Authentic Kabbalah Lessons in Tri-State Area

ravf.JPGPage with information about Kabbalistic group in Tri-State area was added today.

Click on “OurRav” to get details about our group, that studies with Rav Okowita – student and follower of Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag, firstborn son of great sage Yehuda Ashlag, known as Baal HaSulam for his world recognized commentaries on Zohar called HaSulam – the Ladder.

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One Response to Authentic Kabbalah Lessons in Tri-State Area

  1. One merit of the group’s matirial ,that is presented on the site, is that it is Kosher, but it isn’t enough to be a place to study Kabbalah.Parrashat Hashavvua should be taught in its dinamic and connection with the previous material, one can’t take a line from Torah, and call it Kabbalaistic explanation of Parrashat haShavvua, it can be called insight, if there is one.

    We have so many Kabbalaistic orriginal Litreture that I think its a pity to waste time to things that doesn’t give you the modern level of understanding of Kabbalah within one working spiritual unit=Kabbalaist.

    I think that the attitude should be emmidiatly updated and the purpose of the modern kabbalah schools understood much clearly, that just some talking about Kabbalah isn’t enough anymore. Kabbalaists are not some kind of “loosers” but the leading group of supernatural life point of view being IMPLEMENTED in everyday life.Wake up, start living real life, Kabbalaists are not hidden part of the socity anymore, it is the leading one, at least here in Israel.

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