The name AVAYA is allowed pronunciation For-Yiod,Heih,Vav,Heih- prohibited for pronunciation name of HaShem, it corresponds to five spiritual worlds where Kotzo of Yoid is A”K(Adam Kadmon), Yiod corresponds to Atzilut,the first Heih to Briya,Vav to Yetzirrah and the second Heih to Assiya.The meaning of the “Anny AVAYA lo shenniti”=I haven’t changes My AVAYA corresponds to Creator’s constant wish to bestow the Creation.Now the question is that if we say that the Light is constant and there is no change in it , so How do we speak about different worlds, partzufim and sfirrot in spirituality as well as all kind of situations in this world?And how is it that part of the creation is in double Ester( consealment) and the other is just in Ester, and etc., the diffrence depends on the possibilly of the creation to differ kabbalah=getting from Hashpaah=bestowing and to choose the last one. All the changes are in the person’s inner capability to percieve the influence of the light of Creator on him as Tov ve Me’ittiv. Tov(good) -giving us the UNDERSTANDING of the importance of Ishtavvut ha Tzurra=equility of form, and Meittiv-giving us the WAYS TO CREAT Ishtavvut Ha Tzurra.So all kind of our spiritual grades and stages are called in Torah Adam, H’ava, Enoch,No’akh,Avrakham etc., any name in the Torah is the name of a spiritual stage, which we undergo during our spiritual development,and our clairity of comprehention and correspondent spiritual inner organization kabalists call Sfirrot,Partzufim, Worlds,and these inner spiritual states let us see true reality and enjoy the connection with the Creator, as one joke sais- What is life?-very hard work,What is Hell -very hard work.What is Heaven-very hard work.What is the defference?-in Heaven you enjoy it,in life you try to get rid of it,but the Hell is that while working hard you are fooling youself that if you were in Heaven now you would just rest in peace.

The entrence and coming out of the Ark( in our inner spiritual worlk) should be understood properly.

A lot of people live in their illusions and thus call them their inner world or reality, and can’t explain why they are always in fight with the outer world.

As for the outer world it is an illusion for them too, because the outer world is the reflection of our inner one(So if Ho’akh was so rightious, then how come that the world around him was so wicked, why do we feel that we are good and right, and it is the people around us who are wicked, and disearnest and so on).

To get to the reality at all,we should get out of our illusions inner or outer ones, we should start the process of getting ready to face the real reality no matter how infavourable for our ego this process may be( Hakarat haRa’ah=facing the evil) and a good way to do it is to enter the Ark with all kind of animals=our qualities and to deal with them wether we wish it or not. .

The dropping of illusionary state of a person is done by intentionaly disillusioning actions made by oneself, through learning Torah and the works of the Sages and thus structuring the inner world of oneself into a real place for the soul to live, and in this way the reflection of the inner order will be seen in the outer reality too.

Many of us are very unhappy people be it in our personal lives or the places we live or the people we live with or the time we are having with solving unsolvable problems in our present state of illusion.

To bring the Light in to one’s life means not only joy and happeness, but it means also seeing with its help what is wrong with us in the first place, and exactly this quality of Light=being able to show us a REAL STATE of ours, stops us from getting the vessels for this Light= starting peforming Mitzvot.

We are not completely sick and there are always some healthy parts in our inner world, which tells us that the operation is a painful( facing the evil in us) but absolutly nessecary process, if we want to stay alive, otherwise we will die in a most painful way, decay of our organs( physical and spiritual) and we will be the first to shout:” what have I done in this life to deserve this punishment!”

But the question is absolutly wrong, because is asked by our ego.

The right way of asking the question is ” What HAVEN’T I DONE in this life?” so that the only way of correction left for me is through the pain, dementia, degeneration and lost of independence in mental, physical and spiritual planes?”

We know the answer, we haven’t done the main thing, we forgot to ask the question of why we are here in the first place, and what we are supposed to do here.

We take for granteed our lives in this world,or make favours to our parents who gave us the birth not to say what “dirty” world they brought us in, we only complain of its imperfection, while the only imperfect thing in the world which really exist is our incorrected state of being.

By correcting oneselves through the learning of Torah and perferoming Mitzvot ( putting ourselves into restriction=Ark) we will come to the state of an absolute harmony, where our inner world will be the same as the ourter one, and we will enjoy them both.

As the sages explain, it is one of the aspects of the meaning of The Creator is One( the outer reality) and His Name is One( souls= the inner reality of each and every of us) and we will see that the expression Anni AVAYA loShenniti is true and the consealment of this truth was made by our ego, first we have to exchange our ego into Ark and then we will be able to come out of it, the problem is that there is a danger of planting winnery and getting drunked, because we run away from the reality and its truth by all kind of addictions which keep our concious busy with dealing with illusions and keeping us away from the real purpose of our presence in this world=converting the wish to get for the sake of getting into the the wish to get for the sake of bestowing.

No’akh planting the grapes supports the Ari’s version that the “Fruit” that H’ava had eaten and had given to Adam was grapes= the illusion that we may get into the spiritual reality any other way but Torah and Mitzvot,as Adam and H’ave were infected with this illusion, the same is the way of No’akh drinking the wine=too quickly he has forgotten the lessons of the Ark and decided to live the way he wishes. The Ark may not be permanent solusion for our disillusionment, but studing Torah and performing Mitzvot may.

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