A glimpse into life of a Kabbalist

Many of you got hooked into Kabbalah by thinking that with three years of *study* (read: watching TV from  family couch for an hour a day or coming to a lecture a few times a week) you’ll be flying through spiritual worlds like a fish in a sea.

Here is a glimpse into a life of a real Kabbalist. Do yourself a favor, read it carefully….


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  1. To Felix, thank you for posting intresting information on the site. i also recommend to listen to Zamir Kohen’s explanation on Rav’s death made on 9 beAv, I also want to say that there was Rav Gottlieb’s very interesting speech, right before the end of 9 beAv, on hiddabrot channel, worth listening to, and may be even translating into english and russian, becuase he explains the basic things, one must know to understand the purpose of inner work, and the meaning of uncorrected Ratzon LeKabbel.I also recomend to listen to the lectures of Rav Fanger, he gives a lot of tips for inner work, and his explanations on the Kabbalah topics are very simple, but very exact, and most useful.Of course, I don’t mean to say that we study from TV programs, but sometimes there are very good lectures, and it helps you to understand what you are studing and that you understanding things properly, because if you listern to many Ravs and your soul likes the things you hear, it means that they are Kosher, and it helps you to tell Kdusha from Tumma, because the difference sometimes is in smallest ditails, and there are so many people pretend to understand Kabbalah, that the bigginer may easely make a wrong choice, becuase they all speak very smoothly, but when I saw Michael Laitman’s programs for 9 beAv, I didn’t need to understand what he and his followers were saying it was enough for me to see Laitman drinking his coffe, and each and every of his students and the guests of his 9 beAv programs had a glass of water and a cup of coffee near them , two at the same time, and though Rabbi Abuhatzira didn’t like to hear anything disgrasing and disgasting about jews, I can’t keep silent when I see this kind of behavior by the person who claims to be Rav Baruch Ashlag’s( Rabbash) student, at the time when all the Israel that believe in G-d, moan the distruction of two Temples, Laitman made his students and guests to have evident sigh of being different from all the rest of the people of Israel, when I saw non-religious poeple on this day that try not to drink or eat in public, this people have a feeling of belonging to israel and even if they don’t keep Torah and Mitzvot kiHallakha, but they have elementary shame of doing something so disspeakable, as BB did on 9 beAv, and I don’t think, that not seeing it or not speaking about it is the right way, because we have some categories of people who are allowed to eat and drink during the fasting days, but I don’t believe, that if a person has even the smallest part of Israel in his soul, he will sit and drink coffe in public, when it is the most griving day in all our history. I really feel sorry for Laitman and his followers, because they lost the way completely, but what is even more tragic, that they lost there identity too, and as the cell that looses its identity is call malignant, I may only state that Laitman and his BB is the malignancy of Israel and I call to each and every person to fight this organisation in all acceptable by law ways to stop the spread of the malignancy! I see that there are people that enter the site though they never write there comments, but it is your own matters, but I ask your to help to use all you can to inform you friends and relatives of what is true and what is wrong, when it comes to basic thing such as moaning of the distruction of the Temples,I just feel the truth of what they mean when they say, that if the jews observe Torah and Mitzvot they are the children of the Creator and the Light for all Humanity, but when they turn away from Torah and Mitzvot they become worse than Perri Adam, they become heartless beasts, that drink coffee, when real animals feel more,and these are not just words. I have a dog, and when he sees that the family is fasting he never touch his food though it has it free in its plate, and nearly and never touch the water! So I want to say again that not many of as can be like Rav Abuhatzirra, or other great Israeli Ravs, but as an ordenary people we should remember that observing Mitzvot and learning Torah are not MUTTAROT(extra), learning Torah and performimg Mitzvot is EKHRAKKI’UT- the bacis neccecety to remain human!

  2. Felix says:

    Can you share a link to this speech? I would be very interested to listen to it.

