• Avraam + Hey = Avraham = 248. According to Sefer Bahir Avraham was completion of perfect human being as he could use all of his body parts both in this world and in the world to come
  • Amen = Malach (Angel)  = 91. Each time one responds with Amen to proper made blessing, an Angel is created
  • 32 – Lev
    • paths of Wisdom (Bahir). Lev (heart) = 32
    • LeB are the first and the last letter of Torah – Bereshit / Israel
  • Shma Israel Prayer has 248 words
  • Asher Yatzar blessing (One Who Created man) has 45 words in Sefardic nusach. 45 is gematria of Adam = human (heard from R’ Mansour)
  • Alokim = Gematria Teva (Nature) [ARIZAL]
  • Ruth – gematria 605. She observed 7 laws of Noach before she became Jew, thus 7 + 605 = 613
  • Tzitzit has 5 knots and 8 strings. Between each knot there are different number of windings.  KNOT – 7 – KNOT – 8 – KNOT – 11 – KNOT – 13. 7 + 8 + 11 = 26 = YHVH. 13 Gematria of the word “Echad” – ONE. Thus each corner has the same powerful statement – G-d is ONE.
  • Gematria of Tzitzit = Keter
  • Enoch is recorded by Torah as man who ascended to heaven. He lived only 365 years that indicate that all his life he spent in the service of HaShem in the time when life span was around 1000 years (Adam gave 70 years of his life to David who was suppose to live only 3 minutes). Enoch evolved to Angel and was selected by Almighty to head Angelic forces. He is the one who led Israel in the desert after Moshe’s death. His angelic name is Metatron = gematriya of the G-d’s name SHADAY (One who sets limits – she amar dai).
  • Interesting Ages
    • Itzhak was 37 y/o when he was brought by Avraham to altar
    • Rivka was only 2 y/o when she married Itzhak (midrash. supports the idea that laws of nature have changed over time)
    • Bat Sheva was 6 y/o when King David saw her (Sanhedrin)
    • Bilam prophet/sorcerrer was executed when he was 34 y/o (Sanhedrin)
  • 613
    • Partzuf (spiritual body) has 613 parts, which corresponds to 613 commandments.  By performing a commandment one can rectify / connect to this specific part of the Partzuf (yes, even by simple physical action and no intention besides a simple thought – “I want to fulfill this commandment as prescribed by my Creator” – no more.
    • If you count words in 10 commandments you’ll find that they’re 613 in total, thus 10 commands span 613
    • Torah – gematria 611 + 2 laws that Moses received directly on mount Sinai = 613
    • Brit (Covenant) = 612. Plus 1 for itself = 613
    • Tzitzit = 600 + 8 strings + 5 knots = 613
    • There are 613 commandments TERIYAG – 248 positive commandments that correspond to physical organs in human body, and 365 prohibitive commandments to indicate that they’re prohibited every day during solar year cycle also correspond to connectors that connects 248 parts of our body
  • Forty – 40
    • Forty years Jews traveled in desert
    • Forty days Moses spent on Mount Sinai
    • Forty days when child’s destiny is assigned (sex/wealth/wisdom)
    • Spies toured the Land of Israel for Forty days
    • Mem – Forty – Binah
    • Forty days it takes for embryo to develop
    • Ten Sefirot in each section of the four sections of Tefilin = 40
  • Thirteen – 13
    • Thirteen attributes of mercy
    • Thirteen is when a boy becomes a man and can be counted in minyan
  • Eighteen – 18
    • Gematriya of Chai = Life
    • 18 blessings in Amidah – the climax of prayer, when one can draw the light of Atzilut
    • Kings can have up to 18 wives, but no more according to Torah
  • Ten – 10
    • Ten Sefirot
    • Ten people are required for Minyan, thus Shechina (Divine presence) is in front of them when they prey
    • Ten fingers are used by Kohanim to bless Israel, corresponding to 10 Sefirot
    • 10 Sefirot = 10 commandments.  Count the letters in the ten commandments you’ll find that there are 613 letters.
  • Seven – 7
    • Seven Days of Creation
    • Seven Sefirot in Guf HaPartzuf (3 in Rosh)
    • Seven days in the week
    • Seven laws of Noach
    • Dag (fish) = 7, therefore our tradition is to eat fish on Shabbath
    • Seven – Shabbath
    • Seven weeks of Sefirat Omer – cleansing period from Passover to Shavuot
    • Six years of land work, Seventh year is Shmita
    • 6,000 years for World existence as we know it, 7,000 is the generation of Shabbat
    • Seven days of mourning
    • Seven books of Torah – if you take the 2 sentences that are bracketed with inverted letters NUN, which are considered to be a book by itself, you’ll get to seven books
    • Seven times bride circles the groom
    • On Seven’s year Jewish Slave must be set free
    • Seven voices were heard as One voice on mount Sinai when Torah was given to the Jews. Essentially they saw Seven Lower Sefirot with their own eyes

