On Sukkot we sit in tents (Sukkah) to commemorate the clouds of glory that surrounded Israel when they went in the desert. Now let’s play with the numbers

Gematria of word Suka (Samech Vav Kaf Heh) = 91

Gematria of word Angel (M A La Ch) = 91

Gematria of word AMEN (A M N) = 91

Gematria of ADNI + YHVH = 65 + 26 = 91

Thus one who sits in Sukka is literally surrounded by the Glory of Creator – Gvurah (65) & Chasadim (26)

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  1. As Baal HaSulm and Rabash explain in their articles, Sukkot is the correction of the Kav Smol- left line( Pesakh- right line and Shavuot- middle one), and it means we have seven days to correct Z”T( seven lower sfirrot) and it is a very intensive work. We have to compare our qualities with seven Hushpessin, and each day of Sukkot we have a very difficult work to do, and we have to do it with the Great joy of fulfilling the Mitzvah, we build Sukkah out of all kind of materiels that don’t look very handdy or of any value and it means that we don’t have any unuseful qualities, all of them may be used for fulfilling the Mitzvot, but as we carefully choose 4 Minnin to be Kosher, and follow all the Halakhot in building Sukkah, the same exact we should be in comparering our qualities to the qualities of Avraham-Hessed, Itzkhak-Gvurra, Yakov-Tifferet, Moshe- Nessekh, Aharron-Hod, Yosef-Yessod, and David-Malkhut, and each spescial quality should be analysed and presented with the prayer to the Creator to be corrected.

    As we know we are written the verdict for the next year on Rosh HaShanna and we have it sealed on Yom Kippur, but till Hoshanna Rabbakh we have a chance to tell our last statement to the Suprim Court of the Heavens, and we should really work on it because it is called in Hebrew Pitkkit -small piece of parper with a short messadge, what acctualy I have to say to convience the Court to sentense me to LIFE.

    And as Rabbash says the best thing to ask for and pray for is the Correction, because this world is the world of the Correction and our wish to be corrected is the strongest arguement for us to be heard in Heavens.

    And this is the Joy of this Holiday, the Joy of deapper inner work which makes Nakhat Ru’akh to the Creator and helps us hold the Kavvana leShma, we are glad to make the work HaShem wants us to make, we feel spescial bond with the Creator, because to correct something we need to speak openly about it with somebody, and there is nobody better to discuss our problems with than the Creator Himself, we have to remember that the truth should be told, but the form of the truth should be to oneself about onself and not about others or to others. All what we know about our qualities we should tell to the Creator and ask Him for the correction.

    The Joy of deappest analysis of our inner spiritual world and the prayer for the Correction, the Analysis of the qualities of Hushpessin and asking for being granted our last wish, the wish to get out of the Edo grap and to feel unity with all the creation, the unity within oneself, feeling that we do believe that the Creator is always here with us, waiting for us to speak to Him and ask Him to help us is the Work of getting ready to incliud the Left line into the Right one on peshakh and finnaly getting the Middle one on Shavvuot.

    As our Sages say there are times spescial for each Kind of spiritual work and if we use it correctly we build our Kosher spiritual body and through it get connecred with the corresponding spiritual world.By performing Mitzvot we actually sqeeze out of ourselves Tummah and through inner spiritual work put in Kddusha, and little by little we get a complete exchange.Our Ego isn’t the same in each of its parts, it also has a lot of different forms and the way of expressing itself, and each Mitzvah works on a special part, and if we miss oportunity of performing any of them we may be left with spiritual disabled body, which may not be seen, but very much felt in the form of our worldviewing, positive attitude, feelings towards people and ourselves, if we were completely awere of the influence of the disability of our spiritual body on every field of our life we would be waiting any oportiunity to fulfill the smallest Mitzva, because as they say we never know what is the Sakhar for which Mitzvah.And we have a lot of Mitzvot on Sukkot and we have a lot of inner work to do, So let us not miss these great possibilities the Creator gave to us, as Ptikha stays” Barrati Yetzer haRah, barrati Torah Tavlin”(I made ego, I gave Torah-possibility to mend it), and get to the higher spiritual levels with Immuna,Hannavah, Avodda leShma and haShem’s Help.

    Hug sukkot Same’akh leKullam.

  2. yehudith says:

    i like the numerological values that you find and try to find some more, what I found is, that Tishtrei is 910= 91 10 times, and that the number of Kurbanot for the go’im is 14, 7 times sheep, 2, 7 times rams and 70 oxen together make 182 which is 91 twice, Gematri’a of Zman Simkhateinu is 901, which is equal in Gematri’a Kttana.

    I hope there is no mistakes, once I were good at math.

