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PTIKHA LePIRUSH HaSULAM ( with comments of Rabash)

The Introduction to the Meaning of the Spiritual Ladder by BAAL HaSULAM. TEN SEFFIROT. In letter Alef, Baal haSulam says, that there are Ten Seffirot, which are KaHa”B, HaGa”T, NeHY”M, which are the first letters for the Ketter, Hokhma, Binna, … Continue reading

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Binah – Understanding & Comprehending the Creator

I’ve always struggled with the concept of Creator’s Throne and its reference in Zohar to Binah as I could find the right parallel for it. I therefore would like to share Rabbi’s Kaplan commentaries that clarify how Binah is connected … Continue reading

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Authentic Kabbalah Lessons in Tri-State Area

Page with information about Kabbalistic group in Tri-State area was added today. Click on “OurRav” to get details about our group, that studies with Rav Okowita – student and follower of Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag, firstborn son of great sage … Continue reading

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