58 Responses to Gematria

  1. Mid-Points:

    613 = lights. Its mid-point, 307 = light beauty = Rebecca. Adam = 45. Eve’s original name (before the sin), Chayah = 23, Adam’s mid-point.

    The mid-point of 307 is 154 (7 times 22), the final (even) mid-point of 613. The average value of 613, 307, 154 is 358, Mashiach.

    613 is the mid-point of 1225, both a square (of 35) and a triangle (of 49), the first such number after 36 (square of 6 and triangle of 8).

    1225 is the mid-point of 2449. The square root of 6 is 2.449…. Thus, 2449 symbolizes the power to rectify the 6 emotions of the heart.

    2449 was the year of the construction and inauguration of the Tabernacle, God’s dwelling place on earth. It contained 6 inner vessels.

    154, the final (even) mid-point of 613 (and 2449) is the gematria of the three Divine Names we unite in Shema: Havayah our God Havayah.

    “Our God” = 102 = faith = 6 times good, 17. The sum of the squares of each of its 6 letters is 3562 = 26, Havayah, times 137, Kabbalah.

    154 (the final mid-point of 613) = 2 times 77, mazal. In Kabbalah, a mazal is a channel that connects the unconscious to the conscious mind.

  2. “This is He”: The Outside and Inside of King David

    The description of David, “reddish with beautiful eyes” (“אַדְמוֹנִי עִם יְפֵה עֵינַיִם”) equals “kingdom” (malchut, מלכות, 496). That’s what it takes to be a king and rule over a kingdom.

    The entire verse, “And he sent and brought him, and he was reddish with beautiful eyes and goodly appearance, and God said, Arise anoint him for this is he” (“וַיִּשְׁלַח וַיְבִיאֵהוּ וְהוּא אַדְמוֹנִי עִם יְפֵה עֵינַיִם וְטוֹב רֹאִי וַיֹּאמֶר י-הוה קוּם מְשָׁחֵהוּ כִּי זֶה הוּא”) equals 4 times kingdom, 4 times “reddish with beautiful eyes” (corresponding, in Kabbalah, to the manifestation of the sefirah of kingdom in each of the four worlds, Emanation, Creation, Formation, Action).

    Another indication that the phrase “reddish with beautiful eyes” is the kernel essence of the entire verse is that the verse comprises 16 words while the phrase “reddish with beautiful eyes” comprises 16 letters. 16 = 42. The phrase “reddish with beautiful eyes” comprises 4 words (22, the root of 16). These are striking examples of self-reference:

  3. The Living One and the Single One

    The two transcendent levels of the soul are the “living one,” 23, and the “single one,” 37. 23 and 37 are the golden division of 60.

    In a leap year with two months of Adar there are 60 consecutive days of “increased joy.” Every day I’m happier and happier to be a Jew.

    My increased happiness comes from the two transcendent levels of my soul, 23 (the living one) and 37 (the single one) = 60.

    23 squared, 529, and 37 squared, 1369 = 1898 = 26 times 73. 26 is God’s essential Name Havayah and 73 is wisdom. We know God in wisdom.

  4. Carl says:

    I notice on Ur counting for Ruth as being 605 and adding the 7 for laws of Noach, yet the answer U give is 613, when 605+7= 612. please explain where U get 613, also I noticed some of the ages of Our matriarch Rivka was off, as well as the age U say was 2 y/o and another was 6 y/o. Did U mean 12 and 16 y/o age ?

  5. Hello, Carl

    Thank you for your attentive reading of the text, you are right, there is a mistake in Gamatria of Ruth, in Hebrew it is Re’ish=200, Vav=6, Tav=400, which make 606 and not 605 and so 606 and 7 DO make 613

  6. As for “Bat Sheva was 6 y/o when King David saw her (Sanhedrin)” I really never saw this information myself and so may not answer your question, I tried to find some information in both English and Hebrew, but failed, if somebody has any information on this issue, please share it with us.

  7. Adam Miller says:

    Elokim is Gemtriyah HaTeva not Teva

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