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The name AVAYA is allowed pronunciation For-Yiod,Heih,Vav,Heih- prohibited for pronunciation name of HaShem, it corresponds to five spiritual worlds where Kotzo of Yoid is A”K(Adam Kadmon), Yiod corresponds to Atzilut,the first Heih to Briya,Vav to Yetzirrah and the second Heih … Continue reading

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When can one start learning Kabbalah

Question: Shalom Felix How much should I study guemara before starting study kabbalah . I have many books about kabbalah. I didn´t want start studying Zohar and Tes before  I knew enough Talmud. Anyway I don´t control many treaties , on … Continue reading

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RAMBAM and Kabbalah

Many people mistakenly assume that RAMBAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maimonides) did not posses the wisdom of Kabbalah. This belief can be understood as all the works of this great sage seem to be based on rational thinking. But this is only a veil … Continue reading

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Song of Day by ARIZAL

During the year of second temple when our Sages of blessed memory saw the spiritual decline of the nation they instituted daily prayers. While each prayer has a “simple” meaning, every single letter alludes do deep Kabbalisitc concepts. By following … Continue reading

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A glimpse into life of a Kabbalist

Many of you got hooked into Kabbalah by thinking that with three years of *study* (read: watching TV from  family couch for an hour a day or coming to a lecture a few times a week) you’ll be flying through … Continue reading

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Kabbalistic prayer

ARIZAL writes in depth about kavanot (intentions) that one should have in mind during prayer. Each segment of a daily prayer corresponds to a specific Olam (world), to a specific Partzuf, to a specific Sefira, to a specific Divine Name. … Continue reading

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The importance of Love & 248 words of Shma Israel

I wanted to share this e-mail as it talks about the essence of Spiritual work that Baal HaSulam stresses so much in his articles. Understanding the significance of the 248 words As we mentioned, we are very particular that the … Continue reading

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New Age Teachings :Bnei Baruch and Kabbalah Center analysis

Very good lecture. In Russian http://toldot.ru/audio/lessons/lessons_11773.html?template=83

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Why do we need so many details in commandments

When someone who is not familiar with the Torah commandments looks at one who performs them, many questions arise. The most common one is – why to go and be so anal about tiny nuances? If you seriously study Kabbalah, … Continue reading

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Practical Kabbalah

    Many people associate practical Kabbalah with miracles and some kind of special effects, while in reality practical Kabbalah is being used on daily basis! The 613 mitzvos (commandments) are all Kabalistic in nature, and while on the surface … Continue reading

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