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“Rebbe Akiva had twelve thousand pairs of students…they all died at one time, between Pesach and Atzeres, because they did not behave with Kavod towards one another, and the world was desolate until Rebbe Akiva came to our teachers in … Continue reading

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RAMBAM and Kabbalah

Many people mistakenly assume that RAMBAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maimonides) did not posses the wisdom of Kabbalah. This belief can be understood as all the works of this great sage seem to be based on rational thinking. But this is only a veil … Continue reading

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Shavuot based on Baal HaSulam

Very good article written by Rabbi Fievel Okowita based on Baal HaSulam teachings http://ohrpnimi.com/?p=271  

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Kabbalistic Shabbaton

A few people organize Shabbos where Rav Fievel Okowitta will give lessons. Maybe other disciples of RABASH and his grandchildren that now live in the NY area may be able to join as well. Drop me a note if you’re … Continue reading

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Rabbi Akiva

Out of all famous Kabbalists, I have been always fascinated the most with the character of Rabi Akiva. I can’t say exactly why, but from the moment that I heard his story – the story of someone who started to … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

One of my students wrote me a message that contained the following assertion: … “Love your neighbor as yourself” statement (by the way, this statement was never mentioned in Torah but it became a cornerstone of New Testament  with some … Continue reading

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