  3. We know in general the explanation of 4 Minnim.
    Etrog-the group of jews which are rich in Torah and good deads.
    Lullav-the group which is less rich in Torah, but is rich in good deads.
    Etz Avvot- the group which is rich in Torah, but less rich in good deads.
    Arravot- the group which is still on their way to Torah and good deads.

    We put them all together and put in active movement, becuase the work of one of us can’t be done by anybody else, and in this way we show the Unity of all Israeli People as One.

    But to understand how these 4 minnim work in one person one has to sit in Sukka and to learn it throgh his own experience.
    Here are just some tips, which we find in Zohar and Shamati articles.

    One of the divisions that Zohar gives for 4 Minnim is

    Etrog-as a symbol of heart
    Lullav- as vertebra between the two levels which are the place of Brith and Moakh HaDa’at
    Etz Avvot- as symbol of eyes
    Arravot- as symbol of mouth

    There are a lot of work connecting with Shmirat Einaim, Lashon haRah,Hirrkhurei HaLev, and overcoming the lower insticts and giving them Human forms.And one of the experiences of this Kind we have while sitting in Sukkah.

    First thing that you learn, that you should always look into your own plate= “minding your own bussness”, becuase the possibility of an insect falling into your plate is very high if you look around instead of looking into your own plate.

    next we should control every word that we say, because while sitting in Sukkah you can never know or see who is outside and may hear all you are saying ( the wall of Sukkah are very thin, you know).

    And when we have to mind your own business and to think over each word you say, your Heart starts Hirrhurrim which would have never been known to you hadn’t you been in Sukkah for actually day( eating and learning) and night( sleeping, which is a piece of experience by its own level of chalenge), we all of a sudden feel that ” there is no better place than home, but we are commanded to be out of it for seven days, what to do? So we need a spescial Hidgabrut to overcome our lowest instincts of irritation and anger and to raise them into Moakh Hada’at for correction= transforming negative energy of irritation into the possitive energy of acception and joy for all the situations in our life.

    We may be better in one field of our personality than in others, but we may not cut out of ourselves what we don’t like or don’t want to have, the only right way to deal with the problematic sphires in us is the transforming of the negativity=Tummah into the possitivity=Kdusha, we all have these 4 levels=4Minnim inside us and uniting them by including them in performing the Mitzvot of Hug haSukkot is the work which finnally brings us a great joy of possitive transformantion which we would never have experienced hadn’t we had been given these wonderful Mitzvot of Sukkot Holidays. Don’t miss the oportunity of your LIFE. No discriptions are worth one week spent in Sukkah according to all the Hallakot , one thing I can promiss you that you will get the amout of Hissaron for your inner work enough for the whole year, and as Rabbash teaches us the only thing we need is Hissaron, the Light will come becuase It never went anywhere anyway.

    Mohadim Le Shimkha.

  4. Zohar gives very intresting explamation for spiritual influence of sitting in Sukkah on the person’s spiritual correction.

    Zohar points out that the roof of Sukkah -Skhakh is compared with the Shadow which in Hebrew is Tsel, and the four walls of Sukkah are the Mem Soffit- surrounding the one which sits inside by all the four sides, together Skhskh and walls make Tzel+ Mem= Tzelem which we have before the First sin, so by sitting in Sukkah we reforming our distorted by sins spiritual form into the Tzelem given to us by our Creator.

    But even if you had no possibility to build four-walled Sukkah, and build only the minimum, but still Kosher Sukkah which according to Hallakha has to have two complete walls and the third one no less that Tefakh you may also experience something of a special kind- the embrase( hug) of the Creator. The Sages compare the two walls with the two parts of the folded arm and the third wall with the hand, so this kind of Sukkah walls look like the Arm of the Creator hugging the person sitting inside.

    Enjoy the “free” correction by just sitting in Sukkah and having a loving hug which may encourge you for the closer experience with the Creator through performing His Mitzvot.

  5. Some intresting information from article 4Minnim( Zohar, VeIkhi), the article strats with reminding us that each action in this world make a certain difference in the spiritual one, that each subject in this world has its root on spiritual one, and asks a question why should we make movements with 4Minnim, and answers to awoke the joy.
    To understand the answer on the level of inner work we should be attentive to the fact tha the article reminds us that Sukkot comes after Kippur- level of Binnah and as being in Zivvug Biltti Passik( constant), we get on Yom Kippur Mokhin deHokhma, but as we know Binnah is pure Hashpa’ah and there is no joy but by getting Ore Hokhma, so there is no way but to look for the form of getting it. We are also told that Hug Sukkot is the Hug of Orrot Makiffin, and Baal HaSulam in Pri Hakham says that during the Sukkot we have Lights on MA”N de Imma-Binna and it is Hittreruta de LeIlla( called the Clouds of Honour), and we have Lights on MA”N de Malkhut( Skhk, ekkev, Gorren) and it is Hittarerutta de Letatta, he also explains that the first one NA”N de Imma can be recieved by everybody, while the Lights of the second one-MA”N de Malkhut can be recieved only by the “gifted ones”.

