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Gog, Magog and MOSHIACH (left, right and middle lines)

by Rav Pinchas Winston. For millennia, Jews have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Moshiach. EXILE AND REDEMPTION The centrality of Moshiach and the belief in his eventual arrival is part-and-parcel of Jewish belief, as Maimonides emphasized in his classic “Thirteen … Continue reading

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On Sukkot we sit in tents (Sukkah) to commemorate the clouds of glory that surrounded Israel when they went in the desert. Now let’s play with the numbers Gematria of word Suka (Samech Vav Kaf Heh) = 91 Gematria of word Angel … Continue reading

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Interlocking the Fingers of the Right Hand with the Fingers of the Left Hand

The Rabbi Jacob S. Kassin Memorial Halacha Series Authored by Rabbi Eli J. Mansour (8/16/2011) The Zohar Ha’kadosh, in Vayikra (p. 24), writes that when a harsh judgment is issued against a person, Heaven forbid, his fingers will unwittingly begin … Continue reading

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In the Shaddow of the Ladder

I have been asked many times about authentic literature in English. Unfortunately besides BB & KC books, one without Hebrew will be lost. Here is one book that I would like to recommend that comes from reliable source: What is … Continue reading

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Three lines in spiritual work

If you take a closer look at the Tree of Life, you should notice that the tree branches out from Keter into three lines that connect Malchut (the last Sephira) to Keter . What does it mean, and why do … Continue reading

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