  3. Felix says:

    Yeshiva of the Inner Light
    Institute for the Study of Kabbalah
    Message for Tishah BaAv 5771 ( 2011)

    Today is Tisha BaAv, the fast day of the ninth of the month of Av. It is the
    fast day designated for mourning our going into Exile with the destruction of the
    “Bais HaMikdash” “Temple”. The destruction of both Temples, the beginning of
    the Spanish Inquisition, and the beginning of WW1 (which ultimately led to WW2)
    all happened on this day of Tishah BaAv (TB). Indeed this is the day to mourning
    all Jewish suffering linked to our present exile.
    The Ari”zal asks the following question regarding Tishah BaAv: Why is it
    that on the day of TB, later on, after mid-day towards Mincha time we see that
    some of the mourning observances become more lenient. For example after mid
    day we no longer are required to sit like mourners on the floor or a low chair.
    The Talmud teaches us that it was actually late in the day of TB towards
    evening when the actual fire that ultimately burned down the Temple was ignited.
    And since that fire burned throughout Minchah time on TB during the day time, it
    would reason to have more stringent mourning observance later in the day on TB
    (not the opposite!?).
    In brief the Ari”zal answers that actually when the Yidden began to be killed
    by the enemy on TB they concluded that that was the final end. And that there
    would be no future for Klay Yisrael! But after mid day at Minchah time when the
    fire that destroyed the Temple was ignited the Yidden were actually joyful. That
    is because they now saw that HaShem will “take out” his anger on the wood and
    stones and allow the Temple to be destroyed, rather than allowing the Yidden to
    be destroyed. Had the Temple itself not have been destroyed at that time there
    really would not have been any future existence for the Yidden. Therefore it wasactually a great moment of happiness and comfort for the Yidden when they
    witnessed the Temple going up in flames on TB at Mincha time, therefore the
    reason for having more lenient mourning observance on TB after mid-day.
    Another reason from the Ari’zal is that according to the Medrash, Moshiach
    will be born on TB at Minchah time .
    We see from here that even at the darkest moments, HaShem is a “Tov
    Umaytiv” “Is Good ,and does (only) Good”, just at the time we do not always
    conceive this. On the contrary from specifically the darkest moments wil come
    forth, the realization of Hashems survival of the Yidden acording to the first
    reason, but eventually our ultimate redemption with the coming of Moshiach that
    will blossom out of the darkness.
    May we merit to the Redemption Speedily in our days

  4. to Felix, we here in Israel have cable TV, I have subscription for “HOT” company and BB’s channel is 66, on Tisha beAv, all day long they had all kind of programs, but one thing that united them all were the glasses of water and cups of coffee for each participent. For example today, that the Fasting is over, they had only glasses of water, so I think they offered two drinks to each of them on Tisha beAv to stress that they do everything in there “souls”, so while mourning the Temples in their “souls”, they drink freely to differ themselves from the rest of the Israeli people. Actualy I am very pressed for time and I just sometimes have a look at what they are doing there, but if you want to laugh you may find this channel and listen to Laitman’s answers to his students’ questions, it is the “best” part of his lessons, some days ago, at the lesson where they learned Ptikha, one of his students asked him a question about complexity of relationship between the Creator and creation, the answer started like this:” Yes, actually the Creator has a problem…” needless to continue and repeate his nonsence.There is endless chain of his “pearls”, but even more interesting is to wacth his students faces when they got his answers. But all in all I really feel pity for them. They get up so early ,they come to these lessons, and actually years after years, hear the same explanations, that they don’t feel spiritual worlds, becuase they are not good enough in disseminating Kabbalah, and interconnecting with each other, and involving others into their trap.It showes us everyday on TV what happens with those, who stop performing Mitzvot.I think HaShem spescially opened this channel to show all the jewish people and all the world, the results of betrail of the way taught by our Sages. I hope they won’t have to study Laitman’s kabbalah for 40 years before HaShem shows them His love and mercy and open their eyes and let them see that actually it is them who have a problem. Hashem Oz leAmmo Itten HaShem Ivvarekh etAmmo beShalom.

  5. As for the channel where there was Rav’s Gottlieb lecture it is called Hidabroot, and in “HOT” company system it is channel 97, it is in Hebrew, but if you want to listen to some lectures they are available on http://www.hidabroot.org.il, again these lectures can’t be used as the basis matirial for the lessons, but you may find there very good tips and explanations for inner work and kabbalah concepts, you just should spend some time and listen to some lectures and find who’s explanations, and the way of presenting the issues are most interesting to you specifically,and it may be your extra curriculum study, but never ever substitude study according to Kabbalaistic books with the lectures. Just time from time check your understanding with there moden Kabbalaists and it will show you, if your understanding of the purpose of inner work and kabbalaistic concepts are right.

