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TALMUD. The 16th Massekhet -Nedarim

An Introduction to the Tractate:Masechet Nedarim is connected with a number of other Talmudic tractates, including Nazir, Shavu’ot and Arakhin. The similarity among these tractates is that all of them deal with obligations that stem not from a Torah obligation, … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 15th Massekhet – Ketubot

The first Mishna in Massekhet Ketubot teaches that there were specific days for marriages during that period in history. Women who were virgins getting married for the first time would get married on Wednesdays, while widows would get married on … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 14th Massekhet – Yevamot

Massekhet Yevamot is the first tractate in Seder Nashim (the Mishnaic order that deals with issues of marriage and divorce). While Massekhet Yevamot focuses on the rules and regulations concerning levirate marriage, nevertheless, it involves an examination of forbidden and … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 13th Massekhet – Hagiga

Massekhet Hagiga deals with the halakhot of the mitzva to ascend and appear in the Temple on the three pilgrimage Festivals – the three holidays of Pesah, Shavuot and Sukkot. The analysis of these halakhot can be divided into two … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 12th Massekhet- Moed Katan

Tractate Moed Katan deals mainly with the halakhot pertaining to the intermediate days of the Festival, which are often referred to as simply: The Festivals, in rabbinic literature. The discussion of these halakhot leads to a comprehensive treatment of two … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 11th Massekhet – Megilla

Tractate Megilla primarily focuses on explaining all of the halakhot that apply to the holiday of Purim. Additionally, it devotes considerable space to the general halakhot of synagogues and Torah readings.The primary manner in which the miracle of Purim is … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 10th Massekhet – Ta’anit

Tractate Ta’anit, as its name indicates, focuses mainly on the halakhot and themes of fast days [ta’aniyot], covering both communal fasts and private, individual fasts and addressing both those that have fixed dates and those that are established from time … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 9th Massekhet – Rosh HaShana

The term Rosh HaShana appears only once in the Bible, in the book of Yehezkel (40:1). Here, Rosh HaShana is the first month of the year, rather than a specific day. If Rosh HaShana refers to the first month of … Continue reading

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TALMUD. The 8th Massekhet – Beitza

Tractate Yom Tov, better known as Beitza after its first word, deals with the general halakhot of Festivals. Whereas other tractates in Seder Mo’ed address the laws of Shabbat and the mitzvot that are specific to each of the major … Continue reading

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TALMUD.The 7th Massekhet – Sukka

The name used in the Torah for the month of Tishrei is the Seventh Month, HaĤodesh HaShevi’i. The Sages interpreted the name homiletically and said that the month is replete with mitzvot, where the word for replete, mesuba, is from … Continue reading

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