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The Worlds: The Stages of the Creative Process

Before creation only God existed. Upon desiring to create independent reality and consciousness, He first revealed, to Himself, as it were, His Infinite Light. From this stage on, Kabbalah’s understanding of creation is enormously complex and is not something that … Continue reading

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Spiritual & Corporeal Universe

Very well written article – I applaud the author. Summarizes key concepts in Kabbalah and addresses how science aligns with Kabbalistic teachings. http://soullite.blogspot.com/2011/08/oldnew-universe.html You can download the actual book (very short) from this site. Here Rabbi Arie Kapaln describes the age of the Universe … Continue reading

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Kabbalah and New Age Teachings

    “I am still unclear as to where you stand on Bnei Baruch. Do you think the whole thing is a waste of time or even harmful? Do you think all the Laitman’s writings are useless? What was the … Continue reading

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Hebrew Letters

Awhile ago, someone posted a comment on my blog about visual effects of Zohar text. The question was presented this way: “As a beginner, I have what may be considered (and rightly so) a most naive and childish question. I’ve … Continue reading

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