his name is One” when Jewish Nation did received Torah BUT through Moshe’s hittarerutta de lettata and they themselves were just present at that moment and That is why they could’t stand more than Two Commandments and asked Moshe to be the reciever and transferer of G-d WILL to them.And why G-d saw it as GOOD? -because He liked their ability to recognize the truth- that the only person who was at his Peak of receiving Torah was Moshe,so the correspondent level of “HE is One and His Name is One” is when each and every of Jewish people will be on the level of Moshe- meaning being able to receive Torah,and it is the true meaning of “each Jew should write Torah during His life”-each jew being on the level of Moshe Ha Rabbeinu G-d bless him.And then the prossess of lights entering the vessels which started on the first Shavuot would come to the complition- all the lights in their corresponding Kellim- all Torah in each jewish person. And I absoulutly agree with the article that each year we should try to do our best to get ready for such prominent possibility to reveal the light of Torah and to be able to learn IT all the night as Rabbi Akiva and his friends could speak about Exodus from Egept on Pessah.

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