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Freedom of Choice

Great article on freedom of Choice. Covers fundamental Kabbalah concepts http://soullite.blogspot.com/2011/05/soul-download-free-choice-and-spiritual.html  

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Angels, Demons, etc

      The concept of Evil is very puzzling to people who make their first steps towards the Creator and I therefore would like to explore on a very simplistic level the source of Evil and the reason behind … Continue reading

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Kabbalah and New Age Teachings

    “I am still unclear as to where you stand on Bnei Baruch. Do you think the whole thing is a waste of time or even harmful? Do you think all the Laitman’s writings are useless? What was the … Continue reading

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Kabbalah & Cults

I periodically  receive e-mails from people that tried various schools and were disappointed with the outcome. Yes, unfortunately there are many so called “guides/teachers/Ravs” that use the name of Kabbalah to promote their personal agenda. It’s therefore VERY hard (to … Continue reading

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Why chidlren suffer?

A lot has been said about Roots and Branches and by now I’m sure that most of you realize that any event – no matter how good or bad it might seem to us – is only a consequence of … Continue reading

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