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  1. The site has a very good intention- learning Torah on its deepest level-Kabbalah, but it contains a lot of mistakes and may not be recomended for the people who doesn’t know TES with the comments of Rabash well enough to separete the intresting findings of the auther and the mistakes he does because he himself didn’t learn any of Ba’al HaSulam’s or Rabash’s explanations for Arizal and Zohar, and learning Etz ha’im and Sefer Yetzira, before you mastered TES and Zohar as well as articles of Rabash, is childish play in doctor, teacher, mother-father and so on.

    I would mention just some of the authers misunderstandings from his article” Secret Codes within the first five verses of Genesis”, I didn’t checked all him math calculation, because it is the field that less intresting for me( I call it kabbalah Suduku, so if somebody is fond of it my look for the math and letter codes in Torah, why not after all), but before you try to find the numirical value of something be sure that you calculated it right, I mean that in the article mentioned it is said that numirical value of the last letters of the first seven words is 1271, while actually it is 3 times tav, 1- Alef, 2-Mem, and 1-Tzadik which together make 1371. But as I said this isn’t the mistakes I would be troubled in this article, though the article may not contain such a mistake because its “body” is build on this numirical values.

    What really makes sad feeling that the auther limited himself to Arizal , Zohar and Sfer Yetira, and hasn’t studed TES at least to know what one of the greatest Mekkubalim of the previous century has to say.

    If he had studied TES he would have known that it is a general mistake to intepret the Arizal’s ” Lakhen Tzimtzem et Atzmo” as ” Tzimtzum being withdrawal of Divine Light”. Tzimtzum may be done and was done by Malkhut on Ratzon Lekkabel!

    “Anni Ava’iah loShinnity” means that theDivine Light neverever will be, under any curcomstanses, withdrawn or changed or anything of this kind, the only changes and withdrawals may be done on Ratzon Lekkabel, and TES teaches us how to do it to undergone all prepared for us changes to get Hishtavvut HaTzurra. Kabbalah as taught by Arizal is the knowlege of vessels and not the knowlege of Light.

    “the name of the sefira Binah, the Supernal Mother who metaphorically gave birth to creation.”1. the name Binah belongs to 4 stages of Ore Yashar, while Supernal Mother belongs to tzimtzum Bet, but nether of them gave birth to Creation either metaphorically, nor theoretically, nor practically. The woman’s womb holds and gives some conditions for the nine mounth development of a child, and pull it out when time comes for the child to be born, but its functioning is under constant governing of the brain and thus may be seen as a necessary condition for the creation of Creation ( in spiritual Tzimtzum Bet is compared to the Worm, because it gives us very mild conditions for the begining of the spiritual development, most dealing with the correction period), but completely submisive to the plan of the creation and a part of the spiritual work to be do- correcting one’s intelectual understandings of the spirituality and clearing our minds from all kind of Klippot- getting Sekhel Po’el=acting mind, and then we have to move to the next stage Supernal Father converting our feelings into the Divine Spirit and thus taking of the Klippot from our heart- getting lev Mevin= understanding heart.

    ” It is here in Malkhut( BE”N=BO”N), that the shattering of the vessels occured”1. nekkudot de SA”G desended under Tabur and their reshimot were Bet de Hitlabshut and Bet de Oviut- Alef of their own, but by combining of Middat haDin with Rakhamim= the qualities of Binah and malkhut got the stronger Oviut, Ovviut Bet, but its orriginal 2/1 corresponds to Reshimot of M”A and not of BO”N which Reshimot are 1/0. Shattring of the vesels occured in Ulam Nekkudim which is the underTabur projection of the M”A Yllion, in short when we try to deal with Ratzon Lekkabel which is DALET deOviut, having the power of preporation of BET-ALEF de Oviut we are overcame by Dalet power and all our good intentions break over our ego into peices.

    BO”N or as some pronounce it BE”N, is the Partzuf above the Tabur with Reshimot 1/0 and its underTabur projection is M”A Haddash= new M”A where we have orriginal Alef de Hitlabshut and Zero deOvviut-BO”N Partzuf, but powered by Torah and performing Mitzvot has a potential of reccurection of the broken vessels- Ulam de Nekkudim and the ability to bring the soul to the level of Zivvug A”B-SA”G-projecting the Partzuf A”B underTabur( in its Avobe-down position the Partzuf A”B ends on Tabur, as we know). So the function of the BO”N above the Tabur is the sum of all the distractions which will take place in Creation- the sin of the First Man, the break of the First Lukhot HaBrit,Mabbul,distruction of the two Temples just to mention a few, and the Power of learning Torah and performing Mitzvot that garantees us overcoming of all of them.

