Bereshit. The Third version of the First Man

Bereshit. The Third version of the First Man

When we read the first chapter of the Torah-Bereshit we definatly see the diffrence between the two versions of the creation of the First Man, the one which speaks of the first man as being created in the image of the G-d “So G-d created man in his own image, in the image of G-d created He him,male and female created He them.” Along with the discription of the previous days of the creation it sounds powerful,cosmic,grand and universal,there is no mentioning of the place of the creation, no mentioning of Gan Eden or any statement of the future preocupation of the Man or the purpose of his creation, everything sounds rather Ideal,and it seems that each part of the creation including the First Man Do know themselves their purpose of the creation and their function in this global created reality.

The second version of the creation of the First Man where it is said that the man was made out of dust of the ground( Malkhut deMalkhut), and breathed into his nostrils(Z”A) the breath of life(Bin’a), and Man became a living soul(Malkhut combined with Bin’a) This version is the version of the deception (Snake)and killing(Ka’in and Hevel) and the Man being sent away from the Gan of Eden.It is clear that the world wasn’t as Ideal as in the first version here, because if it is said that there was Gan Eden, then there were less favorable places-the land of Nod for example, and if Ka’in is afraid to be killed while wandering:” every one that findeth me shall slay me.” , then what were those creatures which could do that, if Ka’in was the second man after Adam, whom he was so afraid of?

Anyway the Torah continues telling us the story of the children of Ka’in-Enoch- Irad etc. till Lamech and at this point Torah says that”and Adam knew his wife again, and she bear a son, and called his name Sheth. …And to Sheth, to him also there was born a son, and he called his name Enokh.” Exactly after this verse there is again the story of creation which says:”This is the book of the generations of Adam( second version name). In the day that G-d created Man( first version name), in the likeness( without mentioning Image) of G-d made he him( singular=second version), Male and Female ( first version) created He them, and blessed them( first version) and called their(plural=first version) name Adam(singular, second version), in the day( so there was only one day on their creation=first version) when they were ( plural=first version) created.

Before these verses the generations of Ka’in were meantioned and from these verses the generatione of Sheth are mentioned: Adam-Sheth-Enokh-Kainan… till No’ah and his three sons. So if we analyse all the above data in the light of the kabbalah teaching of the inner work we may see some certain parallels with the three line work explained to us by Baal HaSulam and Rabash. As we know though the Sages that study the Torah find some “faults” within the first version already such as the sin of the trees, and the Moon becoming less than the Son, and the “Good” said twice on the thrid day, and not said on the second, and the difference between the “Good” and “Very Good”, but for the common readers these points are not so obvious as for the Sages, and in general the first version of the creation sounds quite ideal and the creation of the Man as Male and Female in the Image of the G-d sounds most amazing and flattering to us. We deffinetly may see the Right Line=our Potential Spiritual level in the discription of the first version of the creation, and as an absolutely different reality to it is the second version of the creation which is deffinetly may be called the Left Line, the Line of faults, sins and mistakes which we have to correct, and if we see the verses of Torah from this point then the THIRD version of the creation is MOST important for us, because it is the Middle line and our way of the two extrimities where the first version is very desirable for us, but it exists only in potential, the second version is most distastful for our self-esteem, but it is our Past and we bear the memories from all those sins, mistakes and faults, and so the First version as a most wonderful Poem of the Man=Mankind and the second version as the most disapointing story of mankind make us uncertain of our Origin and at loss on the way of Life, so if we hold any of these versions in our inner work we will never get to any results, because dreaming as well as depression may lead a person to nowhere only, and that is way the Third story of the creation which is rather hidden within the first chapter of the Torah-Bereshit is of most importance for us.

As we already mentioned, before this third story of the creation, the generations of the Adam-Ka’in are mentioned-Left Line, and so is our life, we are born and live driven by our desires and we sin and make a lot of mistakes till one day when we are simply reminded from Above that we are people and so there must be a difference between us and animals which also live according to their desires and drives, and we start thinging of the people who lived their lives diffrently, they serve their people, their communities, they strive for better world, and put the questions and look for answers, and a hope and a call of Higher levels of our being are awoken within us, but as the third version is the combination of the two first ones the same is our inner feeling is a mixture of belive and disbelive in our High Purpose of existence,so once we see the humanity as something very Honorable and then we see it very low and mean,and the Creator of the Torh Knew that it is what we are supposed to feel, so His Torah teaches us that from this moment and on-NO MENTIONING of the Left Line( Adam-Ka’in) and no tears about the Right Line Adam-Hevel( what could have been if we hadn’t sinned or Hevel=oppotunity of the Right Line development hadn’t been lost=killed, all our consentration should on the Middle Line ONLY Adam-Sheth development and as a matter of fact all the rest of the Torah isn’t the continuetion of the first or second versions of the creation, BUT it is the instruction of the thrid version of the creation to come true , it is the Torah of the Middle line , the Line which finnaly brings us to the possibility to come back to the Land of Israel= GAn Eden on the Earth, the Line which teaches us to thank the Creator for what we have( the state of Israel for ex.), but to remember the difference of what we were promissed(Right Line)and what we have to do to have the Promissed Land( Left Line) the land of the size of the ten nations and the Gity of Jerusalem with the Holy Temple built in IT to become our reality, the same is true in the inner work of each and every person, we thank the Creator for what we are, but we have to remember and wish to become in the Image of the Creator, but the way to that level is the work over our qualities which separate us from the level of that Image being realized within us.

The third story of the creation isn’t as remarkable as the first two ones, but this very story is as important as the life of each and every person, which at the first glance isn’t so remakable within the history of the whole mankind, but on the other hand each of us may generate the conditions for the profound changes within the thinking and world perception of the humanity and it is what the kabbalah is about=changing our and others percerption about the role of a person within the grand picture of the history of the humanity, and that is why our Sages teach us that all the world was created for a man, meaning each and every one of us and that is why the third version of the creation is the most important one, becuase it may become YOUR OWN STORY,we may not change the first version and may not help the second one, but we may choose the THIED VERSION the version of Torah and Mitzvot development and the reach of the Purpose of the Creation making the potential of the image of the Creator within us coming TRUE.( Middle Line is the Right Line put above the Left Line but the efforts of a MAN!!!)

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