    The same with extra curiculum books on Kabbalah, just let yourself some space and find the authers you are interested to read, don’t forget to leave some time for other fields of human activity, such as scientific reseaches, cultural trends and most inportant to have something being constantly studed, on the constant basis, be it Kabbalah lessons or your academic degrees, be involed in political and public fields of activity, becuase Kabbalah isn’t a theory, it is the most powerful instruction for secceeding the purpose to get corrected. In jewish tradition when we bless the newborn we say;” let him grow for Torah, Mittzvot, Hkuppa, and” MAASIM TOVIM” kabbalah should be implemented in everyday life, it should become our way of thinking, the way of taking decisions, acting, dealing with people everywhere and all the time, but the preporation is started with the study, and be very careful about the place you study Kabbalah. you may make a mistake in extra curriculum lecture or book, but you may not make a mistake about the textbooks and the teachers.Only by having right books and right teacher and your power of will to be corrected, you may hope and pray for the Creator to help you on this way ,as we see both prayer(right line) and persomal effort( left line) are needed for Creator to help us ( Middle line), if we don’t make personal efforts we have nothing to pray about, and if we are working as donkeys, without stoping and thinking about what i am learning, what I need it for, and even the question which may sound like following, if I were the Creator would I want may children to be like me, to study what i study, and to speand their time the way I spend it, I hope that our answers will be YES, and if they are still NOT VERY MUCH we have to arrange our life the way we would want our children to have it , instead of thinking and hoping that may be our children’s life will be different, We should remember that King Salomon built the Temple, because his father King David got everything ready for him, and it was King David who detected the right place for the Temple, though the previous generations that lived in Erretz Israel for 480, didn’t do any effort to find the right place for the Temple. There is actually no permonent state of Ain , there is the state of Yesh miAin= realization of potential, for the stating the purpose of Creation as most prominent act of LOVE of the Creator, which was done for the Creation to be able to enjoy the abilities of the Creator in realization the purpose of the Creation in physical world , and not in our books, or minds, or imagination. The books, and lectures,and Knowledge of Torah and performing Mitzvot are not the purpose, they are the means of getting the Creator’s level for the purpose of genuine betstowl by the Creation to ITS Creator.

    We have to make minimal effort to take Oill Malkhut Shammaim on ourselves and to learn to put away our wish of getting satisfaction here and now, and we will be granted the endless unfouldment of our spiritual potential which has its presentation in realization in the matiriel world.Each of us is the unique part of this plan, but the Creator gave us the work to do and if we don’t cooperate we are pushed up, and if we don’t understand the meaning of our lifting, the spirituality let us go, and the fall is very painful, not becuase the Creator wanted to hurt us, but becuase we lost the time given to us to bind ourselves with the spiritual system, and the fact that the spaceship is gone and we are just left in open empty space without the way, without the purpose, without any interests,, any idea of the creation, and out of complete darkness we get the effect of VERTIGO, when we don’t know where is the earth and where is the sky, but the problem is that we think that we are alright, but something is worng with the Creator, and we understand that we are wrong too late, only when we fall down and got broken .So again, find the relaible teacher and the real textbook, becuase when you will have VERTIGO affect, the only way out is to get hold to Hokhmey (Sages) of Israel, and physicaly perform Mitzvot, they will help us on our way to fulfilment of the realization of the purpose of Creation.My personal advice is to follow Rav Gottlieb’s lessons and his publication of the Kabbalah textbooks, and when you are sure that you mastered them you may widen your Books on Kabbalah study.We may think we understand the explanetions of the TES, and Zohar, TaNaKh, and Talmud, but the moment we leave original books and look for the short ways, there is nearly and no way to help us becuase we personaly deny this help. We have ti remember that spiritual is built on cooperetion and mutual understanding and if you don’t understand why you are taught look for another place and another teacher ,because your soul feels what is right for it and what is wrong, and its voice is strengthened by putting on you Ratzon Lekabbel the cage of Mitzvot, if you Mitzvot are imagenable, or self made they will naver hold the Ratzon Lekabbel in its form as energy for doing actions of Hashpa’a, the cage will get broken, and you will be at the mercy of youself, and King David says that it is better to be at the Mercy of the Creator, and we have to believe Him till we know it for sure. The System of correction is built and checked by many generations of jewish people ,the disconnections with this System are discrised in History as most devastating periods for our people, nobody gains from out disconnection, neither we nor other nations, becuase their progress is closely connected with ours, so find the connection and hold strongly and never let it go by Emmuna mi’al HaDaat, don’t invent the wheel, it was invented long ago, learn to use it to generate the speed of Light. BeHatzlakha.