    ” It is M”A that rectifies and elevetes the BE”N “.Yolam haNekkudim after the shattering of vessels is called BE”N, because it has no its own power of eleveting itself, because the broken peices from Reshimot de Hitlabshut were left above the Parsah and the peices of broken Reshimot de Ovviut fell down under the Parsa and separation deminish the spiritual power thus converting 2/1 into 1/0 – neffisha, though 7 mallakhim the last one didn’t break down- melakh Hadarr, which is over the Parsa with both its reshimot de Hitlabshut and Ovviut, but it serves as a possible link, and not as a power being able of independent actions.And actually it is BO”N powered by Torah and Mitzvot( called now M”A Haddash=new) that rectifies and elevates the M”A, that is why people of Israel is called in Zohar the MOON- Mahor Kattan and the people of the world(Goim) are compared with SUN, but the correction of the world will come from Ziom and dvar HaShem from Jerusalem.

    “Zehir Anpin-the Face of G-d is metaphorically called MA”H( we write it M”A)” Hastarra of Divine plan of the Creation is called “back” = Akhorraim, and Gillui of the Plan of the Creation is called “face”= Pannim. So when we have only to belive that there is the Creator and that He created the Creation and has a Divine Plan for its developmet we say that we work in the condition of Akhoraim, with the help of the Belief only, but as one correct oneself little by little he begin to understand and feel the Divine Leadership of the Creator over His( we use he, his, him masculine gender, because in Kabbalah, zakhar= masculine is the symbol of Hashpa’a- bestowing) Creation, the persaption of the leadrship of the Creator over its creation within the limits of Tzimtum Bet is called Zehir=little, as a child being completely dependent on his parents feels and thinks that he is independent in most fields, exept may be A LITTLE in food and clothes, but as he grows up he begins to understand that he is completly dependent Arrikh= BIG, and to become independent he has to make A LOT= Arrikh, Anpin= understanding facing the true situation of the things. So as a working vessel one understands at the begining that some= a little of changes-Zehir Anpin- should be made,and later he understands through Hakkarat haRaah that a lot of changes -Arrikh Anpin- should be made to get Hishtavut Hatzurra and that passage into the Tzimtum Alef to Zivvug A”B-SA”G is dependent on the completing of these changes and not only knowing that they should be made.

    I do respect the people who makes their own studies in Kabbalah and share them with others, but before one make his own statment in Kabbalah so called Hiddushim, one should learn all that is written by Mekkubalim up today, not to get into situation when you try to invent the wheel and are very exited that you got an idea of inventing it, and instead of putting the words “leave the comment on my idea” you write “please domate to my research”.

  2. yehudith says:

    For those intrested there is another site for Torah and Kabbalah study

    which has a lot of lectures on spiritualily, prayer and kabbalah to offer free.

  3. yehudith says:

    One more site which offers lectures on Kabbalah is

    there is a whole series of lectures on Da’as Tevunos, it is recomended for those who still have difficulty reading original Hebrew texts and gives an idea of the purpose of studing Kabblah and its absolut interdependence with the Torah.

  4. Another website which is authentic is that of Nehora press. My work is endorsed by Rabbi Gottlieb who sells my books on his website and by Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu Shita Chief Rabbi of Tsfat
    We have there three books : two in English and one in Hebrew . ” In the Shadowof the Ladder: Introductions to the Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag ”
    “A Tapestry for the Soul: Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah lev Ashlag Explanied using excerpts collated from Rav Ashlag’s other writings”
    And its Hebrew equivalent Maarag L e Neshamah.
    The benefit of the second book is the studednt is able to learn the basic concepts of the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag FROM THE TZADDIK HIMSELF without any intermediary. Simply by arranging relevant passages from his other writings a commentary on the text is formed by the Ball HaSulam himself. There are study groups in Israel who are learning this work with the blessing of Rabbi Gottlieb.
    Please visit this website

  5. The website is
    There are also talks on the llearning of the Kabbalah and the possibility of on-line study with Yedidah Coohen

  6. The website is
    There are also talks on the learning of the Kabbalah and the possibility of on-line study with Yedidah Cohen. I teach this work in small groups over the internet.

  7. Thank you very much, Yedidah Cohen, your generious preposition is very needed because there are people who really look for places to study authentic Kabbalah, it is a very big gift that you speak both, Hebrew and English, I think we may merit a lot from your dedicated work and it is good to have an email adress we may recomend for those who wish to joint internet groups, thank you again and G-d bless you in your Avodat Kodesh.

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