    If we combine the information on this sourses we will get the following picture.

    Sukkot is the Kattnut of a new higher step, where we have to make the work in three lines . 1. to build left line itself, because we start from one “point”(Malkhut of a new step), to build left line means to find Hissaron in all Z”T( 7 lower sphirrot) on Sukkot we have them in ther form of 1 Etrog, 1 Lullav, 3 Etz Avvot, 2 Arravot=7, but the Hissaron should be turned into a Kli = we have to submit Left Line to the Right One and Zohar teaches us that we do it not by lessening the Left one but by ENLARGING the Right one, and it is very important difference, and is called by Zohar ewokening the Joy, moving from the dead point of neffisha, doing something istead of complaining of the situation,we have to concentrate on the Torah study, attending lessons on Torah, investigating difficult parts of the Zohar and TES and so on, learning as much as possible from the science about thw wonders of Creation constraction, learning Arts, Muscic and so on,and of course observing Mitzvot, and by this complex, but breath taking every day work our Left Line will be mended little by little. And Orrot Makkiffin deKdusha will become our inner Lights substituiting the “gabbidge” we want to get rid of anyway.So we have a complete cycle- Left line= Sukkot, Right line=Pessakh, Middle line Shavu’ot, but the planning of the whole year work starts on Sukkot but gathering Hissaron, not that the Hissaron can’t be adding during the year but its bulk is aggrigated on Sukkot.

    But one point in this article seams rather strange. The article first says the Etrog is Avrahkam, Kappot Tmatim( lullav) + Arravot=Itzkhak, we mentioned already that Lullav symbolise reforming instinctes-Arravot into Kddusha-Moakh HaDa’at-Kappot Tmarim through the vertebra- upper rising position of Lullav. and Etz Avvot is Yakkov, but as the article unfolds we find that next it calls Yakkov by the name Etrog, and then it says that Ytzkhak is Etrog, and at the end to make matters “worse” it says the Etz Avvot 3 in number are Avrkham, Itzkhak and Ya’akov( Hessed, Gvurra, Tifferet), Arravot 2 in number are Moshe and Aharon( Nezzakh and Hod), Lullav is Yosef( Yessod)and Etrog is Malkut David.

    And to understand these nominations we have to remember that Zohar speaks sometimes from the point of Killim, or Ore Yashar, or Ore Hosser, and Ore Hosser is of 12 kinds, but most distinct are Ore Hosser haOlleh and Ore Hosser HaYorred and this article is one of the unique ones where we have all this Killim and Orrot mentioned.
    So when the Zohar calles Avrakham being Etrog, it speakes from the point of Killim, because the higher Killim apear the first, when it speaks about Yakkov being Etrog it speaks from the point of Ore Yashar, because the smaller Orrot enters the Killim the first, and when it calls Itzkhak being Etrog, it speaks from the Ore Hosser HaOlle, because we start from building the left line first and left line is Itzkak, and when we add the enlarged right line and get the middle line for this level we have Orrot Makiffin turned into the Or Pnnimi’im, and there is no Ore pnimmi, but Ore haHosser HaYorred-till Malkut deTabbur, and there is no Malkhut, but David)And all it starts from the first movement, movement symbolised by 4 Minnim set into this movement, and it is called the awakening the Joy, because if we seat and do nothing we are for sure will be swallowed by Malkhut, but if we move, we have a chance to stay alive and to stay alive you can only if you are connected with the spirituality.

    Hug Orrot Makkifin Same’akh.

  6. One more intresting and important to know explaination about 4 minnim given by Zohar.
    As we know Sukkot preseeded by Yom Kippur the day of Judgment, and ussualy when the court takes place we want to know who has won! And Zohar haKaddosh says that when the Creator is asked ” Who has won?” he answers” Those with 4Minnim in their hands have won”. and He adds that a big part of that Win is because they didn’t wait for the verdict by straight after Yom Kippur started building Sukkot thus showing there capability of Love which isn’t dependent on anything. This kind of Love is consided the highest one ,and in spiritual worlds belong to Atzilut World, and it prouves what Zohar says, that Hug Sukkot is the level of Z”T deAtzilut, whether we will go up or down depends in many ways on us. The History may repeat itself, so does our personal history of the habbits and ways of dealing with the world, with the same “sins” we used to do and are doing with our spiritual potential, or we can change THIS HISTORY and get what was prepeared for Adam haRishon (ascendings on Shabboth) and get out of the “strings of our fate” and move on in all directions, as we move 4minnim in four sides and up and down.

    Let’s us use the possibility of enlarging our inner world frontiers, may be till Ein Sof?

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