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The Four Steps of Sulam

In Introduction to Talmud Eser HaSefirot, Baal-HaSulam brings down the key steps in the spiritual ladder that one follows to attain HaShem. His explanation is very complex and I hope that this diagram along with brief summary can help you … Continue reading

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Bereshit – At the Beginning

This week we start reading very important parsha – parsha that talks about the creation of the Universe – both material and spiritual – Parsha Bereshit.I have no words to depict the complexity and richness of every single letter/punctuation/etc as … Continue reading

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Where is my Angel??

Midrash tells us that when a child forms in his mother’s womb, an Angel teaches him Torah. However, once the child is born to the world, the angel pats him on his mouth and the child forgets it all – … Continue reading

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Authentic Kabbalah Lessons in Tri-State Area

Page with information about Kabbalistic group in Tri-State area was added today. Click on “OurRav” to get details about our group, that studies with Rav Okowita – student and follower of Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag, firstborn son of great sage … Continue reading

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Hebrew Letters

Awhile ago, someone posted a comment on my blog about visual effects of Zohar text. The question was presented this way: “As a beginner, I have what may be considered (and rightly so) a most naive and childish question. I’ve … Continue reading

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