Was it Worth to be Created?

To understand the reason for the creation we have to answer two very important questions:

1. What does the Creator need the creation for?

2. What made the creation to take part( to make Tzimtzum Alef) in the process of its Creation.

If we want to understand the first question more exactly, we should find the way to ask it in a different form which may be for example ” why is no good for a Man to be alone” or why most people see the inability to have children as a most devasteting part of their life.Or why do we want an opinion of somebody about our “cake”, and who would question your essence if there is nobody but you.

And the answer is very simple (as given by Kabbalists): Creator is the sourse of the bestowing, and what is the use of it if there is nobody to bestow!? Man in Kabbalah is the wish to bestow, so again we need a woman-in Kabbalah the wish to get- to realize our wish to bestow.Children are the result of the intereaction of the wish to bestow with the wish to get, if it is done Kosher way the result is the joy of growing them for Torah and Mitzvot- in Kabbalah for raising the creation(or yourself if we speak about the Torah taken place within one person) on higher level of development, because the more the wish to get we correct the bigger is the Kli the more Light can be revealed.

If there is nodody but I, who would try my cake and how do I know that I am not the only to think that I am the greatest baker ever born, so I have to find you or creat the wish to try my cake in you to get “a second” opinion.And finally if you like my “cake” and say that it is the best cake you ever have eaten, I know that I haven’t wasted your time and your wish to enjoy by my imperfect gift to cook.

So it is wrong to say that Creator doesn’t want anything at all, that He has no wish, He does have it , but it is absolutly different Wish than the wish of the creation, because His Wish is the Wish to Bestow, while the creation is the wish to get.

Now if you analyse what we have up to now you will see that on the one side we have Creator +His wish to bestow, on the other side we have only the wish to get + nothing. The fact that we call ourselves Creation is as selfish as the one calling himself artist without being able to show even one picture drawn by him. Actually we call ourselves creation because we like to give ourselves a credit that if we were created by the Creation we must be something more than a pure wish to get.

So we come to the nessecity to concentrate mostly on what we have to do to realize the potential of being able to be called creation, and to understand the fact that it was worth to be created and the only who gain from it is the Creation Itself, while the Creator” has” a lot of “trouble and has to work hard and to hear,and not once ,the critics on Himself and His intentions.The finnal stage of the Creation is as glories as the Creator Himself, but the proccess of the Creation may seem very unpleasant and even cruel, if we don’t know what form it has to get and what purpose to reach and how long it will take, in short when we instead of coopereting strugle against the Creator’s wish to help us to make perfect equality: Creator+ the wish to bestow= the wish to get( Ain= not existing in Creator Himself)+Creation-transformed wish to get into the wish to get for the sake of Bestowing.

So as we see, to be called creation and not the wish to get ,we have to have a mechanism of transforming the Hommer= the matter into a desireable form, if we don’t have Hommer there is nothing to transfer, and if we don’t know what to do, or how to transfer the matter, what is the use of having Hommer altogether.

And the more intresting thing to find out is that if the Hommer was done by the Creator, may it have independent of the Creator existence, and if it may be free from the qualities of the Creator altogether.

In short what would have happened with us ,if after being born by our parents ,we had been left in jungle to survive, and as Kabbalah shows us it is the way of the development called Din=pure Justice, and there is no way to servive according to this situation, and as we see Malkhut Metzumtzemet pulls the Kav of Light. This Kav of light has nothing to do with the drawings of “line”, but means the possibility of the Connection with the Creator. So the first action to be taken by us to act as a creation and not as a pure wish to get is to begin to communicated with the Creator, and the communication with the Creator is done through the Prayer.

All we see around should be understood as the Creator’s answer to our prayer, but as we don’t expect to understand russian or japanesse just because we are in Russia or in Japan, the same with the Nivraim and Yetzurim and Brui’im and Ni’azelim, as we have several parts of speech in a language, the same we have different forms of creation in spiritual worlds.

But to notice them we have to follow the actions of Malkhut Ein Sof and Letzamtzem= to restrict the wish to get in ourselves, and to let the place for the other forms except wish to get to start growing within us,these froms ARE within us , BUT they are now “covered” from our eyes and ears by the intensity of our wish to get, and then we will be able to see that by communicating with those forms we will be able to take piece by piece the restricted wish to get and transform it into the wish to bestow in the forms which “happened” to exist within us.

