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TALMUD. The 25rd Massekhet – Makkot

Massekhet Makkot is a companion tractate to Massekhet Sanhedrin, and effectively completes it, inasmuch as it also deals with criminal law and the punishments meted out by the Jewish courts. This stands in contrast to the earlier tractates of Seder … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 24rd Massekhet – Sanhedrin

In contrast to its name, Tractate Sanhedrin is not solely focused on laws relating to the Jewish court system, rather it is the Tractate of the Jewish State. Massekhet Sanhedrin deals with a broad range of issues that arise in … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 23rd Massekhet – Bava Batra

Massekhet Bava Batra – the “last gate” – is the third and final section of Massekhet Nezikin, the large tractate that deals with financial matters. Bava Batra differs from its predecessors, Bava Kamma and Bava Metzia, in two ways that … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 22nd Massekhet – Bava Metzia

Tractate Bava Metzia (“The Middle Gate”) is actually one section of an ancient Talmudic tractate – Massekhet Nezikin – which deals with issues of civil law, and was eventually divided into three parts (bavot, or “gates”). As is true of … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 21th Massekhet – Bava Kamma

Massekhet Bava Kamma (“The first gate”) was once part of a large tractate that was made up of the first three massekhtot in Seder Nezikim (“The Order of Damages”). These “three gates” together deal with monetary matters and they encompass … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 20th Massekhet – Kiddushin

As we approach the end of Seder Nashim – the “Order of Women” in the Mishna – we conclude our discussion of the various obligations and responsibilities involved in the marital relationship with the rules and regulations relating to the … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 19th Massekhet – Gittin

According to the traditional order of the Talmud, Gittin appears as the next-to-the-last tractate in the order Nashim. Its main focus is the way divorce is performed, while the circumstances under which divorce is permitted, encouraged or even obligatory are … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 18th Massekhet – Sota

Massekhet Sota deals primarily with the halakhot associated with the sota (see Bamidbar, Chapter 5) – a woman whose husband suspects that she is unfaithful, and warns her not to seclude herself with a specific man. In the event that … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 17th Massekhet – Nazir

Standard collections of the Mishna include Massekhet Nazir after Nedarim and before Sota in Seder Nashim, even though Nazir has no direct connection to marital issues or family law. Nevertheless, since the parasha that discusses the laws of Nazir appears … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 16th Massekhet -Nedarim

An Introduction to the Tractate:Masechet Nedarim is connected with a number of other Talmudic tractates, including Nazir, Shavu’ot and Arakhin. The similarity among these tractates is that all of them deal with obligations that stem not from a Torah obligation, … Continue reading

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