Visualization of Kabbalah

I’ve heard a lot about Rabbi Gittik – he is very respected in Russian-speaking circles. With his background in mathematics his approach to Torah is very practical – he breaks down PSHAT into DROSH and brings many gems to folks who were raised to think intellectually rather than emotionally.

Rabbi Gittik known for his Academia for Torah learning focused on Russian speaking folks with similar background. The slogan of his school is “If yesterday is like today, so why do we need tomorrow?”.

I was very surprised to learn that Rav Gittik now publicly advertises the works of Baal HaSulam and encourages his students to learn Kabbalah based on Sulam. He even produced a book called Visualization of Kabbalah where he brings down drawings based on Baal HaSulam. The book is in Russian and can be found here:

His website in Russian is:

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  1. I tryed to find the book,here in Israel russian book stores, but they don’t have it. What publishing house does it belong to. What i found is Pinkhas Pollonsky books on Torah, and they have some intersting consepts and understandings of the Adam and Avrkham, i think they are worth reading, and he also studies Kabbalah, and you may feel it while reading his books.

    He has also a intresting explanation in Russian for Siddur, where it isn’t only translated into Russian, but have explanations for each prayer, very helpful for the biginners, and very easy to grab the main consepts of the prayer.

  2. I haven’t got the book yet, but i have read Rav Gitik’s comments on Torah on his site. May be recomended for the beginners, as a free-time reading for a posibility to say” thanks G-d, I was lead to Baal HaSulam and Rabashi’s books and didn’t waste the time on endless sites, that somehow try to make a state within the STATE, and pull the attention of the people to the three trees that they have, instead of using them for the bridge between us and the Mekkubalim who were given the possibility to make Kabbalah suitable for our generation, and to study and teach it in its original form-TES and Zohar and giving their own comments at the same time, as for ex. does rav Gottlieb, and did Rabash.

    The auther is well-read in general and has his orriginal language, though not yet his original thoughts, most comments are based on the explanation of the previous comments such as Rashi, Midrashim and classical and modern commemtators of Torah, and may look intresting for the people who never heard any comments on Torah, but Lenin’s ” religion is the opium for the people” attitued, and may be never even read Torah once, because Lenin’s comment was enough for most of them. For such an audience there may be intresting moments in these comments.

    The comments are fragmentary insights of the auther shared with his students, the leading motivation is the intelectual and intelegent indevours of the auther in the field of Torah,the very soviet motivation, which was the top motivation, because the spiritual inner work of self- correction was made in Magadan and other far away situated ” soviet spiritual centers”and still feared by many people though soviet state doesn’t exist anymore, but the result of this fear and intelectual- intelegent motivation is the feeling” so what that you have a spiritual super rockets, we are quite happy in driving our cart, and as you see we even don’t need any horses, we are very modest and we pull it ourselves.”

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