  6. Felix says:

    Are you sure these were not recorded lessons on BB channel? They typically try to be discrete when it comes to not observing mitzvot. As for the people there – it can be understood. Think about it – they’ve been coming to these 3AM lessons every single day, and yet after 10 (some 20) years they still ask Laitman how come they didn’t cross the machsom that he promised for them to cross after three years with him. It takes a lot to face yourself and admit that you wasted time – it’s easier to keep going at the same pace than change something.

  7. even if they were recorded lessons, they can’t put cups of coffee and glasses of water, and in one of programs laitman himself drank coffee. Mar’it haAin is a very important Halakha, and if you record the lessons and interviews for such a day, wuoldn’t you think about this,or just about himself? there was a program where he sits with his daugther and she asks him the guestions about 9 beAv, and near each of them there were glasses of whater and coffee. Another program is for new- comers, and each of them(there were five of them) had both-water and coffee, and even if it was recorded, so many focus was on these cups and glasses, they were shown on the level of importance of the people.When ever they have the word combination Torah and Mitzvot, laitman doesn’t let anybody say anything, he just declear, that Mitzvort are the parts of our wish,he differs all the time relegious jews and states that judaism and kabbalah are two different fields: one is relegion, and the other is sience, so the time is over when he try to be discret, and they continue to wear kippot, and do everything for people not to dare to connect kabbalah with the necessity of performing Mitzvot through the physical actions.There is no excuse for there exhibition of cups of coffee,amd glasses of water, even if all the lessons and programs were recorded.You are too good to them by trying to find excuses. I feel also sorry for them, but they don’t feel sorry for people who wants to learn from all their hearts and are used for laitman’s ambitions.

  8. prema says:

    i am not jewish so would you kindly explain the problem of having water and coffee on the table during the lectures.

    i know he drinks tea if this makes any difference.

  9. prema says:

    i am not jewish so would you kindly explain the problem of having water and coffee on the table during the lectures.

    i know he drinks tea if this makes any difference.

    does it have to do with fasting

  10. prema says:

    is rav kolyakovs teaching authenic kabbalah?? i found some of his teaching online and feel he is very sincere. let me know what you think

  11. PREMA says:

    sorry for my error i realize now that kolyakovs is not a rabbie, but a website. so my question is what are your feeling toward this website and its teachings?

  12. To Prema, there is no any problem of having tea, coffee, water, except that it was prisented on BB’tables on the day of FASTING!9 beAv is the day when two our Temples were distroyed, and many other tragic events happened to jewish people, It is the saddest day in all our history and that is why we are mourning on this day, and we don’t eat or drink, and have some other restrictions. This day is given to us for analysing our ways, and improving our deeds. We are not supposed to seat on the chairs, it is the day of grieve! The behaviour of BB abd laitman in personal was espescially offensing the feeling of jewish people, becuase there must be something Human in a person to understand that when you call people to cooperate you should think on the basis of what they are supposed to be united.And it was a spescial day to put the differencies aside and to join all jewish people in their grieve.The importance of the Temple is so great that if all the nations could understand what they are loosing, that jewish people had no Temple they would do everything for the Temple to be built, enough to say that during Sukkot( on of the jewish holydays) there were spescial prayers for all the people in the world, and the prosperity of all the nations were garanted by these prayers. But because of the creatures such as Laitman, people get absolutly wrong understanding about Judaism, and feel cheated, becuase of his false promises, which have no possibility to be realized. I am very sorry for his activity, the greed for ruling over the people makes him betray his teacher’s teaching and the souls of his poor students, which constantly ask him questions, and are afraid to see the truth. One of the principles of Judaism is the obligation to believe in One and Only Creator, through the straight relationship with him. If you substitude your right to be in straight relationship with the Creator by letting somebody else to do it for you, it is the hardest sin in spirituality and you are punished by spiritual blindness.Unfotrtunetly people forget their high origin, that the Creator loves us all and wants to help each of us personnaly, and we are not supposed to rely upon anybody, but the Creator Himself. Of course we have great Sages in Israel and we learn a lot from them, but we learn the ways to make our own connection with the Creator and not substitute the connection with the Creator by connection with these Sages. One of the explanations that Moshe Rabbe’inu didn’t enter Israel, and died before people of Israel entered their country, is for the people to get stronger believe in G-d that only He and nobody else, as great a sage he may be, stands after all that happens in this world.