Now we will see that these forms differ one from another by the difficulty to get in tough with them and we will see that we will need to learn some skills of communication which are taught by those who already learned to communicate with them and it is called that you came to nessecerty of Tzimtzum B- to learn to use the existing knowledge as a starter for our own spiritual “Trek” otherwise we will waste our time on the things that are known to everybody except us, and it is a pity, isn’t it?

So we already believe in Creator =have Kli deKetter, and we alredy understand that that there is a certain amount of Knowledge about effective communicatiom with the Creator existing independently of our wish= our Kli Hokmma and the Light of Ru’akh= the spirit of the Devine Knowledge.

But we find out that this knowledge is different from the knowledge we ever dealt with, because it may not be get if we don’t undergo qualitative chanches as a personality and it means connecting our wish to get= Malkhut with its desired form the wish to bestow-Binah, and in doing that we get next Kli Binah and Ore Heshama, which is kept in Kli only if we enrich it everytime by studing what is known to the kabbalaists of the ways to become creation =Yesh out of the wish to get=Ain, we will come to the nessecity to transform all our qualities into the ones of the Spiritual Nature and we will have to work with the next six Sffirot from Hessed to Yesod and it is already the work in three lines, because these Sfirrot express themselves in endless combination in all kind of situations, and thus little by little we get the Z”A KLi and Ore Hokhma, and when we realized that we are endlessly thankful to the Creator for our transformation and for the creating us= giving the possibility to be a part of the proccess of turning the wish to get into the Creation worth Our Creator, we feel our Kli Malkhut and feeling being the children of the Creator and having His qualities and enjoying having them which is the “bonus” which Malkhut deEin Sof made possible by doing Tzimtzum Alef on the wish to get and teaching us that if we are born as a son/daughter of a King we will find the way to survive and succeed in a jungle of Ne’etzalim and Nivra’im and Yetzutim and Btru’im,even if we have to enter the Ark for sometimes and to withstand all the inconciniencies of the life within Ark=within restrictions of the Torah and Mitzvot, but we need to communicate with the Creator- which is the Kav of Light or as we called it Hoot haHessed meaning doing ourselves a faivour and start learning and implementing the studied matterial instead of pretending speculating “on the purpose of the life” and doing nothing to bring it to the happy end.

So we came with the answer for the second question of the nesseccety of Tzimtzum Alef( and all the rest of similar actions as entering the Ark for example!), which are interpretied by us as discomfort or even suffering, while there is a choice in everything, except that it is a time to grow up and stop being a grown up children,so it is better to grow up than to struggle with the proccess of growing spiritually.
Sometimes people ask each other how they have come to do this or that, be it for better or worse, but as Ar’i HaKadosh says,that first it is more important to understand that we don’t know a lot of things yet and so may not speak about it in public( we may not stop the dicussion going within us about this or that event or action, but we may learn not to speak about loud).

What is also very important to understand is why anyway we try to find the beginning of something or at least to connect something with a certain event or point of time or situation, whatever it is.

As Ar’i haKadosh says the only useful point of looking for how it all happened is to understand that everything is under the influence of cause and effect order and each and every step be it for good or ,G-d forbid, not, in our perception of course,will have its effect on us and the surrounding.

As Ar’i HaKadosh says we may not think of ourselves as worth knowing everything when ever we wish, but it is a great priviladge we are told a little bit of the great plan of the creation,though we should know that nothing is told to us without giving us a serious exam later.

So as we may understand from Ar’i HaKadosh explanation on why he found it nessecary to give us the highest spiritual information is to show that each and every soul, no matter what its spiritual root starts from, and as we know all the jewish souls have their root in the world of Atzillut, we are all connected with the very first point of creation and the highest world of Ein Sof.

Which means what for us to pass the exam on the learned spiritual information we should remember that it will be checked on the highest spiritual levels and the higher informantion is given to us the higher demands will be applied to the exam.

We hope for each and every part of the creation that the infromation given to us by our Sages will make us to understand the reponsibility for the time life we spend in this world and instead of outter pretence we will make a setrious inner spiritual work, which will be a certain mark on the way of the creation to the spiritual purpose of being created.”Noakh” is only a stage within our inner spiritual work and it has enormous spiritual values, because it is this stage which gives a birth to Shem,Ham and Yeffet= three lines where we will have to learn to choose to become Shem and to ascend to the next spiritual level of development= to get another piece of the wish to get to turn it into the vessel for realization the Purpose of the Creation.

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