    The betrail of Laitman of his teacher Barruch Ashlag’s way is not so tragic for Israeli people becuase we have a lot of Rabbis to learn from, the tragedy of his behaviour is exactly towards non- jewish people, who were attracted to the study of Kabbalah and were used by him whether qulitativly, or quantativly, for his ambitious purposes to be the “Saver” of the world, while he is separetied already from all the jewish people and try to conviens those who still try to get to spirituality through his herisy, that his way is the only true one. he isn’t recognized by any of israeli groups, neither academic nor, religious, and he is fighting his students all the time ,because they want, as you, to get any resonable answers from him, he gets neuvous, and blame them for not understanding his teaching, and suppresses their will by making fools of each of them, who dare to question his ansrwers. But as I said his transmision of programs on 9 beAv showed his real face of heatless person, which lack any human feelings, and his disgasting behaviour and pretence will be sooner or later be discovered by all the people.

    He uses clever phrases, but all his “wisdom” isn’t new to anybody. it is clear to jews and non- jews, that the only way that the Creator wants us to exist is in love and understanding, support, and mutual progress, these ideas were brought to the world by Avraham Avinnu,the question is how to come to this level. And the answer is- through learning Torah and Performing Mitzvot the way our Sages performed them including BaalHaSulam and Rabash,7 Mitzvot for non-jewish people and 620 for Jewish ones, if somebody of non jews wants to join us we never were against it ,but you have to understand the level of responsebility for such an action, and that is way before letting somebody to join us we have to explain the person his obligations and only if he want to take them on, out of pure love for the Creator, and not any other resaons ,there is a spescial way of joining jewish people called conversion.I want to appolagize to all non-jews for laitman’s irresposible behavior, for his cheating the people, who has no means to read and listern to original texts and real isreali Rabbis,and I again suggest to everybody interested in Kabbalah, and Judaism to learn Hebrew, and in this and only this way one can protect himself from people like laitman and to pray to the Creator to show him his role in the creation and connect him with the original sourses of spirituality. Laitman’s hericy of Performimg Mitzvot in the way of known to him only way, without physical actions is the illusion of an ill man, and it is the way he should be viewed, and as they say you may not be angry with the ill person, becuase he is ill, and so should be viewed by all the people jewish or non-jewish, and to be prayered for the Creator to open his eyes and make Tshuvva, before it is to late.

    Hope I made it clear and wish you to find the connection with the Creator for him to teach you what the real connection between the people should be, and be able to fulfil your unique role.

  13. Felix says:


    I believe this website contains the answers to your questions – please go through earlier posts before you ask


  14. Hacham Ovadia Yosef had a thirst for Torah that is an example to all of us. Early one morning, his son woke up to finding his father lying on the floor studying. Alarmed, he asked his father, “Why is the Rav on the floor?”
    Hacham Ovadia replied, “I woke up early to learn, climbed on a ladder to get a book and fell on the ground. I tried calling for help, but it was too painful and no one heeded my call, so instead of lying on the floor and simply writhing in pain and wasting time, I grabbed the sefer I could reach and decided to learn.” It was later discovered that he had broken a bone in his back that required surgery:


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